A Conspiracy of Silence

by Payoshi & Shoikat Roy

The Real SIT: Facts vs The Modi-fied Story

The history of every nation is remembered by certain critical junctures that change the course of a people’s lives forever. India is remembered by 1857 (it’s first nationalist uprising), 1947, and perhaps even 1975, when the declaration of emergency tolled the death knell for civil liberty. We are once again at the brink of a historic moment in time. The last decade has seen an immense rise in public consciousness. We are sitting on dharnas on anti-corruption laws, crying ourselves hoarse over incidents of rape and violence against women, dealing with regional and communal identities from the Assam riots to Telangana, tussling between farmland and industrialization, and continuing the incessant fight against inflation, inequality and unemployment. The 2014 general elections is therefore not just another change of government but will mark a new era in Indian history. It brings with it the desire for decisive action. There is a fever in the country that demands change.

The political discourse this election season has been dominated by Narendra Modi. He has promised us many things. Primarily, he promises us an end to government mismanagement, corruption and inflation. He promises to bring the ‘Gujarat model of governance’ and development to India and guide her back to a path of explosive growth. He also claims to be a strong decisive leader with an iron control over his administration; a son of the Indian soil and a proud nationalist.

India is tired of grandiose promises and empty rhetoric effectively employed by politicians across the spectrum. Today, India wants a man of his word. India wants a man of action. We therefore plead that every voter inspects these promises a little more deeply. Look past the words and the beguiling magic of hollow promises to conclude for oneself which of these promises hold water. Subject both tall claims and careless accusations to the acid test of evidence, numbers and logic. We plead that each of us takes every one of these promises and analyses for ourselves the consequence of our vote. We owe it to ourselves (and to the country) to make an informed choice.

It is important that we remember that we are voting for the government of India. An India that was forged out of 200 years of struggle. The Indian Independence movement was not just a nation battling against colonial rule. In fact, Surendranath Banerjee had called us a ‘nation in the making.’ The freedom struggle wasn’t as much a struggle for freedom as it was a people struggling to come together as a nation and defining a collective identity of India. We share a truly unique national consciousness in India that encompasses 10000 languages and dialects, 29 states and incredible religious, cultural, racial and ethnic diversity. In a land of such stunning diversity, the act of exercising our electoral right in the Lok Sabha elections is therefore an expression of that shared identity and national consciousness. It carries both historical baggage and ramifications for the future evolution of our national identity. Remember that this vote, this choice and these promises affect 1.3 billion people.

The First Promise of Development

Narendra Modi’s administrative successes in Gujarat’s economic development have been celebrated endlessly. There is little doubt that Modi, from a strictly economic perspective has contributed positively to the economic development of Gujarat and allowed free enterprise to flourish by cutting down on bureaucratic red tape. It is to his credit that debates over economic statistics, growth numbers and data on malnutrition and child mortality have entered the electoral discourse for the first time in India. However, there are a host of mitigating factors.

Gujarat is the third most indebted state in the country. Gujarat’s debt which has tripled under Modi, now stands at ₹ 1,85,310 crore. Even its 26.9% debt to GDP ratio (which has been reducing in Gujarat and all over India as well) is much worse than other well developed states like Maharasthra and Tamil Nadu.

Social indicators (the real indicators of ‘development’) are below average, if not abysmal.  For example: “Gujarat’s rank in each (1 is best): Human Development Index (11th), Infant Mortality Rate (12th); Poverty (15th); Households with no assets (14th); Hunger Index: (13th); Under-5 Mortality Rate (12th); underweight children (19th) and literacy (13th). With two-thirds of rural people defecating in the open, where does Modi hide but behind a PR machine.”

An oft overlooked fact is that Gujarat already had a strong growth foundation before Modi took hold of the reigns. Far from being a recent miracle, Gujarat averaged 12.9% growth from 1992-1997 and even in the 80s. Modi has merely maintained Gujarat’s forward momentum with an average annual growth rate of 10% from 2004-2012. A simple example of the hype and exaggeration is Modi’s claims of electrification in Gujarat. All but 170 villages in Gujarat were already electrified before Modi.

Chief Ministers across the board have contributed and succeeded in encouraging economic growth in other states as well. Gujarat is no outlier. Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Haryana are prime examples of states with equally good growth records and development stories. Maharasthra, an equally big state without a ‘base effect’, has averaged higher absolute growth rates than Gujarat not just in the last decade, but also relatively, when compared to the previous decade. Kerala consistently outranks all states in HDI and Rajasthan has made huge strides in reducing inequality. RBI’s Corporate Investment study indicates that even when it comes to attracting private investment, Gujarat is 5th on the list. The Raghuram Rajan Composite Development Index 2013 which places Gujarat in the ‘less developed’ category along with West Bengal, Tripura, Manipur, Nagaland and J&K further exposes the Gujarat growth story hype.

Most importantly, Modi in his extensive prime ministerial campaign has not once laid out any concrete economic plan for the nation. Thus his plan for ‘developing’ the nation in his five year term has so far remained hidden behind smoke and mirrors. In many ways this is reminiscent of Mitt Romney’s US Presidential campaign: high on rhetoric, low on details. Mr Modi promises to get growth back on track and build bullet trains, infrastructure and IITs; but has failed to articulate his stance on substantive economic policy issues of concern: subsidies, welfare packages, sector-wise FDI rules, gas pricing etc.

We must question whether the confident refrain that Modi will recreate the Gujarat ‘magic of development’ in India holds any water. How will he do this in a national context? What precisely is his economic agenda? What is his policy on subsidies and welfare-packages?  What do the hard facts and numbers really say about his achievements in Gujarat? These are questions we must ask ourselves.

The Second Promise of an End to Corruption

Advocates of Modi have tried to leverage Modi’s reputation for probity and honesty in public life. Modi himself zealously projects his ‘clean record’ against the backdrop of a deluge of crores of rupees worth of scams miring the UPA. At a rally in Himachal, he noted, “I am single. I have no family. Who will I be corrupt for?” Yet, Modi, the self-proclaimed champion of corruption-free politics, has ensured that the Lokayukta post in Gujarat was empty for 10 full years, since 2003. Blatantly disregarding three consecutive Supreme Court judgments, the administration tried every trick in the book to stall Justice Mehta’s appointment as the head of the state anti-corruption body. Following this unsavoury episode, Justice Mehta rejected the seat, noting that the office of the Lokayukta had been ‘denigrated’ and that it was clearly impossible for an independent Lokayukta to function without the necessary support of the government. The government finally passed a heavily diluted Gujarat Lokayukta Aayog Bill, despite stringent opposition from the Governor, who called it a ‘travesty of the institution of the ombudsman’. The law effectively empowers the government and gives the Chief Minister primacy over the Lokayukta. Furthermore, the ombudsman has a mandate to look into corruption cases only after 2008, eliminating from its jurisdiction, the time period in which most of the murky land deals and other corruption related offences are alleged to have taken place. Some of these corrupt deals have been highlighted by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India as well. A CAG report tabled in the Gujarat Assembly recently slams the Modi govt. for giving ‘undue benefits’ to industrial and corporate houses such as Adani, Ambani, Essar, Ford and L&T.

The pathetic state of implementation of the Right to Information (RTI) Act is another glaring inconsistency in Gujarat’s corruption free fairy tale. The unquestionable truth is that despite Rahul Gandhi’s ineptness on national TV, his one constant refrain was an important one: the RTI is the strongest weapon against corruption and the tool behind most scams unearthed so far. Modi however, has little time for the RTI. Gujarat and Maharashtra have the unholy distinction of leading India in the number of attacks and murders of RTI activists exposing state corruption or complicity in riots. Gujarat, which accounts for 5% of India’s population, also accounts for 1 out of every 6 attacks on RTI activists. Even today, there are only 2 Information Commissioners in Gujarat, as opposed to 7-9 in other large states. The implementation of the RTI in Gujarat is reflected in the statistics, with a poor 52% disposal rate according to its own annual report.

Curbing corruption is an issue every government has battled with. What is terrifying is this eerie silence and imposition of control. The Right to Information Act and the position of the Lok Ayukta have been celebrated as tools of empowerment, accountability and transparency. Even the most corrupt governments of every state have implemented it and allowed for it to function. To its credit, the BJP RTI-cell has filed over 2000 applications to expose government scams. What is it then that Gujarat wants to hide that they deny the right to information. The frightening and plausible explanation is that Gujarat is led and ruled by a man who does believe in or see the need for the common citizen to have a right to information and transparency.

To add to that, a string of fake encounters have implicated the top brass in the Gujarat administration. Senior cops like DIG Vanzara, NK Amin, PP Pandey and IB official, Rajinder Kumar are either already in jail or facing trial for their role in fake encounters such as Ishrat Jahan, Tulsiram Prajapati and Sohrabbudin Sheikh; encounters which include extortion rackets, rapes, extra judicial killings and cold blooded murders targeting minority communities. Modi’s trusted aide, Amit Shah, who is now out on bail and running Modi’s campaign in UP, became independent India’s first serving Minister to be arrested on charges as serious as murder, suppression of evidence and extortion. There is now a minefield of evidence awaiting Shah in court. It defies logic that Amit Shah, Modi’s right hand man, handled all this skullduggery himself without the knowledge of Modi, who was heading the Home Ministry with Amit Shah (who headed an astonishing 10 ministries in Gujarat at a time), as a Minister of State under him. DIG Vanzara, a Gujrati police officer was arrested and accused along with Amit Shah for being involved in the fake encounter cases of Sohrabbudin Shiek among others. In an incriminating letter of resignation, DIG Vanzara writes that the CBI must “arrest the policy formulators also as we, being field officers, have simply implemented the conscious policy of this government, which was inspiring, guiding and monitoring our actions from very close quarters.” He went on to deny that these were instances of fake encounters as the shootings were a conscious policy of the government to prevent Jihad and terrorism. Equally disturbing is Vanzara’s comments about his deep respect for the God-like Modi for following this policy, but a sense of betrayal as Modi had allowed him to be punished rather than rewarding the indicted police officers for their unwavering loyalty to the administration (rather than to the Constitution of India).

One is left with an almost eerie sense of fear. What sort of government resorts to illegal and extra judicial killings to deliver justice? What kind of leader has such little respect for the constitution that empowers him to serve? What sort of moral standing are we left with if we need to resort to premeditated murder for personal gain? If a constitutionally elected government  needs to circumvent the law then what stops the common man from taking matters of crime and justice into his own hands? Are we confident about entrusting such a man with 1.3 billion Indian lives?

2002 Riots- The One Hitch in an Otherwise Supposedly Flawless Political Career

The standard criticism of Modi’s prime ministerial campaign is the 2002 riots. BJP’s standard response to that is the 1984 Sikh riots. Recourse to 1984 has become the BJP mantra, holding sway over media debates, dining table arguments and chai stall conversations all over the country. The repulsive and sordid attempt to use one tragedy to justify or silence criticism of another needs to stop. Victims of both tragedies deserve the same justice. 1984, however, cannot be used to silence questions of Modi’s role in 2002. First and foremost, the leaders accused of complicity in the 84 riots are not prospective PM candidates of India. If they were, one would hope that their detractors would be as vociferous as those of Modi. If Rajiv Gandhi were PM candidate today, one hopes that the opposition would be equally loud. But Rajiv Gandhi is dead, and politicians accused of leading the 84 riots aren’t PM candidates. Furthermore, accused leaders like Tytler have been rejected a Lok Sabha ticket by the Congress both in 2009 and 2014. On the other hand, BJP leaders accused of inciting riots in Muzzafarnagar have been publicly felicitated and subsequently been given tickets for the 2014 elections as well.

The second response that most BJP proponents have to the question of 2002 is the supposed ‘clean chit’ granted to Modi by the SIT. The reality is that although the SIT dismissed the case for a ‘lack of prosecutorial evidence’, it neglected to take into account several depositions against Modi. BJP Cabinet Minister, Haren Pandya who disclosed that Modi ordered police officials to refrain from stopping the Hindu backlash, was mysteriously murdered mere months after his disclosure. The SIT refused to take his statement into account post his death, despite one High Court judge (Justice Hosbet Suresh) and one Supreme Court judge (Justice PB Sawant) vouching for the veracity of his testimony. Sworn statements and leads offered by several senior police officers such as Sanjiv Bhatt and RB Sreekumar testifying against Modi were also ignored. Former DGP of Gujarat, Sreekumar has submitted recordings of Modi’s Principal Secretary and Advocate General instructing him to lie to the Nanavati Commission about the riots, and multiple affidavits affirming Modi’s role in instructing police officers to allow the riots to take place. Sanjiv Bhatt was present at the meeting where Modi told senior officers to ‘allow the Hindus to vent their anger.’ There is no dearth of other sources of evidence. Two prominent examples are the detailed reports and evidence collected by the Concerned People’s Tribunal (headed by Supreme Court Justices PB Sawant and VR Krishna Iyer) that indicted Modi and the 2007 Tehelka sting tapes, which documented on-camera confessions by several Sangh Parivar activists such as Babu Bajrangi (later convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment) detailing the pogrom, Modi’s role in facilitating it and the various machinations used to subvert the judicial process. Some of Bajrangi’s bone-chilling statements and revelations are worth reproducing in order to remind people what 2002 was about:

“Hacked, burnt, set on fire, many things were done… many… We believe in setting them on fire because these bastards say they don’t want to be cremated, they’re afraid of it… I can’t tell you what a good time it was…

I don’t want to be incarcerated… I don’t care if I’m hanged… Give me two days before my hanging and I will go and have a field day in Juhapura [a Muslim dominated area], where seven or eight lakh of these people stay… I will finish them off … Let a few more of them die… At least 25-50,000 should die…
I came back after I killed them them, called up the home minister and went to sleep… I felt like Rana Pratap, that I had done something like Maharana Pratap… I’d heard stories about him, but that day I did what he did myself.
he’s a real man, Narendrabhai…Narendrabhai kept me at… the Gujarat Bhavan at Mount Abu for four and- a-half months… After that, [I did] whatever Narendrabhai told me to… Nobody can do what Narendrabhai has done in – Gujarat… If I did not have the support of Narendrabhai, we would not have been able to avenge [Godhra]…
Narendrabhai got me out of jail…… He kept on changing judges…. He set it up so as to ensure my release, otherwise I wouldn’t have been out yet…”

Hartosh Singh Bal, in his analysis of the SIT report,comments: “If officers who in the immediate aftermath of Godhra held firm and ensured violence did not take place were transferred within the same month, the report claims these were routine administrative actions. If senior officers who acted in a manner the administration seems to have preferred—thus inviting reason for criticism of their handling of the violence—were rewarded with plum government posts or post-retirement benefits, the SIT sees this only as evidence of their capabilities. If officials of the Modi administration were caught on tape tutoring witnesses, the SIT casts suspicion on the intentions of the person who attempted the clandestine recording.”

The travesty of the SIT investigations has been further exposed in a recent book, The Fiction of Fact Finding: Modi and Godhra. Award winning journalist, Manoj Mitta (who has also authored When a Tree Shook Delhi: The 1984 Carnage and its Aftermath) meticulously dissects the SIT case,  demonstrates that the SITs composition and impartiality is highly questionable, and exposes its shoddy investigation, refusal to follow up on important leads or ask meaningful questions of Modi, blatant disregard of facts and glaring inconsistencies in testimony. Siddharth Vardharajan, reviewing the book for Outlook, writes: “Indians know it’s the rare inquiry commission or SIT that ends up saying or finding something that brings justice. This book drives home that tragic point, mercilessly…… So a Justice M.S. Liberhan can take two decades investigating the demolition of the 1992 Babri Masjid only to produce a report of shabby and breathtaking pointlessless. Justice G.T. Nanavati has already spent more than 11 years running his commission of inquiry into the 2002 Gujarat riots and there is no end in sight to his noble exertions. Despite the fact that his terms of reference include probing the role, if any, that Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi might have played, the learned judge has decided there is no need to question or cross-examine him before the commission. Several commissions have looked into the 1984 pogrom against the Sikhs—including one by the same Nanavati who willingly took time off the 2002 probe in order to conduct and finish the 1984 one in double-quick time—but the politicians and policemen who allowed over 3,000 innocent people to be massacred are still beyond the reach of the law.”

The proposition that the Supreme Court has given a ‘clean chit’ to Modi is a myth supported only by a gross distortion of facts. The truth is that it is only the SIT  that has cleared him for lack of evidence. This was upheld by a low-level Magistrate Court (in Gujarat) where Magistrate Ganatra’s astounding logic included assertions such as ‘genocide’ and ‘ethnic cleansing’ not having relevance to Gujarat because the terms are of ‘foreign’ Latin and Greek origin. In other words, Gujaratis cannot commit genocide because genocide is derived from a Latin term!!

The Supreme Court, on the other hand, has had very different observations about Modi. Supreme Court appointed amicus curiae, Raju Ramachandran disagreed with the SIT in his report and noted that there was enough prima facie evidence for Modi to be tried in a court of law. The Supreme Court itself has actually gone so far as to refer to Modi and his government as ‘modern-day Neros.’ (Nero was a Roman General who contentedly played the lyre while watching his citizens burn in a fire he instigated) Furthermore, in a stinging and embarrassing rebuke to the Modi administration, the SC has transferred some of the 2002 riot cases out of Gujarat because it does not believe that a fair trial can happen under the Modi government. The Best Bakery case (part of the 2002 riots), for example, had initially been tried in Gujarat courts. All the accused were acquitted after witnesses received death threats and/or bribes and suddenly turned hostile. The Supreme Court then ordered a re-trial of the case in Maharashtra, saying it had ‘no confidence‘ in the Modi government. The case, now free of Modi’s influence, subsequently resulted in nine convictions as well as successful charges of perjury against hostile witnesses who were caught on tape admitting that they had been threatened by BJP officials into giving false testimony in court. Zakia Jaffri’s petition implicating Modi is still pending in higher courts today and is yet to reach the Supreme Court.

The actual evidence on record, and open to public perusal, is quite stunning in its revelations. In an ideal world, Congress and BJP leaders responsible for both massacres would be behind bars, or at the very least, expelled from political life. In the absence of that ideal reality however, proclaiming the innocence of one and guilt of another reeks of hypocrisy and heartless insensitivity to the monumental loss of human lives in both tragedies.

Equally disturbing is the propensity of a large portion of our citizenry today to trivialise the pogrom using the logic of GDP growth. N. Mannathukaren invokes Hannah Arendt to refer to it as the ‘The Banality of evil.’ He writes, “Evil becomes banal when ordinary people participate in it, build distance from it and justify it, in countless ways. There are no moral conundrums or revulsions. Evil does not even look like evil, it becomes faceless…… Every day, you see perfectly decent, educated, and otherwise civil people normalise the Gujarat riots and Modi, because he is, after all, the “Man of Development.” Yes, it might be that he is ultimately responsible for the riots, but look at the roads in Gujarat!” It is a strange moral world in which roads have moral equivalence to the pain of Zakia Jaffrey and other victims!”

At this juncture, it is critical to look at the genesis of the 2002 riots again. The most repeated story is that riots were a spontaneous outbreak following the VHP’s parading of the charred bodies of the victims of the Sabarmati Express tragedy (allegedly pre-planned by a Muslim mob). The trial court, in 2011, convicted 32 people for the ghastly burnings, although many official and non-official reports came to different conclusions and attributed the deaths on the train to an internal fire. A studyby sociologists, Raheel Dhattiwala and Michael Biggs at the University of Oxford exposes the implicit political logic behind the 2002 riots. The chillingly, cold blooded logic is simple: Riots win votes. Riots work. The study lays to waste the myth that the riots were spontaneous. If they had been spontaneous, why was the violence so unevenly spread? The study finds that violence was least in constituencies where the BJP was either very strong (ex: Junagarh) or very weak (Narmada, Dangs etc). Instead, violence was greatest in areas where the BJP faced electoral competition. Furthermore, polarisation of the electorate yielded success. The BJP won the 2002 Assembly election and their vote share increase was maximum in places that most Muslims were killed. Areas with greater violence were also places where police chiefs were more likely to get promoted.

Riots do not happen without the complicity or absolutely incompetence of political parties and the state administration. Anyone who portrays them as spontaneous and uncontrollable outbursts of violence is either lying or blindingly ignorant. There are enough avenues available to an administration to quell communal passions and prevent large scale atrocities by using the law and order machinery. The Code of Criminal Procedure gives enough power even to a lowly administrative secretary to quell violence. Quelling of violence in Indore, for example, stands testimony to that. It is hard to imagine that a chief minister who is believed to be a strong and decisive leader could not get his administration, police force or the army to impose a curfew and quell the violence in over two days.  The riots therefore are either a damning indictment of Modi’s complicity in the carnage or his administrative incompetence. Dismissal of one charge automatically strengthens the other.

Repeatedly, the senior most politicians in India have not faced the consequences of riot politics. Not Rajiv Gandhi, not Mulayam Singh, not Bal Thackeray, not Sudhakar Naik and not Narendra Modi. Suppression and destruction of evidence, intimidation and mysterious murders of key witnesses, political patronage and collusion between politicians, senior bureaucrats and judges have put paid to hopes of fair and clean trials. It is our monumental collective ethical failure that we have allowed such a travesty to happen time and again. Instead, cold-blooded massacres and riots in India have been subsumed in our modern media discourse by an obsession with apologies. It dominates interviews, it dominates newspaper op-eds and it dominates the common man’s conversations. It is nothing but a national disgrace; a blot on our democratic credentials that we attempt to wash away barbaric acts of savagery through the disgusting logic of apologies. The absurdity of this discourse reached its farcical zenith a few weeks ago, when BJP President, Rajnath Singh issued a pre-emptive, anticipatory apology to Muslims for mistakes that it has already decided it will commit in the future!  It does not matter if Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi apologised for 1984. It does not matter if Modi ever apologises for 2002. It does not matter if politicians hone their unparalleled apology skills via references to 93 Bombay, 99 Kashmir or 2013 Muzzafarnagar. Apologies do not bring back lives. Apologies do not stitch together the ripped secular fabric of India. Apologies cannot and should not soothe the soul of a grieving nation. Only justice can.

It is evident that the political and judicial system in India has failed to deliver justice to victims of riots in India. Is the electoral system going to fail them as well?

The Promise of A Strong Leader

The radical Modi-fication of the electorate and its propensity to resort to abuse against the dissenting voice that has been labelled ‘pseudo-seculars’, ‘libtards’, ‘anti-nationals’ and ‘sickulars’ speaks volumes about the society that Modi promises. Mindless violence, radical intolerance and bigotism is the logical conclusion of a carefully cultivated and fetishised image of Modi – the masculine, strong-willed Alpha Male, who brooks no dissent, acts decisively and rules with an authoritarian iron hand to serve the true interests of the country. “Woh logon ko seedha kar dega” is the constant refrain. 

Vaishna Roy writes in The Hindu, that it is no accident but a carefully nurtured persona who has been taught that it is weakness to respond to an argument with mere counter-argument; one must destroy the arguer. Accommodating opposing ideas is considered submission, as is allowing the existence of films, art or books that question your belief system… This is the Indian who imagines he must now shout to be heard, one whose national pride is at stake at every turn. The voices representing this personality must be über masculine and willing to take up arms to defend honour, religious beliefs, sexual mores — anything that is perceived to be under threat. To this personality, any Gandhian talk of non-violence sounds wimpish; Iron Man Patel makes a far better icon.”

Modi’s ‘strong leadership’ has been contrasted heavily this electoral cycle against the perceived ineffectiveness of our current PM. Racip Erdogan of Turkey is a modern example of the pitfalls of ‘strong’ leadership. He democratically rose to power a decade ago on similar promises of ‘strong leadership’ and injected vitality into a struggling economy. Today, Turkey has more journalists in prison than China and Iran. Judges, police officers and civil servants are subjugated and transferred at will if they do not conform to the wishes of the government. Most recently, peaceful protests in June 2013 opposing his authoritarianism were brutally suppressed on his orders. This was followed by a nation-wide Twitter ban in 2014 to crack down on dissenting voices.

It is a sad commentary of our political condition that we characterise brashness and aggressiveness as strength and fail to characterise Modi’s inability to tolerate a murmur of dissent as a monumental flaw (one of many). A strong leader is not one who silences and suppresses a contrarian voice; but who forges consensus by allowing the free exchange of ideas.

The Promise of being a Proud Nationalist

Modi famously stated last year that he was a Hindu and a nationalist and therefore, by virtue of being a Hindu, was a Hindu nationalist. The term ‘Hindu nationalist’ is in itself a misnomer. It effectively posits that a Muslim or a Sikh’s nationalism is different from a Hindu’s nationalism; that patriotism to the country is defined by religious affiliation. If this is not the case, if being Hindu does not distinguish your nationalism in any way; then the term ‘Hindu nationalist’ becomes irrelevant and a misnomer. Nonetheless, an analysis of Modi’s ‘nationalism’ divorced from his Hindutva agenda is quite revealing. Modi’s brand of nationalism or patriotism (which Modi incorrectly equates as the same), conditioned by his RSS upbringing, is pathologically anti-Pakistan. He was quoted in 1999 in an interview saying, “Chicken biryani nahi, bullet ka jawab bomb se diya jayega.” More recently, he has advocated giving ‘befitting replies’ to Pakistan and boasted in a rally in Assam, “Today Assam is disturbed due to Bangladeshi immigrants, but the whole of Pakistan is disturbed because of me.” His comments come in the backdrop of the BJP criticising Manmohan Singh’s talks with Pakistan following the barbaric murders of Indian soldiers at the LOC. Such a stance betrays a myopic understanding of foreign policy. It ignores the galvanising effect that Indian hostility towards Pakistan would have on jihadist elements currently fractured by internal divisions within Pakistan. It is dismissive of India’s proud history of non-violence and interventionism and overlooks the simple maxim that peaceful resolutions to international disputes can never ever been reached without keeping channels of communication open. Of course, it cannot be discounted that any aggressive policy will be resisted by South Block and coalition partners, and that Modi may eventually walk the Vajpayee line when it comes to foreign policy. But Modi’s comments reveal a ‘nationalistic’ sentiment that equates nationalism with aggressiveness and violence. It is this same brand of nationalism that has the BJP campaigning for the framing of archaic sedition charges against Kashmiri students who cheered for a Pakistani cricket team. The subsequent withdrawal of sedition charges following national outrage was condemned by the BJP as ‘vote bank politics.’

Modi’ brand of nationalism is a perversion. It is nationalism morphed into obsession, cultural chauvinism, narcissism and jingoism. Is this the ‘nationalism’ that India wishes to project? Is it nationalistic to demand sedition charges against students from a region that has suffered because of militant infiltration, political chicanery and human rights abuses for the better part of a century? Or is there a vision of nationalism based on a liberal, plural idea of India that gives the Kashmiri a voice in the narrative, corrects past wrongs and gives those Kashmiri students a reason to feel as patriotically about the Indian cricket team as other UP students do. Is there a vision of nationalism that does not equate strength with the use of force, muscle flexing and aggressive rhetoric? Is there a vision of nationalism that does not alienate more than half the country? Tagore, ironically the unwitting composer of our national anthem, condemned such a Modi brand of nationalism: “Patriotism cannot be our final spiritual shelter; my refuge is humanity. I will not buy glass for the price of diamonds; and I will never allow patriotism to triumph over humanity.

The Consequences of our Vote – Civil Liberties and Free Speech

Media Muzzling

There is much to criticise the Indian democracy for. Yet we stand today, the world’s largest democracy; one has survived every prediction of doom and gloom and consistently proven the naysayers wrong. The limited success of the Indian democracy can arguably be attributed to one single virtue. We have at all points almost jealously guarded the sacred Freedom of Speech and Expression. Our freedom movement has a long heritage of opposing British attempts to silence the press. Even at the height of the emergency, the Indian Express noted its dissent and protected this hallowed right by printing black columns. Modi has not even come to power. Yet one can already feel an insidious silencing of print and broadcast media. The Caravan published a piece recently on the rightward tilt of the Ambani controlled Network18 media company that runs multiple channels and newspapers such as CNN-IBN, Television 18 and FirstPost. Open Magazine revealed that there are instructions from the higher levels of management of Network 18 to reject stories criticising Modi and and cut live to any Modi rally or speech. A piece on the online magazine, Scroll,documents how several leading and highly reputed journalists of India such as Siddharth Vardharajan, Hartosh Singh Bal (both quoted above), Sagarika Ghose, Nikhil Wagle and many others have either lost their jobs or been muzzled by the management for criticising Modi. The piece is replete with multiple examples such as those of journalists being fired for the scandalous suggestion that people should think before voting for Modi or tried for sedition for criticising Modi’s flood relief efforts in Gujarat. Some of the tweets and comments of the journalists are worth reproducing:

Sagarika Ghose: “There is an evil out there, an evil that is stamping out free speech and silencing independent journalists: journalists unite!

Nitin Wagle: “Dangerous alliance of communal politicians and crony capitalism in this country. Want to muzzle the media…Indira Gandhi tried it in the emergency and failed… Modi and RSS should learn the lessons of history.”

Siddharth Vardharajan, whose housekeeper was recently beaten up by goons for his criticism of Modi, tweeted: “In the Emergency, media owners crawled when asked to bend. Now several are crawling even before asker is in a position of power.”

 Is this the same country where Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Dadabhai Naoroji and Mahatma Gandhi fought the British for decades and defied their attempts to muzzle the free press and deny Indians the right to express their opinions? Can Indian democracy survive the imposition of a narrow vision of society that has scant respect for fundamental rights on its staggeringly diverse electorate?

The Dying Right to Free Speech

Penguin’s decision to pulp Wendy Doniger’s controversial book, The Hindus: An Alternative History, is an alarming example of the threat to free speech and civil liberties in India today.

Doniger’s book was attacked by a Hindu right wing group, Shiksha Bachao Andolan (affiliated to the RSS), ostensibly to protect the ‘sentiments of Hindus all over the world.’ Proponents of the book point to the voice it gives to subaltern groups like women and Dalits in the evolution of the Hindu faith. Opponents decry the focus on sex, turning a blind eye to erotic sculptures in places such as Khajuraho.  The merits of the book are however, irrelevant, in lieu of the death of freedom of speech and expression.

Arundhati Roy lamented that ‘despite the absence of a fatwa or ban, the book had been withdrawn even before the fascists came to power. In other words, the book had been withdrawn in fear of violent reprisals and in fear of an ideological climate that might come to power in the country; a climate that supports and encourages the use of violence and threats of rape and murder to quell artistic license and freedom of speech and expression. 

The incident is one in a long line of Hindu right wing groups affiliated to the RSS and BJP that have successfully used threats of violence to ban other works of art and literature, exiled MF Hussain from India, led violent attacks on art exhibitions in Baroda and led mobs to tear up the sets of movies like ‘Water’, Deepa Mehta’s movie on the plight of Indian widows; just to name a few examples. 

In the aftermath of the Doniger episode, Pratap Bhanu Mehta, in the New Indian Express expressed his disdain for the gradual transformation of our liberal traditions:  “The argumentative Indian is being replaced by the offended Indian, the tolerant Indian by the intolerant mob, the reflective citizen by the hurt communal mobiliser, the courageous Indian by the cowardly thug who needs the state to protect it against every argument, the pious Indian by the ultimate blasphemer who thinks he needs to protect the gods rather than the gods being there to protect him. ….the assault on free expression is winning.” 

It isn’t just the assault on free speech that is winning; the assault on the liberal future of India is winning. While several senior leaders of different political parties in India expressed their disappointment with the retrograde Section 377 Supreme Court judgment, the BJP, almost unanimously supported the shocking ruling. Mr Modi maintained a studied silence, his second favourite weapon (after storming out of interviews) against actions that are difficult to defend. Senior BJP leader, Subramaniam Swamy, meanwhile tweeted, “Next govt should catch gays and confine them in Ramdevji’s ashram till cured” while Yashwant Sinha advocated the extension of the law to US diplomats during the Khobragade stand-off.

After expressing his disingenuous hope that the BJP will change its colours and condemn the withdrawal of the book, Mr Mehta makes a very valid point in the aforementioned piece: Liberal India has been silenced not just by the professional hurt mongers of the Hindu right but also by its universities, its publishers and the public at large. It is a collective failure of society from which we cannot shirk responsibility. Part of that responsibility lies in ensuring an atmosphere of healthy debate and intellectual curiosity by condemning the politics of violence and rejecting the anachronistic and illiberal vision of society that Mr Modi and the BJP propagates. 

Vasundhara Sirnate writes, “It is these same groups that beat up couples on Valentine’s Day, attack women in nightclubs, and impose dress codes on women for no good reason, except that a woman’s knees or armpits somehow offend them. The problem, from my perspective, is that the capturing of the corridors of power by a right-wing party strengthens groups in society with a narrow vision of modernity, a deep dislike of intellectual freedom, a commitment to sanitise Hindu history, and to persist in an unabashed encroachment on the rights of others.”

Justifying these concerns, just after the book was pulped, BJP leaders gloated at the coming ‘saffron wave’ while Dinanath Batra, the man responsible for leading the agitation, ominously commented, “The good times are coming. Believe me.”

Saffronisation of Education

It is not a mere coincidence that the historical revision of school textbooks by infusing them with a Hindu nationalist agenda has taken place during the two tenures of BJP govts: the Janata interregnum and the Vajpayee era. The BJP has made no secret of its ‘saffronisation’ agenda. Murli Manohar Joshi, the NDA HRD Minister, was responsible for making “the content of education in the primary, secondary and higher stages Indianised, nationalised and spiritualised.” Although NCERT books have reverted to original texts following NDA I’s demise, a similar agenda is visible in BJP ruled states even today.

For example, textbooks in Karnataka (where the BJP was in power till 2013) portray maps of India which depict only Hindu temples and shrines and refer to Muslim rulers such as Hyder Ali as ‘Shatru’ (enemy). Other examples include texts that refer to Christians and Muslims as ‘The World Outside’ while chapters on ‘Unity and Diversity’ refer only to Vedic traditions and disregard all other religions. Sufism is presented as a purely Hindu tradition, the Indus Valley civilisation is the ‘Sindhu-Saraswati’ civilisation, Mughal history occupy all of six pages and tigers refuse to eat cow meat because it is immoral. Christianity and Islam are vilified for their ‘immoral practices’ with barely a passing mention of the evils of the Hindu caste system, the mistreatment of Dalits and subaltern groups or untouchability. It isn’t just history books. Science textbooks in Class 9 proclaim Dronacharya to be ancient India’s first test tube baby: “One day Baradwaja went to the Ganges for a bath and saw a beautiful apsara named Ghritachi. He was overcome with desire, causing him to ejaculate. Baradawaja captured the fluid in an earthen pot [drone], from which Drona was born and took his name.” In math, the concept of zero is a ‘jewel of the Hindu mind’ and the achievements of ‘Hindu’ scientists are illustrated at the cost of contributions from Arabic or European scholars. Similarly, chapters on Biology end with Sanskrit quotes from saints and priests. 

Incidentally, Narendra Modi’s life story is suggested reading at primary and secondary level schools in Gujarat. Class 7 textbooks in Gujarat introduce the Mughal rule with references to their ‘gaudy clothes’ and indulgence of ‘sensuous pleasures’ in the first line. The Solanki and Vaghela dynasties get 5 pages of space while the copious details of 400 years of Mughal and Sultanate rule occupy one paragraph. There are many other examples.

There is little doubt that a Modi-led BJP is likely to make another attempt at this falsification of school textbooks. As voters, you have a choice to make: Is this the communal bias which we wish to infuse the young and impressionable minds of children with?

Modi has shed Hindutva?

An oft heard argument propounds that Modi and BJP has discarded its hardline communalist vision borne of the realisation that it is impossible to come to power in Delhi without the support of minority elements. This claim has been backed up by a lack of reference to divisive issues such as ‘Hindu Rashtra’ and the Ram Temple in the campaign discourse. Such arguments are at best, a desperate attempt to soothe what little is left of the voter’s conscience and justify support for Modi. The DNA of the BJP; its raison-d’etre; rests on its Hindutva plank. Articles explaining the meaning of Hindutva on its official website talk about ‘the barbaric Islamic hordes’ who don’t play by the same rules that Hindus do, contrast the cruelty and Hindu slaughter by Islamic forces against the tolerance and non-vengefulness of the Hindus, and expose the ‘1500 years of unmitigated stagnation of Islam.’ It is interesting that in the face of months of criticism, these articles have (very recently as of Jan/Feb 2014) been removed from the website’s ‘Core Philosophy’ page. Significantly, however, and symbolic of the permanence of its vitriolic ideology, each of these articles still remain on the website, catalogued under ‘Articles.’ It is indicative of the rationale behind the change – a short-term political necessity with a focus on electoral results that in no way derogates from or implies a change in the founding philosophy.

Rakesh Sharma, the director of The Final Solution (a documentary detailing the 2002 massacre, its perpetrators and its exploitation for electoral gains), recently released audio clips online which depicts speeches made by Modi after the 2002 pogrom. Far from expressing his ‘deep anguish and pain’, Modi characterises the riots as a conspiracy against Gujarat. Sharma notes that there has been a brilliantly orchestrated whitewash and PR makeover of his image from that of a blood stained messiah to Vikas Purush. Modi’s PR campaign which has masterfully distracted the electorate and redefined the context of the debate is reminiscent of Aldous Huxley’s famous quote: “The propagandist’s purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human.”

Post publication edit: Recent developments in the heated electoral battle in UP are important reminders that the Hindutva agenda under Modi is very much alive and kicking. One prominent example is Modi’s right hand man, Amit Shah (accompanied by Muzzafarnagar riot accused on the dias) proclaiming at a speech to Jats in UP: “This is the time to avenge…This is the time to take revenge by voting for Modi.” Another example is senior leader Uma Bharti’s promises that Narendra Modi and she would solve the Ram Temple issue by building the temple at Ayodhya and bringing Ram Rajya to the country. Not to be outdone, senior leader, Subramaniam Swamy (who has earlier called for restricting a Muslim’s right to vote) noted that ‘mosques aren’t religious places and can be demolished by the government.’

The fact is that there isn’t a shred of evidence to indicate a change in Modi’s fundamental beliefs. If anything, right wing groups are more active all over the country, riding on the so-called ‘Modi wave.’ Has Modi cut all affiliations with fundamentalist organisations like the RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal and the like? Will he cut the umbilical cord between the BJP and the RSS that preaches its ideology of hate all over the country? Has he distanced himself from the riot politics of Muzzafarnagar and brought the perpetrators to book? Has he distanced himself from Amit Shah, who is currently heading his campaign in UP? Has he rejected the Hindutva dream of building the Ram Temple? Has he made a stirring speech where he has demonstrated even a remote understanding of liberalism and pluralism? Has he spoken out against Section 377 and the pulping of Doniger’s book – an action that does more to ridicule narrowly interpreted Hinduism than conserve its traditions. Has he condemned the historical distortion and saffronisation of school textbooks?

Most importantly, even if in a fictional and hypothetical world, he does all of that; by which twisted moral logic does that excuse the carnage and crimes that he has already facilitated; replacing the inside of a cold, dark prison cell with the reward of the chair of the Indian Prime Minister’s office?


It is inconceivable that a man of such taint should even stand a chance of becoming the Prime Minister of the land that gave us the likes of The Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi. It is a damning indictment of our moral consciousness, of our misplaced priorities and our complicity in the degradation of India’s proud heritage. The foundations of a liberal, plural, democratic order; the dreams, ideals and constitutional values of our founding fathers and mothers are in question today. Cries of ‘Hinduism in danger’ and ‘Islam in danger’ have been invoked to justify religious fundamentalism for many years. It is not religion, but India which is in danger. India stands on the cusp of a generational change, of social, political and economic reform. In the age of information technology, reams of information are available online. Each voter owes it to himself or herself and to the country to actively peruse the detailed evidence available against Modi before coming to a decision on election day. Anything less is a stunning act of cowardice and apathy. 

A young Muslim boy from Ahmedabad was quoted in the Economist recently,saying: “What worries me is that nobody here thinks Modi is innocent. They know what he did and they are okay with that.” There are those of you who this young boy refers to that are beyond redemption. There are those of you who are complicit in evil of the worst kind: the deliberate desensitisation and normalisation of human massacres. The rest: Despite the mountain of evidence implicating Modi, even if you are to come to a conclusion that Modi is innocent, you must be aware of the choices that you are making. You are not just voting for your hopes of ‘development’; but you are voting for an ideology that stands at odds with the traditions of our great country; an ideology that rejects the democratic defence of minority rights in favour of enforced majoritarian assimilation; you are voting for a man that presided over the greatest mass massacre in recent times; you are voting to place the future of the world’s biggest democracy in the hands of a man who takes pride in his authoritarianism and inability to brook dissent; you are voting for the suppression of free speech and a free press; you are voting for the head of a party that criminalises people based on sexual preference and actively advocates the suppression of freedom of thought and expression; you are voting for a party that claims to represent the Hindu community yet ignores and rejects Hinduism’s glorious liberal traditions, your are voting to give right wing fundamentalist groups a freer hand in the country; you are voting for a movement that destroyed the Babri Masjid to correct 500 year old wrongs; you are voting for a brand of nationalism that is characterised by aggressive muscle flexing and violence, one that supports the framing of sedition charges against youth cheering for a different cricket team and dishes out vitriol and vigilante punishments to anyone who dares to disagree; you are voting for the sacrifice of India’s ideals at the altar of GDP growth; you are voting to sell the soul of India. 

At a time when criticizing Modi is condemned as ‘anti-national’, one is reminded constantly of Albert Camus: “There are means that cannot be excused. And I should like to be able to love my country and still love justice. I don’t want just any greatness for it, particularly a greatness born of blood and falsehood. I want to keep it alive by keeping justice alive.”



We expect criticism for being nakedly partisan in this piece. However, we would like to pre-empt that discussion by paraphrasing Haskell – “Objectivity is not neutrality.” Objectivity is the ability to differentiate between fact and fiction based on logic and reason. The ability to present both sides of an argument is often incorrectly equated with objectivity. In a debate between 2+2=4 and 2+2=5, an objective assessment does not give equal merit to both arguments, but picks the more credible argument.

This piece is a partial one; in the sense that it is directly and unabashedly critical of Narendra Modi. We believe that it is simultaneously objective because it makes its conclusions after a careful examination of evidence and facts.


161 responses to “The Real SIT: Facts vs The Modi-fied Story

  1. Arijit April 2, 2014 at 12:10 am

    Really good article, I like the way you have supported figures with your arguments, and it goes on to show how much research has gone into writing it, unlike majority articles that simply voice dissent without any conclusive justifications.

    • Subhas Bose April 3, 2014 at 1:55 pm

      Payoshi & Shoikat Roy– I read your article and Disclaimer that says: We expect criticism for being nakedly partisan in this piece. This piece is a partial one; in the sense that it is directly and unabashedly critical of Narendra Modi.”……This is how journalism works? .This kind of writing has potential of bringing any positive change? …your writing is a joke…… You are defending, “Wendy Doniger and her book that insults every Indian.” ? There are so many Western academic scholars who disapprove Wendy’s book because it spews hate towards Hindus. Can I ask you why Wendy and/or her clan of so called neutral theologians have not written any book that does psycho-analytical insulting of Judaism or Christianity? Your and your mentor Sagarika Ghose, Leftist ideology followers, Congress and JNU breed need to read something good and get out of the box of Karl Marx and Max Weber who started insulting India and every Indian a century ago. You think being a nationalist and calling oneself a Hindu is bad thing?…………………………………. Don’t you find Bible in every hotel room drawer in the West? You may have found one if you have stayed? What is written on their dollar bills? Read more below and do something with the power of your writing if you can……..but i doubt you will find anything bad in the fact below….and even if you find wrong in it…do you have the courage to write or would you simply say…it does not concern me?…….Don’t you smell the blood of millions of innocent mass murdered Pagans and natives coming from the land of Europe, America and elsewhere? Do you know why Christians murdered them? Do bible allow Christians to consider all the religions and different names of God in all the religions equal and valid ? How about Christians importing, killing and enslaving millions of blacks from Africa? Later Church leaders justified this mass-murder by citing bible text. As your friend Wendy Doniger’s holy bible says…””There is only true One God and his only son is Jesus exactly as mentioned in the Bible” and rest of the names of God /Devtas in any other books are false and those who believe in them are devil/demon worshipers” Isn’t it really a shame that millions of Bible thumpers believe in this garbage in the 21st century ? Thank you for listening!

      • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 3, 2014 at 2:18 pm

        Mr Bose.

        I am not a Marxist or Leftist. I am a champion of the free market.
        I am not a blind adherent of the West. I love Indian ideals, not American ones.
        I am not a Christian. I don’t know why you have dragged Christianity into this.

        Anyway, thank you for pointing out that the Christians have murdered people in the name of religion. You’re right. The Christians have. The Muslims have. The Hindus have. The Buddhists also have! So how about we stop it is my point? 🙂 How about we stop killing people and discriminating against people on the basis of personal religious beliefs? If you think what the Christians did is wrong, why would you want to perpetuate it by allowing Hindus to do it too?
        Almost all religions have a few intolerant adherents. How about we reject ALL of them?
        Thank you for pointing out that the State tacitly promotes Christianity in America. How about we in India don’t make the same mistakes? 🙂

        Yes, there are Western scholars and Indian scholars who disagree with Doniger. Yes, there are some valid grounds for doing so. How about you debate it and criticise it rather than ban it? I am not defending what Doniger said or did not say. I am defending her right to say it. Do you realise that If you ban Doniger’s right to write about her opinion on Hinduism, you also lose your right to voice your opinion on the intolerance of some Christians that you just wrote so much about? Should I ban you from ever criticising anything again?
        Do you know how many Western scholars have slammed different aspects of the Judean-Christian faith? Should we ban them too?
        Should we ban everyone who ever says anything that anyone disagrees with? Should we condemn the human race to survive with a gag order for eternity?
        See, thats the whole point of freedom of speech. Everyone gets to voice their opinion and the free market of ideas preserves individual liberty while simultaneously improving the collective understanding of an issue.
        If I may be so naive, I would recommend John Stuart Mill and his explication of free speech to you 🙂

        • sagar April 7, 2014 at 2:20 pm

          you may claim to be impartial?and unbiased? in your views…just speaking the truth, arent you? i do appreciate your supercilious stance, its high time you got down from your high and mighty pedestal, and look at facts. you and the rest of your ilk speaks of godhra carnage as if the muslims were the only one on the receiving end. do you have any shred of decency left in you to shed, even crocodile will do, for the hindus who were locked up inside their compartments and burnt alive. can you hear their shrieks of when kashmir is the topic we must cry for them, but it is not politically (even if morally it is) right to cry for the forced diaspora of hindus from their homestead. tell me mr. roy have you ever thought of writing so eloquently about their plight? you are all worked-up about what might happen (totally in the realm of speculation) when and if modi was to become pm. all the points you have garnered in condemning him are also your views, these are debatable, but not the kashmiri hindus bloody ejection from their homeland. so mr. bleeding heart where is your feeling of pain for them? write about them and let the world know how tolerant the hindus have been. but that requires guts and a sense of moral outrage that you dont have in you sir!!! and how much of a nincompoop idealist you are.take cover of the fact that many more muslims died, but are you playing by numbers or have you sacrificed your conscience at the altar of pseudo-secularism. i wonder if you had the opportunity to study indian history and vedic culture under a wise teacher? apparently not, otherwise your perspective on indian psyche and mentality could not have been so lobsided. you are praying to whoever you pray to for a legendary leader in todays politcal arena who should be a personification of virtue?? great!! you must also be that virtuous in order to point fingers at one who is not. you reek of sham and deceit, then why this bumptiousness? actually the bjp talks only about the ’84 riots, but have a look at history (seems you have read selected historians who were paid to undermine the great traditions and philosophies of india) of how many such riots have gripped the country after independence, all under congress rule, not forgetting the recent leaking of another congress misadventure, read mr. nehru and dr. krishnan menon. i wonder who is paying you, and how much. i dont grudge the fact you must survive but you can do it without selling your conscience.

          • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 7, 2014 at 4:21 pm

            Riot politics anywhere in India or in the world is wrong.
            The treatment to many Kashmiri Hindus has been horrible. The treatment to many Kashmiri Muslims has also been horrible. I condemn both.
            Riots have happened under various administrations. I condemn all of them equally.
            Yes, Hindus were killed in Gujarat too. And the Muslims who perpetrated it should all be in jail (some of them are). But the killings of the Hindus weren’t supported by the State and the Muslims who killed Hindus aren’t prospective Prime Ministers.

            None of the riot perpetrators and masterminds are contesting for Prime Minister of India. Modi is. Hence the obvious focus on 2002.
            Any other PM candidate who is a mass murderer can expect equal treatment from me.

            • Krishna Baboor April 15, 2014 at 12:31 pm

              “Any other PM candidate who is a mass murderer can expect equal treatment from me.”

              By this argument, I would surmise and expect a similar write-up about Sri. Mulayam Singh Yadav who still dreams of becoming PM vis-a-vis the support of a possible Third Front.

              His charges: Firing order, which cost the lives of lakhs of Kar Sewaks, and the recent Muzaffarnagar riots under his party’s rule.

              • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 15, 2014 at 4:53 pm

                Muzaffarnagar had BJP instigating it also.
                But yes, I agree.
                And if you had bothered to read my article before commenting, you would have noticed Mulayam Singh Yadav mentioned explicitly.

                • Krishna Baboor April 16, 2014 at 5:21 pm

                  There are people who argue that Godhra had Congress instigation. Mulayam Singh’s misadventures are worthy of a mere mention. No one cares about the Kashmiri Pandits who suffered, and lost everything because of the organized ethnic cleansing or hears the voes of many victims of 1984 riots who are still running from pillar to post knocking at the door of justice. Don’t they constitute as citizens of this country?

                  • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 17, 2014 at 11:10 am

                    There are people who argue that Godhra was a creation of the Congress? Yes, there are people who argue that the Earth is flat. And that nobody ever landed on the Moon. And that aliens abduct humans everyday. You should check them out. They might have something in common with you.

                    Yeah, they all constitute equal citizens of the country. Which is why I hope they all get justice and none of their murderers becomes PM of India.

                    • Krishna Baboor April 17, 2014 at 9:37 pm

                      You just hope they get justice. But you write about Godhra with unrelenting conviction. You already stand in judgment about Modi’s complicity. How are you privy to facts as you were a 13 year old during 2002 riots? How do you trust that your sources are unquestionably true?

                      Gujarat had worse riots during 1969 under Congress. Look at what Gujarati Muslims are thinking.

                      Let me put a caveat here. You would argue that he is a Modi apostle. But there are lot who think like him. But it is pointless as it is very evident that you are a congress supporter and facts doesn’t matter to you. Let any court exonerate Modi, you will still accuse him.

                    • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 17, 2014 at 10:03 pm

                      This is the last time I engage with you because you are either incredibly dim witted or intentionally obtuse.

                      Last time I repeat myself: I have written about Modi because he might become PM next month. I have followed Godhra and its trials for many years now. I didn’t write about him in 2006 or in 2009 or 2013. The urgency to write about him now is because of his PM chances. Find me another PM candidate who committed mass murder and I will write about them too.
                      Please let me know if you have trouble with English. I will retype the above paragraph in different languages if necessary because I am repeating this for like the 100th time.

                      How am I privy to facts?
                      LOL. The facts are OPEN TO PUBLIC SCRUTINY. Someday try looking it up yourself.
                      This question proves that neither have you ever bothered to go through the facts nor have you read my blog which links every statement to the source of the facts.
                      How do I trust that my sources are true? Because my source are the Citizen’s Tribunal Report, the SIT Report, the Tehelka tapes (vereified by CBI), electoral statistics from the Election Commission, the Magistrate Court full judgment etc. The SIT report for example has records of all the witness statements etc etc.
                      A 13 year old and a 93 year old would come to the same conclusion because the facts are so glaringly obvious. The logic of the SIT is so ridiculous, its laughable. I have included excerpts of the logical fallacies of the SIT and the Magistrate in my article.
                      Read the facts for yourself. I have sat and done so. Its not more than 4-5 days of reading. The conclusion is so obvious it slaps you in the faces again and again.

                      It doesn’t matter to me if the lowest court in Gujarat has exonerated Modi. That too after the Supreme COurt has said that courts in Gujarat can hardly be trusted! After all the evidence of the subversion of legal procedures in the trial cases that were held in Gujarat and then had to be shifted to Maharashtra because it was such a sham.
                      You think Congress and Rajiv Gandhi etc. sponsored 1984. Right? You said so yourself in previous comments. Has any court charged or convicted them? Yet, you hold them guilty for 1984 right? Why? Because the facts are well known. It is also well known that courts in India have failed time and again to convict high profile politicians in serious cases. So you hold Congress guilty for 1984 but not Modi for 2002 even though both are innocent according to the Courts. Why the hypocrisy when it comes to Modi? All of you are hypocrites.

                      Also. FYI. I have never ever voted for Congress in my life. So much for me being a Congress supporter.

      • deep July 26, 2014 at 3:17 pm

        this types of people are there like Payoshi and Shoikat Roy is the reason that India is still developing country , neheru types traitors were our prime ministers, British ruled around 200 years, pakistan and chaina continuously trying to subjugate us, indian muzahidin types brutal separatists appearing again and again and so on……

        • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy August 12, 2014 at 4:56 pm

          Nehru was one of the greatest statesmen that walked the earth; a giant of a man. Unfortunately, his descendants didn’t live up to his name.
          The only real traitors inside India are the small group of religious fanatics which includes both the Hindutvadis and the jihadists.

  2. rhea April 2, 2014 at 12:27 am

    He will do just fine 🙂 we’ve seen the congress, we’ve given them a fair chance. They screwed up! Lets give Sri Narendra Modiji his chance now. And why don’t you write an article on the Gandhi family? And on mr Kejriwal. Character assassination is wrong. .

    Looking forward to seeing two more articles from you.

    A NaMo fan.

    • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 2, 2014 at 1:14 am

      Thanks for the comment Rhea.

      I am happy to write articles on Rahul G and Kejriwal. I have strong criticisms against them as well.
      However, neither of them are moral non-negotiables for me and therefore my criticism of them will not be as vocal as my criticism of Modi.
      If you can find:
      1) Evidence (similar to what I provided in this article) that they actively helped facilitate riots which ended in murders of 1000s of minority citizens of India
      2) Evidence that they foster an ideology that advocates aggression, leads to suppression of civil liberties and freedom of speech, discrimination among human beings on the basis of personal sexual preferences and religious convictions, and false revisionism of history and science to reinforce cultural chauvinism
      Then..I promise you I will write epics assassinating their character as well and personally spread it door to door.

      Rhea, I believe that there are some crimes that cannot be pardoned. I believe in an India of liberty, pluralism and equality for all.
      I do not support the Congress or AAP or any other political force in this country. There are unfortunately very very few worthy politicians in our polity. Almost all are tainted. But I believe that the crimes Modi has most probably committed and the ideology he represents is at odds with the idea of India and presents a grave threat to the future of India. Therefore, I oppose him unreservedly.

      I urge you to read this article in its entirety and I hope you see some sense in my position.

      • anshuman April 3, 2014 at 6:30 pm

        I have to pointy out here that you’re looking at this with a jaundiced eye….Every state has had riots and complicity with the then state govt….In all cases we look at it as a state govt failure, if at all…It’s only in Modis case that it is not his Govt but Modi personally responsible…wasnt there complicity of the state govt in the sikh riots in 84? Be that as it may I have noticed their is no communal problem in Gujarat since…no riots and no deaths….We have very secular govts in U.P. according to you, if you analyse the statistics i can assure you that there will be more deaths each year from both communities through riots than the combined toll of Godhra.

        Another thing equality isnt minority appeasement, this only creates a ghetto mentality among the minority which ultimately acts as a deterrent to their own progress…

        When we have Uniform Civil Code you can talk about liberty, pluralism and equality for all. I do not side with the fundamentalists, whichever religion they may come from but we must also stress that minority communities also must come out of their victimized mentality and make an effort to join the mainstream.

        • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 3, 2014 at 6:38 pm

          Please. Please. Please. Please stop comparing and justifying riots. Its disgusting.
          I have addressed 84 etc. already in the article. Please read it.

          Also, tell me where I said there are secular governments in UP? Don’t make up lies.

          I reject this ‘minority appeasement’ tag politics. I am actually in favour of a Uniform Civil Code. I hope to help make it happen someday. I am confident it WILL happen someday. It is enshrined in the DPSP of our Constitution. But the idea that you can’t talk about liberty and equality without UCC is laughable.

    • aishwarya iyer April 2, 2014 at 2:01 am

      Do you even have a brain?

    • Sameer April 8, 2014 at 10:14 pm

      When the same NaMo comes to power and the when the sangh start implementing their ideology on the very same people who bring them to power you wil not have the freedom to comment like this too. FYI the sangh believes women should be chained to the sink and kitchen. You will also be beaten by hindutva goons (mangalore pub attack) if you dare tread their laws. It will be too late when people realize this.

      • rhea May 18, 2014 at 12:48 pm

        Really? And do you live in Mangalore?
        If you do, have the “Hindutva goons” troubled you? They do not interfere with anything unless there’s something wrong happening. When they “attacked” the pub, they did hit a few people. That was wrong! Many of them were put behind bars for that! But do you also know that the pub did not have a license? There were drug dealers there. And a lot of other things were going on.
        Bajrangdal, in Mangalore, has helped so many people. I live here. I’m 21. And I have seen Bajrangdal do good. When balding 40 year old men take 15 year old girls to manipal and when the police force refuses to act, it’s the Bajrangdal that interferes. They are kind, helpful people. And Mangalore is safe only because of them.

        • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy June 7, 2014 at 3:05 pm

          Go look up the humanitarian work that Hafiz Saeed and the Jamaat ud Dawah does in Pakistan. Poverty alleviation, flood relief, drought assistance, lots of wonderful things.
          But they are still terrorists who killed hundreds of Indian citizens and who spread an ideology of hatred. The good work they do doesn’t make up for their terrorism. It is wrong. And it is evil.
          All terrorist organisations in the world believe they are fighting for just causes. They all do good work and alongside they use violence and hate to counter what they are against. Thats the problem.
          Tell the Bajrang Dal to stick to their good work. Give up their violence and embrace peaceful values and I will be the first to support them.
          If they don’t and they spread religious hatred and violence, they are no better than the terrorists or violent hate groups in other places in the world.

  3. Siddhant Sachdeva April 2, 2014 at 2:33 am


    Right at the end that article mentions how Modi had this girl wiretapped because he was afraid she’d blurt some secrets of his.
    So yeah, you’re also voting against your right to privacy.

    • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 2, 2014 at 4:39 pm

      Thank you. We forgot to mention SnoopGate!
      Amit Shah and Modi’s abuse of power and misdeeds at the helm of the Gujarat Home Ministry are too many to keep track of!
      Meanwhile, the HC has refused to hear the case under Article 226 today and ordered the petitioner to first file a petition at the very impartial and completely independent Magistrate level courts in Gujarat.

  4. Anuradha Sen April 2, 2014 at 6:34 am

    Very insightful and extremely well-researched. In your disclaimer you mention that this is a biassed article – but who can argue facts?

  5. HumAAPKeHaiKaun? April 2, 2014 at 6:04 pm

    There is nothing new in the article, we also know tehre is huge wealth stashed in swiss bank, bofors, coal gate, number of scam. We feel the change and prosperity in Gujrat. We also know a tough leader is required to enforce a change in our system. Manmonics has killed Indian economy. Modi is just the right choice and we know he shall be performing and deliver the promose otherwise AAP is there for the next election. This generation is smart one, we are not getting trapped this time. Congress is completely written off.

    • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 2, 2014 at 6:19 pm

      We understand your concerns about the state of the economy. In fact we share the same concerns as you. Forget us – every Indian shares the same concerns.
      Similarly, we urge you understand our concerns about Modi’s indisputable criminal past, facilitation of riots, authoritarianism, and ideology of hatred. Can you at least accept that there are very logical grounds to have strong reservations against Modi?
      You’re absolutely right that MMS and Congress have disappointed and we need a new leader. But please lets not replace MMS with Modi. Lets replace them with someone worthy of this great country.
      Voting for a mass murderer because you think he has a good administrative record is like marrying a serial rapist because he pays his taxes on time.
      Think about it.

  6. samarthacr April 2, 2014 at 8:23 pm

    Brilliantly done, I’ve loved the way the blog unfolded to the end. Facts. Evidence. Credible numbers. All three hit right on to the spot.
    Hope this blog post goes places.

  7. Anti NaMo April 2, 2014 at 10:40 pm

    Many authors like you have written similar articles about him in the past. They have tried to warn the people of India just like you with all the facts and figures, but then why do you think that his popularity is only increasing? Why people are becoming his blind followers and are very likely going to vote him to power? Why they are unable to see through him? Why the media has suddenly gone silent on him? Why his blind followers has become desperate for economic growth that they have forgotten basic morality and humanity?

    • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 2, 2014 at 11:44 pm

      Partly because of brilliant PR. Many people are therefore misinformed.
      People like MJ Akbar, Madhu Kishwar etc. who criticised Modi after 2002 have suddenly started singing paens of Modi expecting him to come to power. Smriti Irani threatened to go for a fast unto death against Modi for 2002 once. Today, she is Modi’s star campaigner in Amethi! Selfish human motives explain the actions of a lot of those who have sold their soul.

      I wish I knew the answer to your questions. But maybe, we are also to blame… or our apathy at any rate. We have allowed it to happen, my friend.

      Its been 12 years since 2002. How many of us agitated for justice all these 12 years? Most of us were repulsed by it. But we weren’t affected, so we didn’t bother to actively protest. The same is true for other riots. India voted perpetrators of riots back into power instead. Only a small group of brave hearts such as those at CJP worked towards getting justice for the victims.
      How many of us tried to put a stop to RSS, VHP type organisations before they grew to their current proportions? We have known what they represent for 70-80 years now.
      How many of us have stood up against parents and friends who discriminate against other religions or sexual minorities or women?
      Every 5 years, we get corrupt candidate after corrupt candidate, candidates with murder cases and extortion cases. And we vote for them. We don’t demand otherwise. (until recently)
      How many of us are guilty of bribing cops for parking and traffic violations or while getting a driver’s license?
      We let the corruption rot. And today, people are so frustrated that they want to replace an uber corrupt INC with Modi.
      How many of us want to leave plushy corp jobs to join politics? Or even work towards cleaning up local municipal boards?

      Perhaps you are different, but I know I am guilty of many of the above.

      But don’t give up hope yet. I still have great faith in the diversity of India. PM post for Modi is far from assured.
      Think about this, with a 60% voter turnout, if NDA gets a 35% vote share, that translates to 20% of India. In other words, 80% of India would have rejected Modi! (many caveats)

      Irrespective of what happens, let us all stand up against injustice and intolerance everywhere; and not just when it affects us. India has great potential to be a truly liberal and plural democracy. Whether Modi rises to PM or not, channel your frustration and your anger into positive action. Educate people around you. Don’t stop fighting for the future of India. I know I wont.

      • Anti NaMo April 8, 2014 at 11:17 pm

        I really appreciate Payoshi & Shoikat Roy. You guys doing great job trying to reply and put some sense into moditards unlike others whose job is done once the blog is written. Thanks for engaging.

        • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 8, 2014 at 11:32 pm

          Thanks Anti Namo! We appreciate you as well! Hope we manage to open the eyes of a few 🙂
          Also, one request: Try to not call them moditards. Lets not stoop to the save level as the Modi brigade. There are plenty of English words (or in other languages) to adequately describe some of the extreme ones. Irrational, bigoted, prejudiced, sectarian, zealot, extremist, fanatic etc 🙂

    • Sameer April 8, 2014 at 9:30 pm

      Because common sense is not so common.Hitler also had large blind followers!

  8. prateek April 2, 2014 at 11:34 pm

    Very insightful article! I’m not Pro-Modi, but do we have actually have an alternative? It’s quiet unfortunate but a lot of people are going to vote Modi because of ‘lack of alternatives’ and not out of definite choice. Is there a solution to this?

    • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 2, 2014 at 11:48 pm

      Similar questions were asked of me by friends. Perhaps my answer will not be satisfactory, but I will copy-paste what I said to them:

      1) There are many reasons not to vote for many candidates. Approximate stat: 28% of Congress candidates have criminal charges, 40% of BJP candidates, 100% for some amazing parties etc.. Plus I have very fundamental differences with AAP as well (for reasons too long to articulate now and don’t include Kejriwal running away)
      But I vehemently reject the notion of Modi becoming PM of India. Simply put, that is the greatest evil by far. It is a moral non-negotiable for me. Therefore, I will vote strategically; for the party that I believe has the best chance of beating the BJP candidate in my constituency.

      2) Fact: We will have a Parliament with a very fractured mandate in May. That is almost beyond doubt.

      3) Unfortunately, we are not spoilt for choice. I wish I could give you a magic solution; but I can’t. There is no political party that I identify with. There are a handful of individual politicians that I have limited respect for; such as Omar Abdullah and Sachin Pilot (both products of dynasty btw)

      I believe that there is a yawning democratic space in India for a center-right liberal party. Perhaps, next election, that will become a reality.

      • Rivika April 3, 2014 at 1:39 am

        I have read the article and I understand your reason for the viewpoint you hold. I agree that Modi is a shrewd and a clever man and knows what notes to hit at what point. As of now, I see three options when it comes to voting for a party :
        1. Congress – Which is out of the question given how the last decade has been, and as citizens of India have become more and more informed, and keeping in mind the Delhi elections turnout, we can safely assume that Congress will not be in power in the coming term.
        2. AAP – Soon after Kejriwal’s resignation, AAP has been keeping low and in comparison with the general election campaign by BJP and Congress, AAP’s nationwide campaign fall short of that hold that either of the other two parties seem to have across the country.
        3. That leaves us with BJP : The excellent PR by NaMo team, his hold on media and himself actively campaigning via social media, in all probability, even though I’m not in favour of this, it seems BJP will win the coming elections.

        Yours efforts are much appreciated in informing us so we can all in some way steer our friends and family to make the right choice however, given that the urban educated class (who may have the sensibilities to see through the facade , that is, Modi) accounts for only a fraction of the voter bank, I do feel the pall of the Modi government loom over us.

      • Karthik April 13, 2014 at 8:23 am

        You have respect for Sachin pilot, Omar and not people like Vajapeyee? When that person asked you for an alternate choice, you don’t have an answer. You simply propagate your pro-congress stance by saying some how defeat the BJP! I am not a pro-Modi person, but given his track record and experiences heard from my Gujarathi friends who elected him for straight 3 times, I will vote for Modi. People like you are just helping to bring an Unstable Govt.

        • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 13, 2014 at 3:34 pm

          I was talking about current politicians; Vajpayee doesn’t exactly fit the bill.
          I’l give you my thoughts on Vajpayee nonetheless. 1000000 times more acceptable than Modi especially for the limited moderation he showed in his later years and during his PM reign. But a man who has lived his whole life as an ardent champion of Hindutva especially in the 80s? Real respect for that? Haha. No chance.

          Yeah. I wish you had some friends in Naroda Patiya and Gulbarg Society too.
          I’m tired of this economic development rubbish. Modi’s work in Gujarat is just about average. I’ve addressed it in my article. And the opposition to him isn’t his economic development. But everything that I have written about. I’m a bit tired now, because I’ve repeated the same point 100 times to the Modi bhakts who have come here just to rant rather than to actually read my article and reason with me on rational grounds.

  9. Ravi April 3, 2014 at 2:34 am

    Gandhi vs NaMO

    Namo wins hands down

    • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 3, 2014 at 2:40 am

      Namo has helped murder approximately 1000-2000 more people than Gandhi
      Namo definitely wins hands down.

      • Kranthi April 3, 2014 at 5:04 am

        Yo, ever saw the history of riots in gujarat? If he is guilty, then shouldn’t mulayam in the same breath be unfit to be a parlimentarian. I wish u had the same heart against banning of books such as satanic verses, recently the air india demise indicting ajit pawar. The banning of taslima nasreen, rushdie…. but you obviously are blind to the facts. Your hatred towards modi does cloud your judgement. About economy, yes whatever good he has done is because gujarat’s inherent latent talent, but when any thing doesn’t look good it becomes modi’s gujarat. If one goes by your logic, then riots were also part of gujarat’s inherent capability.

        • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 3, 2014 at 11:15 am

          Thanks for your comment Kranthi.
          If you had read the article in full, you would have noticed that I have directly mentioned Mulayam too. I’ve mentioned that Mulayam, Rajiv Gandhi, Bal Thackeray etc. are all unfit; no not just unfit, they are criminals. I’ve also mentioned that I think it is disappointing that you choose to justify deaths in Gujarat with deaths elsewhere. Please read what I have said in full.

          I am not blind to those facts. The books indicting Praful Patel and Ajit Pawar. The banning of Nasreen and Rushdie. The banning of Viswaroopam and Water etc. They are disgusting and to be condemned equally.
          Do you realise that allowing each incident to happen with the argument ‘Oh xyz did it too’ allows the perpetuation of such mistakes forever?

          Once again I’l repeat. Read the article. I have NOT said that any good work he has done is because of Gujarat’s inherent talent. I’l quote what I wrote: “There is little doubt that Modi, from a strictly economic perspective has contributed positively to the economic development of Gujarat and allowed free enterprise to flourish by cutting down on bureaucratic red tape.”
          What I have said is that don’t focus on the economics alone. There are things that are more important than money and GDP growth. Can you agree with me on that 1 point?

          The riots weren’t part of Gujarat’s inherent capability. I have explained why. They were planned for electoral gains. They were systematically carried out in certain areas only. And they had the tacit support of the State machinery.

      • sarah April 10, 2014 at 9:55 am

        you are doing a fantastic job.

  10. pranaav gupta April 3, 2014 at 2:35 am

    I think this article is one of the most brilliant pieces of journalism I have come across in a very long time. Though there are similar pieces in The Tehelka and Epw none of them have brilliantly collated the humongous research that you guys gave done so kudos to that. The questions that arise in my mind is that assuming an nda government comes to power in 2014, however sold out the media may be don’t you think that there are effective checks and balances in the system the media being one to ensure that we don’t have a repat of 75 or become the new Turkey. Also in the article you mentioned modi being against the notion of a myopic foreign policy, I completely agree when you speak about the unwarranted comments he made but keeping his overlooking of a pogrom aside I.e looking at foreign policy objectively don’t you think we need a strong and decisive figure who is ready to take bold decisions as opposed to someone who pays lip service at summit level meetings?

    • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 3, 2014 at 2:58 am

      Really appreciate your comments.

      Yes. There is a valid argument to be made that Indian democracy is too deeply engrained for Modi to be able to subvert it too much. Delhi is not Gujarat and Modi will not have the free hand he is used to. He will have to deal with a coalition, with independent courts, with media and with other checks and balances of parliamentary democracy. There are definitely mitigating factors.

      On foreign policy, I have to disagree though (on some counts) Perhaps I’l write a detailed post on it explaining my objections when I have the time. My main point: Do not equate good foreign policy with loud and aggressive foreign policy. Couple of examples:
      A certain amount of ‘boldness’ on issues w.r.t China – South China Sea for example is in order. How nuanced Namo’s boldness is though, I have no idea.
      With Pakistan though… an over aggressive foreign policy that shuts down diplomatic channels of communication? That is disaster. Even Vajpayee never made that mistake. Vajpayee invited Musharaff to Agra after Pakistan invaded Kargil in 99 and militants attacked Parliament in 2001!!! Why isn’t Namo attacking Vajpayee for being ‘weak’? 🙂 Vajpayee wasn’t weak with Pakistan. Don’t mistake restraint and prudence for pusillanimity.
      Then there’s the Israel-Iran-Arab world issues, climate change, US bilaterals etc etc. also to consider.

  11. Amit Yadav April 3, 2014 at 10:28 am

    Going by your article It seems Supreme Court appointed SIT were a bunch of blind, deaf and dumb jokers …. A state known for its intelligent people elects Modi again & again with 2/3rd Majority. After trying all possible tools of power, Congress could not prove a single allegation against Modi because they all were false. What you have done in this article is mentioned half truths as facts which you have gathered from some journalistic articles which themselves have no basis. The Key Indicators you are quoting are again mis-represented. I bet you have never been to Gujarat – Thank You for one more valiant attempt but My vote Goes to Modi.

    • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 3, 2014 at 11:25 am

      Going by the comments of the Supreme Court (not mine)…..Modi cannot be trusted to allow a free and fair trial to take place in Gujarat. Going by evidence…the SIT has overlooked too many things intentionally…Going by the logic of past precedent….there are too many SITs in India that have failed in their duty to give justice to victims of atrocities.

      At the risk of invoking Godwin’s law, lot of intelligent people brought Hitler to power and then supported him as well too. That is a meaningless argument. A lot of intelligent people voted George Bush to power in America also. A lot of intelligent people in this world are bigoted and without morals.
      And as far as electoral math goes, does it not seem odd to you that Modi’ vote share increase in 2002 was in the area that most Muslims died in? And that those where the same areas where policemen had the largest likelihood of promotion? What does that say about voter decision making?

      Yes, I have collated information from different sources. I have deliberately ensured variety – the sources include almost all leading English publications in India: The Hindu, The Indian Express, Times of India, Scroll, Tehelka, Outlook, Caravan, Open Magazine. All of these publications ‘have no journalistic basis?’ Come on my friend. Don’t make frivolous arguments.

      Even you know that there is 0 factual error in my indicators. I have linked the official sources everywhere. Therefore, you claim I ‘misrepresent’ them. Can we forget about the indicators for a moment? I have acknowledged in the article that Modi has done good work in Gujarat. Can we please agree on one point: That indicators aren’t the sole basis of decision making. Can you please agree that there are other things worth considering? Maybe at least one of the ten things I have mentioned? And that some of those considerations are worrying?

      • Amit Yadav April 6, 2014 at 12:58 am

        A Conspiracy of Hatered

        Facts? Facts? Facts? This is what you claim in your article right. But are these facts? Really!

        Are these facts presented in entirety – The simple answer is No, If the facts are not put in entirety then they are incorrect facts.

        So why so much hate and disrespect for a person who is emerging as an only person who can provide a stable and decisive government to India in this current scenario.

        In the haste to prove your point you have gone ahead and presented half facts about Development in Gujarat just to show that the there is a person called Modi and he is basically lying about the development record in his state.

        This is where I felt that I should elaborate a little further and trust me, I am the last person who would like to go ahead and debate on Issues as I am a firm believer that debates only lead to waste of time and energy but the points in your article are so misconceived either deliberately or unknowingly that I had to put forth a few points.

        I will list down few examples on how you are blinded by hate and that people like you do not have any solutions for anything. You just keep talking about problems which everyone is aware about, the moment someone ask you about a solution you say I wish I could have one.

        You Say – Gujarat was already doing well and Modi has just maintained the growth momentum. All but 170 villages in Gujarat were already electrified before Modi.

        You have not mentioned what kind of electricity was there, 2 hrs a day, 4 hrs a day or may be blackouts for several days? No mention, Cut to today it is continuous 24 hours 3 phase electricity for each household. I hope you have heard about “Jyotigram” If you are a well read individual you would know what this Initiative achieved. If not here is something for you.

        In 2003 the Gujarat government implemented the Jyotigram Scheme (JGS – the ‘lighted village’ scheme), which incorporated the core ideas of the second best strategy of intelligent rationing. Jyotigram’s aim was to provide three phase power supply to Gujarat’s 18,000 odd villages; but this could be done only if effective rationing was imposed on farmers. During 2002-2006 around US $260 million were spent on the project, to ensure 24 hour, three-phase power supply for domestic and commercial uses in schools, hospitals etc. and eight hours a day, three-phase full voltage power supply for agriculture, i.e. continuous and full voltage power especially for agriculture at predictable timings for villages across Gujarat. By 2007/08, all the 18,066 villages were covered under JGS. With this, Gujarat has become the first State in the country where villages get three-phase power supply, and farmers get three-phase, uninterrupted power supply at 430-440 voltage for eight hours Jyotigram pioneered real-time co-management of electricity and groundwater for agriculture, found nowhere else in the world. Farmers were also happy that they were spared the very high repair and maintenance cost that poor power supply imposed on them. Moreover most farmers welcomed Jyotigram for limiting competitive pumping of water and addressing the common property externality inherent in groundwater irrigation. Ground water and power rationing through the Jyotigram scheme not only increased efficiency of water and power utilization for agriculture, but also freed up these resources for the rural nonfarm economy to grow.

        Higher access to water not only had a land augmenting effect, but also allowed for multi cropping and growth of high value fruits and vegetables like mango and banana (that require much water). More water has also been available for livestock, animal husbandry and fisheries, which are significant sectors in Gujarat’s economy.

        Gujarat was going through all kind of troubles from regular drought to Major Earth Quake in 2001 today you go and see there because of systematic interlinking of river, Micro water harvesting, WASMO and a mega project to connect every village of Gujarat through Piped water supply has resulted in continuous increase in water table of the state. This resulted in tremendous growth of agriculture sector which otherwise till 2001 was almost redundant. This is an example of positive governance which again needs absolute planning, precise and timely implementation which was provided by Gujarat Government. This is called as governance so when you say it’s all PR blitz, then you are wrong, horribly wrong or I should say misguiding.

        I have been to Gujarat in Ahmadabad, Vadodara, Surat and even a small village of district like Navsari. I was glad to see a metered gas pipeline, Electricity and water pipeline in almost every household of that village.

        I can give you several such examples which prove that there is a leader who doesn’t believes in promises he is known for implementing things on ground for the good of the people, again when I say people I mean all Indians. Jyotigram never asked “which religion or community you belong to” before providing electricity nor did WASMO. It served all without any bias or favor.

        You say Maharashtra and some other states have achieved higher growth but does Maharashtra has 24 hour electricity in all households? Do they have a dedicated 3 phase power supply for farmers, has anything been done to increase the water table of the state so that droughts could be avoided and farmers don’t get affected? The answer is No….a big NO.. so what do I do of such growth, where is the money going? The media stars like Sagarika, Sid vardarajan Hartosh, Rajdeep etc have never asked these questions to anyone as they are not bothered about progress & Growth they are more bothered about their own interests. Also to know about more about your featured star journalists kindly check http://www.mediacrooks.com you will get enough FACTS about them.

        Intellectuals and people like you sitting in your bedrooms have never stepped on ground to check the reality but you have an magic box called “Google” so based on your mindset that yes I hate this person so I will find all the negative articles from my magic box and create my own oped to bring together like minded people and spread the venom. On top of it you admit adamantly that this is a biased article which makes you look very small….in terms of substance.

        You Say – Modi in his extensive prime ministerial campaign has not once laid out any concrete economic plan for the nation. Thus his plan for ‘developing’ the nation in his five year term has so far remained hidden behind smoke and mirrors.

        Again a point made without any basis or you have not been listening to him properly, he has made his policies very very clear on various topics concerning India in most of his speeches as well as while addressing various forums in last 6-7 months. Kindly check the videos on mission 272 website. I just can’t believe that economic agenda for you is subsidies? I mean are you all for real… subsidies on basis of what – caste, religion …..Freak you all want doles for people? This is exactly what this man will doesn’t believes in… This man believes in training people how to fish rather than giving them a fish for a day… I hope you understand what I am talking about…

        You Say – A CAG report tabled in the Gujarat Assembly recently slams the Modi govt. for giving ‘undue benefits’ to industrial and corporate houses such as Adani, Ambani, Essar, Ford and L&T.

        The above statement looks like it is coming from a like a person who has just finished his/her college and all outraged about various issues, I will tell you why with an example…

        I bought a piece of barren land from a land lord for Rs.1 Lac in 2003 which nobody was willing to buy at that time as there was no road, water or electricity supply. I bought it with an intention of investment for long term. With Rs.1 Lac received from me the land lord constructed a road and a water pipeline to his other land banks in same area which increased the value of all his other properties considerably. Looking at the new infrastructure I constructed a 2 storey building on same piece of land with my hard earned money … In 2014 its value is Rs.50 Lac and the person from whom I had brought this land made Rs 500 crore from his other land banks whose value increased because of infrastructure created around the place …. Now some fools came here from far away and they are trying to say that this is crony capitalism and the landlord sold me that land for Rs.1 lac whereas today its value is Rs.50 Lacs…

        The same CAG had applauded Gujarat Government for the best polices of Land acquisition and compensation model, Central Government awarded Gujarat several time for various initiatives, Gujarat Government got UN award for the best public service category but you chose to ignore all of it while writing this article because it would have diluted the hatred in your article…

        THE BIG 2002

        The first of all riots happened in India ever, which lead to riots after riots in Gujarat since 2002 and it is getting bigger and bigger by the day and India will be doomed because of that ….. This is how your words describe the tragedy which happened 12 years ago… but the hard reality is that was the last riot in an otherwise riot prone Gujarat. This is a state which has a history of riots which goes back to as far as 1967, and the frequency…. Well almost every year or may be some times more than that. Then how in this world it happened that after 2002 there has been no riot in Gujarat for 12 years in a row despite the most communal leader (according to you) at the helm of affairs? A simple answer is that there is a person who has tightened the grip on administration and through the narrative of development he taught people to fight poverty rather than fighting among themselves, Inspired them to rise above caste and religion and think big, felicitated them with opportunities and a conducive economic environment so that they can achieve their dreams themselves. You are blaming him of conspiring to create riots so that he can gain electorally but in last 3 elections there has been no riots and he is winning with even bigger margins – why?

        I know you will say – But 2002 happened and people died someone has to be held responsible and definitely the CM at that time but hold yourself for a minute and go back to history, The history will tell you that he had just occupied the CM chair and state was grappling with an earthquake at that time there was a lot to be done to resurrect one of the most destructed part of Gujarat (Kutch) at that time and suddenly this happens… still he did everything in his powers to control the situation. Maximum convictions have happened in this case which is unique as there has been virtually no firm conviction in any other riot in history of India.

        The Supreme Court appointed SIT gave a clean chit to Modi and the same was upheld by a lower court still people have the right to challenge the matter in higher courts but only on speculation of few people and vested interests, I cannot see my country to have an unstable government which can lead to complete disaster at this juncture. As a citizen I would like to vote for a person who has a proven development record on ground (I hate statistics and numbers they can be easily displayed as per convenience), Ability to implement schemes plans in timely manner, take every one along and could provide India a stable government.

        Intellectuals and famed journalists from media lied to the nation and one of them was that he did not called in military for up to 3 days after the riots broke out which was completely false as the riots broke out on 28th Feb 2002 and Military was in the state on 1st of march 2002 which was confirmed by the army during investigations.

        The hate propaganda has gone so far that today when all the so called SECULAR parties across India are asking for votes based on religion and caste, here is a man who is telling people to vote for development, governance and against corruption…. But intellectuals don’t ask questions to all these parties and they will never…because their own stakes with Congress going out is at risk… they have been pampered since ages with lots of freebies since quite a long time now..

        In a nutshell I can go on and on and on countering various negatives you have put forward in your article but then as I said in the beginning Debates are waste of time and they result in nothing, You will make an argument and I will counter it and again you will counter the same because you have made up your mind for something and so do I… One can change only with experiences & self realization. So I leave it to you to be pessimistic about everything around you and keep living your FEAR in the dark OR to move ahead towards light and be optimistic about your future…

        I have more than one reason to trust this man with solutions and have no reason to trust few grasshoppers filled with hatred.



        • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 6, 2014 at 3:44 am

          Once again, you like others focus on just 1 thing: the so called development story. I don’t wish to take that argument forward, because, like ive told many other people on this comment section, thats not the reason for the opposition to Modi.
          Sir, I’l repeat: Thats not the reason for the opposition to Modi.

          You ignore the 100 other points I’ve made and you make some ridiculous statements on the 2002 riots.
          The riots in 2002 were state sponsored riots. Modi and the police had full knowledge of the riots and actively let it happen. We don’t blame him for incompetence, we blame him for mass murder. There is ample evidence such as call records between him and police officers which show that he was fully aware of the situation at Gulbarg Society (he lied to the SIT saying he found out only at night). I have added some other sources of evidence such as witness accounts, taped confessions, police testimony.
          The SIT investigation was a sham. Read Manoj Mitta’s book and you’ll start to understand why.
          The only reason a few convictions happened was because the Supreme Court said the Modi govt. is useless and transferred some cases out of Gujarat.

          The riots happened for electoral gains. There is evidence proving it. Read it. Its linked in my blog. You’ve not even read the whole blog have you?
          The reason riots haven’t happened again is:
          a) He doesnt need riots anymore. 2002 riots already helped him win the votes and stay as PM henceforth.
          b) If riots in Gujarat happened again, after the uproar that 2002 caused, it would end his career. So he had to stop his riot politics for a while (in Gujarat).

          Its not ‘speculation and vested interests.’ Half the country has speculation and vested interests? You haven’t gone through the evidence on record. I have. And we are two youngsters with 0 political connections and 0 vested interests. We’ve gone through the call records, the witness statements, the testimonies, the taped confessions etc, the evidence of witness intimidation and destruction of evidence etc.
          If you have the time, do the same as us and the conclusion is inescapable.
          The riots were led by the VHP and other Hindutvadi organisations on the ground with the tacit support and encouragement of the state machinery.

          What are you going on about the military not being called for 3 days or riots going on and on? Have I said anything like that on my blog? Lol. You make up your own allegations and you refute your own allegations. Bravo.

          Some of your statements really make me think you haven’t read my blog in full before commenting. Or bothered to look at the evidence I have linked. Read the blog. Read the evidence. Otherwise please dont comment.

          There are 45 comments on this blog (20 mine).
          You know what is really revealing?

          Everyone who has opposed this blog has written sagas about development.
          No one has refuted the evidence that I have placed before you on 2002 riots. You’ll have merely claimed that Modi is innocent; cried conspiracy and what not. But not one person has even attempted to refute the facts and evidence against him.

          And NOT ONE PERSON. NOT ONE.
          Has addressed a SINGLE other point of criticism that goes into 15 pages of my blog

          I think that says a lot about Brand Feku.

          Oh one more thing – secular parties asking for votes on religion?
          Lol. Rapist Aseemanand and Baba Ramdev are playing gilli danda with Modi or what?
          The biggest religious and caste based vote bank in India is the Hindutva vote bank. Thats another fact for you.

          • Amit Yadav April 7, 2014 at 1:01 am

            Thank you for accepting that most facts related to development and HDI statistics in your article are wrong… but if you were only concerned about riots then why misguide people about other Issues by presenting a wrong picture?…

            Now wait for my post on Riots I will prove again how people like you are stuck in hate pond….

            • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 7, 2014 at 4:16 pm

              Not a single statistic is wrong. I have linked official sources for each statistic. Each of them are the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

              The statistics are included to present some of the ample proof available to smash the Modi development myth. The point is this: Modi has dont some OK work in Gujarat. Thats about it. But that is mitigated by many many factors. The point of the statistics is to expose the “Modi is the best administrator in India” fake propaganda.

              I am not concerned only about riots. 2002 is a major major issue. If you bother to read the blog post, you’ll see I am also concerned about a whole host of other issues as well.

  12. Arpit April 3, 2014 at 2:02 pm

    You have raised different issues:

    On development I think no one claims guajrat to be perfect, I am sure that there will be things that would need improvement. The critical point is the progress that gujarat has seen in terms of education, healthcare and rural empowerment is just amazing. I dont know if you have been to gujarat but forget all these stats and numbers, all of them can be made up even by CAG. Go to gujarat and travel in its villages..talk to people- there is real development not in GDP or growth indexes but on the ground for everyone to observe. You cant compare any state to Maharasthra in terms of growth..mumbai alone will trump most states in terms of revenues etc. So we should quit this number jugglery and concentrate on what the real concern with Modi.

    Corruption well you are right about the Lokpal and RTI but have you done a comparison as to which states have even set up a lokpal or what is the rate of disposal for RTI for other states? Is there any particular reason why modi is blocking these RTI? Are there any serious cases of looting public exchequer? We should keep raising these issues to ensure that gujarat keeps imporving but corruption is almost non-existent in gujarat. Administration is very efficient and your work is almost always done on time. There is not as much burecracy as in other states and a lot of things have been adopted through the e-governance model to ensure transparency and stop corruption. So that is another area where Modi gets my brownie points.

    You raised allegations of fake encounters in the same breath as corruption. I think that is just undermining the issue. Fake encounters happened in gujarat and they happen in all states of this country and they also happen in all the countries of this world. Sadly, our legal system is so lathargic that sometimes to provide justice you have to seek these means. And anyone who uses these illegal means must also be ready to face the consequences in terms of punishment. The real question for me would be why is CBI and IB, who both are central agencies are on the opposite side. What is the conspiracy behind it? Why did IB come to a point where it said that from now on we would stop giving our inputs if we will be brought into question. Its good to talk about human rights, right to free trial etc. in books. But the realty on ground is so different from those ideal notions. We today as a society are protected by series of these illegal methods of justice which are carried out by our forces to ensure that we are safe. Why would a CM of a state want to kill Ishrat Jahan? Have you ever thought about that? What was he going to gain from murdering her??

    On 2002 riots, I will agree with you to the extent that there is no proof that Modi is clean on it. But similarly there is no proof that he was involved. Both sides have their witnesses, stings, articles, undeniable proofs, logics and propaganda. But yes the truth hasnt been brought about the 2002 riots. As I see it – either Modi did ask the Hindus to extracts their vengeance and is guilty of mass murder or possibly there were other people which were involved and they found it convenient to blame Modi (including RSS and BJP cadres) or maybe all this is a big conspiracy to blame Modi. And trust me there are enough proofs and statements etc. to support all three of my theories. But till today I havent been convinced of either. So after looking at all the sides of the story, I think each person must decide for themselves which story they want to believe.

    Your points on nationalism and hindutva I just found to be propoganda, I dont understand why did you even put those points in an otherwise well researched and logic based article.

    And yes my views are biased towards Modi.

    • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 3, 2014 at 2:43 pm

      Thanks Arpit. I must commend you. You are probably the first person out of hundreds to have actually read the entire article and offered a reasoned opposition to it which is not driven by jingoistic fury. You raise some valid points. Allow me to engage with you

      1) Fair enough. I agree. Forget the economic jugglery and lets conc on the real issues
      2) Your argument on Lokpal is a little disingenous Sir. Many States have Lokpal, And true, definitely not all. But I thought we were holding Modi to high standards of honesty and anti-corruption? He ACTIVELY blocked a well respected Lokpal for TEN years. TEN. It was empty. Surely that must raise some doubts in your head?
      3) You’re right. I should have put fake encounters under a different heading. Not under the corruption chapter.
      Fake encounters do happen everywhere, true. Other states have higher no. of cases also. But there is direct evidence of Modi’s involvement here. Thats key. Especially when the target is minority communities.
      “Its good to talk about human rights, right to free trial etc. in books. ” Your defence of illegal methods to ‘keep us safe’ is unconscionable. I’m not going to elaborate on that. I have done so in the article.
      Also, please don’t assume these encounters were all with terrorists. Many of them were INNOCENT.
      I can’t say for certain why each fake encounter happened. But these are some possible reasons, which can only be confirmed by more investigation:
      a) To win brownie points for having eliminated terrorists
      b) To win promotions and reputation
      c) To polarise the communities along religious lines by branding Muslims as terrorists. The fact that the 2002 riots was orchestrated to win the elections by similarly polarising the electorate is no secret.
      d) To cover up corrupt commercial deals with the marble or mining mafia or eliminate informants
      e) To cover up pawns used in other crimes ex: possible murder of Sohrabbudin Sheikh and Tulsiram Prajapati to cover up the Haren Pandya murder which itself might have been to cover up the 2002 riots.
      And I’m not making up these propositions. If you read about each of the cases in detail, especially Sohrabuddin, Tulsiram and Ishrat cases, I am sure you will realise that there is evidence backing up these assertions. I believe that the evidence is not conclusive yet (in one or two areas) but there’s too much evidence for the entire thing to be just a bunch of cops saving the nation by taking out dangerous terrorists in secret.

      4) Im glad you recognise that there is a heavy body of evidence against Modi and at least acknowledge the possibility of his involvement

      5) Hindutva is very important to me Sir. I was born into a Hindu family and even you must realise that most Hindus reject Hindutva. It is an ideology of hate and discrimination, not inclusiveness and tolerance. Saffronisation of textbooks, defence of civil liberties etc is not propaganda to me.

      I hope you see some sense in my position. And I thank you for being reasonable and responding with civility and decorum.

      • Arpit April 3, 2014 at 4:43 pm

        I will start with 3. I agree on 2. there needs to be more done to strengthen structures.

        But, on fake encounters – Firstly, there is no direct evidence linking Modi to any of it, that is the reason there is no chargesheet or FIR against him. But still I think whenever these fake encounters happen whether it is the Khalisatani killings in Punjab or the Dawood gang annhilation in Mumbai the government has always given their approval. But the only question for me is whether those who were killed were terrorist or innocent civilian. You have just given some reasons on top of your head without there being even a shred of evidence in their support.

        Infact i take strong objection to point c) where you suggest that 2002 riots were orchestrated. Why dont you talk about Godhra train burning, that is what instigated the riots. Plus the elections were no where even close when riots broke out. To give such a suggestion is to play directly in the hands of anti-national agencies like IM, LeT etc. Also by mere logic a anti-muslim riot would have just aggregated muslim voter against Modi and split the hindu votes. So if anyone was to gain from those riots it was Congress. Which also came true when the successful NDA govt. were voted out of power in 2004 largely because of the aftermath of 2002. Thus logically I rather believe the theory that it was the Congress conspiracy but I have no proof so I do not make that accusation.

        As far as fake encounters I believe anyone who carries them out (even in case of terrorist) should be himself punished for murder. But in certain extra-ordinary situations you need extra-ordinary measure, your books, courts and ideals cannot protect you from a bomb blast or a terrorist strike. Gujarat has a border with Pakistan and it is no secret that terrorist do infiltrate into Gujarat. But as far as your individual cases they smell more of Congress conspiracy because CBI is under Congress and so is IB. Why would they support such encounters, why dont these agencies take action then? Prosecute if people are guilty but dont make false accusation to unnecessarily maline someones credibility.

        I think you have misunderstood Hindutva. Its basic philosophy is One God, different beliefs. Infact India was a secular nation much before Constitution said so in 1950. We were the only nation which allowed different faiths to live peacefully and that is why so many gods, sects, religious books, teachings and dogmas are all considered Hindus. Hindutva believes that people should be allowed to practice any religion they want. Hindutva on the contrary about tolerance and not hate. Also, most Hindus dont support Hindutva is also just merely a rhetoric with no proof of the same. Ofcourse the mughal invasion and then the subsequent British empire are the only time our nation experienced non-secular governments and policies where the state interfered in your religion which was never the case before. But I dont think these are reason why one should vote for someone. Raising issues of religious beliefs are only to polarize votes for a particular community and I dont belive in it frankly.

        • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 3, 2014 at 5:17 pm


          You are not aware of the electoral politics of riots by Hindutva forces.
          Riots do not aggregate the Muslim vote against Modi. The Muslim vote is already aggregated against militant Hindutva forces with or without riots.
          As I said, most Hindus reject Hindutva. Most Hindus dont vote for BJP. What riots do, is make more Hindus vote for BJP by making it a Hindu vs Muslim issue.
          There is incontrovertible evidence for it. Some of it is linked in my article and there is ample professional research on the subject should you wish to look for it.

          Elections were very much close by.
          Congress gains in Gujarat, BJP is worried and Keshubhai is replaced by Modi and VHP launches Ayodhya kar seva program in Feb 2002.
          Feb 24th: Modi won his by-election by a very low margin
          Feb 27th: Riots
          Immediately, Modi dissolves the assembly (prematurely) to benefit from immediate polls. EC postpones the election to a few months later and Modi launches Gaurav Yatra full of anti-Muslim rhetoric to gain from the communal polarisation. He wins the elections with vote share increases in places with maximum Muslim deaths.

          Let me tell you that your definition of Hindutva is different from Savarkar’s definition which is different from BJP, RSS version etc etc. You say it is One god, different beliefs. Savarkar, the founder, says it is devotion to the motherland and has nothing to do with God. Some say it is a ‘way of life.’ Others say other things. ‘God’ only knows what Hindutva is. On the ground today, it is a tool of discrimination, of militancy, of rabble rousing and intolerance. Today it has become about Durga Vahini and Bajrang Dal who resorts to violence everywhere. Today (this actually happened today), it has become about Hindutvadis molesting women for ‘being friendly with Muslims.’ http://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/cong-corporator-accuses-hindutva-activists-of-molesting-her/article1-1203520.aspx

          You are right that Hinduism has a great secular and tolerant past. Hinduism’ present however is being besmirched by Hindutva politics and ideas. Today, Hindutva type Hindus are not secular and not tolerant. Hinduism doesnt need Hindutva to run it. It is fine on its own.

          All this rubbish about Muslim Mughal invasions and Hindu tolerance vs Muslim cruelty. I beseech you to see past the ridiculous nature of this. Read history. Not RSS History.
          The world 500 years ago was very different. The idea that we have to rectify 500 year old mistakes today by committing more mistakes is so stupid that it deserves nothing but my mirth and contempt.
          Imagine a modern descendant of some ancient civilisation breaking your house down because your ancestor 100 generations ago killed her ancestor 100 generations ago and stole his land 3000 years ago.

          I’m glad you accept point 2.
          I don’t have the time to bombard you with evidence on the fake encounters now. It is readily available in the public domain. If you have the time, try reading up on it.

          Please please note that there are some very valid grounds for not voting for Modi. Indians have never opposed someone so vociferously before. Surely, there must be a reason? We are all nationalists and that is exactly why we oppose Modi. Those who support him have a warped view of nationalism.

          • Arpit April 4, 2014 at 12:02 am

            See honestly I do not like debates with communal intents. But since you have only raised points based on religion I am forced to indulge,

            Your theory that riots make more hindus vote for modi is just devoid of any logic. How does any riot help any Hindu?? Infact after a riot as a hindu I wud be ashamed and wud not vote for a party which caused the riots. But as a muslim I will be scared and vulnerable and end up voting for a party which will protect my interest. The so called secular parties. As far the evidence and research no one can get into the minds of voters and see why did they vote for a particular candidate. There are results and then people sit down and just draw out the conclusions which suit them.

            Also you seem to suggest that muslims vote against a particular party for their religion which I oppose and feel ashamed about. I feel Muslims or any other community of this country is composed of right thinking individuals who vote based on issues and not only religion.

            Why keshubhai was removed etc. is just your theory. I will suggest alternative theories as well but they would also be merely theories so lets not get into theoratical accounts. Riots happened and everything followed. To suggest that it was pre-planned is just like blinding yourself from the truth.

            As far as HIndutva is concerned who cares what Savarkar, BJP or RSS think about it??? DO they define what Hindutva or what are the personal beliefs of any individual?? And to blame an entire theology for the misdeeds of a few is like the western view which blames Islam for the terrorism in their countries. I am opposed to all such views. Infact I feel aghast at the fact that educated people like yourself have such communal thought, where you identify and stereotype people for their beliefs.

            On the discussion on history…who is talking about cruelties by muslims or hindus v. muslims?? How do you end up bringing religion into everything. I am talkign about a historical fact. During mughal rule for the first time the state interferred in the personal beliefs of people and directed its policies to suit one religion. Similarly the British had non-secular policies. I can point out these policies but I am sure you know them. But I am not suggesting cruelty etc. Nor there is anythign to be avenged. and trust me no one is trying to avenge anything here. You mention any ruler prior to mughals who had non-secular policies?

            For fake encounters there is not even a single FIR against Modi even when CBI is investigating the case. I think you should get over the media reports.

            And you seem to suggest that people who support Modi have warped view of nationalism and you are the true nationalist. What with the freedom of differing opinions?? You may not like Modi for his policies but others may like him. Thats the thing about democracy anyone can have their views. And in my lifetime I have never seen so many intellectuals and masses alike supporting one man,

            • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 4, 2014 at 12:30 am

              Bro, if you won’t vote for a Hindu party after a riot, I respect you. But thats not reality. Look at the numbers in any constituency before and after any of the riots in 2002. Look at it. Have a look at the research please. For example: I’ve linked this in my article as well. http://pas.sagepub.com/content/40/4/483.abstract

              Riots polarise the electorate. They make Muslims vote anti-BJP and they make more Hindus vote for BJP than the normal. Its a FACT. I wish it werent true. I wish people thought like you; but they DONT. and the BJP doesnt think like you either. Otherwise, all this shit wouldnt have happened in the first place.

              Modi won his by election on Feb 24th by a scraping margin. Feb 27th riots start. After the riots, Modi suddenly wins big. Explain to me how that can happen if not because of a polarised electorate.

              You want to believe Muslims don’t vote on the basis of religion? They don’t actually. And I never said they did. When an ideology discriminates against them on the basis of religion and instigates riots too, they are forced to not vote for that party as a bloc. So they vote for other parties, irrespective of religion.

              Your thoughts on Islam and terrorism are commendable. I feel the same. But your political leaders don’t think like you. People of the VHP don’t think like you. Your Hindutva maddened BJP leaders don’t think like you. Ex: BJP MLA Ramesh Bhaduri who said that 30% of Muslims are terrorists a few days ago.

              Who cares what Savarkar, BJP or RSS think about it???
              Obviously, its important. Savarkar founded Hindutva. Modi has grown up as an RSS ideologue and been fed RSS propaganda all his life. Duh, its important in the context of his PM aspirations.
              If you were PM aspirant, I wouldnt talk about RSS and Savarkar. But Modi is the aspirant. And he has been brainwashed by RSS shakhas all his life.

              My friend, I respect the freedom of opinion. Have I stopped anyone from professing their opinion? I am taking the time to respond to every comment and engage with all of you. I may disagree with someone am not banning them or denying them the right to express their opinion. Please don’t ever accuse me of that unfairly.
              Also, you are wrong. I don’t dislike Modi for his policies. I dislike Modi for his principles and the crimes that he has committed. It appears that you actually share some of my principles. But your eyes are closed to what Modi’s done.

              • Arpit April 8, 2014 at 12:00 am

                Realty v. Facts waale Bro, Please appreciate some facts from my side as well::

                Hindu population:80%. In 1999 elections when BJP raised a pitch for secular politics vote share was: 23.75%, In 2004 after Godhra it dropped to : 22.16%. Then in 2009 when Advani (who I think has been communally divisive) came to forefront and raised issues of Ram Mandir vote share further dropped to : 18.8%. Now these are FACTS and not some random biased article in a foreign journal.

                So, first inference only 1/4th of HIndus vote for BJP (assuming by your claim that all muslims vote against BJP). Second inference that less Hindu vote for BJP when the perception is tht they are doing communal politics. Also, the research link you said isnt available for reading so wasnt helpful at all. So I conclude by my original research tht Hindus vote do not aggregate on basis of communal politics. So my question to you is sir..why do you have such a communal mindset? Wat do you have against Hindus and why are you targeting an entire community for the wrongs of a few??

                Whether Modi is guilty or not..besides the point. Someone educated like you having such communal mindset I find revolting. And by casting such aspertions on an entire religious community havent you shown the same character which you are accusing Modi to be.

                Now as for your logic of BJP had a big victory after the riots and therefore riots were done by BJP for electoral gain. Now if you start by assuming your conclusion to be a fact then you will obviously just reach the conclusion. Alternate theory Modi made a lot of efforts to control the riots which broke out, did great work in rehabilitating people, brought normalcy after the riots and therefore people after looking at his amazing work voted for BJP. Now, I say that I cannot get into the mind of a voter and find out why he voted for BJP. So I call my logic – theory and you still will call your logic- FACTS. Please stop being so communally divisive and look beyond the religion of people.

                In your memoir of Feb 2002, you have conveniently skipped the part where a train with kar sevaks was burnt by thousands of people in a mob, which then led to the riots. It also skips the fact tht immediate curfew was imposed and army was called, which was in Rajasthan and took 3 days to moblise and reach. So learn to assimilate both sides of the story and then pronounce your judgment. I see you are from law background you should have kept this basic process in mind before reaching conclusions in your blog.

                And you see the problem is not these leaders whether in BJP, Congress, SP, BSP or AAP who are communal and talk on religion. Problem is with people like us who just decide to chose these agendas over other important issues like development, corruption etc. and chose are candidates based on communal lines. Our leaders will always be communal until and unless we stop differentiating candidates based on their religious ideology.

                And Savarkar did not invent Hindutva he might have used it for his political advantage but Hindutva has existed in India since time immemorial. To make Hindutva a property of few leaders or party is just a reflection of complete ignorance on the issue. Also you do not seem to understand the distinction between religion of Hinduism and Hindutva. You seem to think of both as the same. I will suggest you please read more on it.

                Now even if 1/3rd of Hindus vote for Modi he will win the elections. But I think the lesson for you should be that even in times of such a large wave and all the talk about HIndutva, 2/3rd which a large majority of Hindus will vote against BJP for differing reasons. So please stop looking at an entire community with a spectrum of hate.

                Majority of Hindus always have voted against a party which clearly is championing their cause and thereby showing that religion isnt important to them. It should not be important to you as well.

                • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 8, 2014 at 9:03 am

                  Lol what is the point of comparing 1999,2004,2009 Lok Sabha elections which were dominated by other issues. For ex, BJP lost 2004 elections because of the rural population’s dissatisfaction that the INC tapped well.
                  Look at the vote share in GUJARAT immediately after Godhra, or after other riots in India.
                  Look at the rise of the BJP after the demolition of Babri.

                  Here’s a summary of the report since you can’t access it. http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/lead/deliberateness-and-spontaneity-in-violence/article5519691.ece
                  Please do read about electoral politics of riots, polarisation of the electorate etc.
                  Just google some of these terms. The whole world knows about it, I have no clue why you are sitting in some fantasy land.
                  You are grossly uninformed.

                  Also, haha. I have a communal mindset? I am pointing out that other people have a communal mindset. You are denying that blindly. And I am not blaming an entire community. I am the one who pointed out to you and others on these comments that most Hindus reject Hindutva. And secondly, I am not blaming voters as much as the disgustin Sangh Parivar ideology and people like Modi. Obviously Hinduism and Hindutva are different. When did I say they were the same? I kept saying – save Hinduism from Hindutva. Hinduism doesnt need Hindutva leave it alone etc..
                  Now, you have stooped to lying about what I said.

                  Modi being guilty or not is not irrelevant. It is the most important part.
                  And there is undeniable proof of his guilt. Call records that indicate he knew all about Gulbarg Society massacre, taped confessions of Sanghis explaining his role in telling the police to stay away and subverting the judicial process, witness statements and much much more.
                  I have written about how Godhra started because of a Hindu-MUslim clash at the station.

                  • Arpit April 8, 2014 at 5:57 pm

                    Bhai, aap kya Prof. Xavier ho X-Men ke?? How do you know what voters were thinking??

                    Why do you keep stating your theories as conclusions?? You have till now no logic behind your view that riots ends up in more votes for BJP. You have again posted an article from Hindu which has no logics just plain conclusions of the report. A report which is not even made available for public viewing. Have you even read the report?? or just read some news articles on it and made up your mind. This half baked knowledge is the most dangerous. Being of legal background you should not rely on such sources. Even if conclusions are considered again I am vexed of the same alternative – the voting for BJP could have increased because of the good work done by Modi to control the riots. Hence people voted for BJP more than before. Now do you have a logic to counter that, or you will just ask me to read some biased news reporting?? You rely on this google more than the power of your own mind and logic.

                    As far as all your talk about evidence. Bhai I had gone through these evidences long time back. I might have not gone through maybe each piece of witness as you. But most substantial I read were where there was at best some hearsay about the CM office being involved. Now I am sure you know why hearsay evidence is never admiited or reliable. Moreover all of these various affidavits that you have linked, I cant see any cross for any one of them?? So have you conveniently skipped it or there wasnt actually any cross done for any of these so called witnessess?? In either case they are completely unreliable. So really…what is your point?? Why are you trying to prove something which the CBI, SIT, local police and courts have investigated and come to their conclusion. To me it all sems like a Congress conspiracy, with dodgy witnesses and paid affidavits to make the charges stick on Modi. If you want we can go through each witness testimony point by point and I will point out the flaws to you…but I guess that will be a waste of time for both of us.

                    So you really have no evidence except few biased media houses carrying out their propaganda for 12 years. But still I am an ardent supporter of right to free speech. Therefore I believe you are allowed to believe what you want after looking at the evidence. And others are allowed to believe Modi is not guilty. But for saying Modi is not guilty they should not be branded communal, supporting Hindutva etc. They just will like to believe in what SIT is saying. Hindus of this country are voting for development. Please stop falling for these so called secular media which always wants us to discuss on communal lines. A common man sitting at home is thinking about his food, education for his kids and health for his family. What you are doing is forcing him to think and vote based on his religion.

                    But no matter how hard you try India this time is voting for development.

                    • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 8, 2014 at 6:05 pm

                      People are voting for Modi because they think he did a brilliant job of controlling the riots?
                      I stopped reading your comment after that.

                      I wrote this blog to engage with people who had been blinded and I continued to talk to you because you said one or two things that I thought might make you open to rationality. I was wrong.

                      This is where the conversation ends. Good day to you Sir.

                    • Krishna Baboor April 15, 2014 at 1:19 pm

                      Rajiv Gandhi became PM at the back of Anti-Sikh genocide perpetrated by Congress. Rajiv Gandhi, instead of abhorring the heinous crime, said “When a big tree falls, the earth shakes”, in a way endorsing the manslaughter. Whereas in case of 2002 riots, requests for police help (through fax) to MP, Maharashtra state governments by the Gujarat government were rejected by these Congress-led governments.

                      I am sick and tired of the self-proclaimed secularists and their holier-than-thou attitude. Why don’t you talk about Kashmiri Pandit Pogrom, 24 Paraganas incident and many other incidents, which does not see the light of the day?

                      If so much of conclusive evidence against Modi, which you claim, does exist, please nail him, instead of ranting against him.

                    • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 15, 2014 at 4:56 pm

                      We are trying to nail him. Except he has destroyed a lot of evidence, and is using every trick in the book from bribery to witness intimidation and witness murder and changing judges when he can to subvert the judicial process. (Supreme Court has said all of this, not me)

                      And once again, If you had bothered to read my article, you would have found Rajiv Gandhi and many other incidents mentioned explicitly as well.

                      I definitely have a holier than YOU attitude. Not to difficult to be holier than someone supporting a mass murderer.
                      Incidentally, I’m also sick and tired of people like you commenting on articles without ever having read it.

                    • Krishna Baboor April 16, 2014 at 5:34 pm

                      Dear Roy,

                      I am merely asking why can’t people like you write with the same gusto about the sufferings of people of all religions. I do not endorse crime against anyone. Why do you pronounce someone guilty before it is proven? Compare the 2002 riots with 1984 riots. How many have been arrested in each case? I wish people like you also condemn 1984 in the same breath and write about the denial of justice to Sikhs even after 30 long years. Be true to yourself. If you google or scour through magazines about articles on Kashmiri Pandit Suffering and Anti Sikh riots, or any movements working for their cause, how many will you find? Aren’t Hindus and Sikhs humans? Their sufferings count for nothing?

                    • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 17, 2014 at 11:14 am

                      I do condemn the 1984 riots in the same breath. I have explicitly condemned them in the same breath in my article.
                      Actually, I have read many articles and books on the suffering of Kashmiri Pandit’s suffering and on 1984. Perhaps you are not looking in the right places or reading enough.

                      If the people who planned and perpetrated the murder of Kashmiris and Sikh victims is becoming PM, I will write another article don’t worry.

                      I love the way all the Modi bhakts on this comments page are concerned only about the Kashmiri pundits and not any Kashmiri Muslims. Haha. Bunch of chauvinistic hypocrites.

                    • Krishna Baboor April 16, 2014 at 7:10 pm

                      Dear Roy,

                      Let’s assume that we (like-minded individuals) believe in your dogma, what is the alternative you propose for the country? I just want to know your electoral inclination as articles like these would influence voters, and you have to make your stance clear.

                      I suggest your erudite self to spell out the alternatives:

                      1) Vote for Congress, which is neck-deep in multi-million scams and suffer from price rise, inflation and bad economy. It is worthy to mention that you abhor Congress for its riot politics in the same breath for its complicity in 1984 riots.
                      2) Vote for AAP, a party devoid of foreign policies that believes in giving out doles and subsidies, and face anarchy and enjoy dharnas every day.


                    • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 17, 2014 at 11:22 am

                      Send me your address, I’l buy you a dictionary and send it to you so that you can look up the definition of ‘dogma’

                      I do not abhor Congress the way I abhor Modi. The current INC PM prospectives did not do what Modi has done.
                      I abhor the leaders who did however – Rajiv Gandhi, Jagdish Tytler, Sajjan Kumar etc. (all either dead or not even on a Congress ticket)
                      The BJP is a disgustingly communal party and along with its Sangh affiliates is responsible for a whole host of other shit from Babri demolition to many other riots; the Congress isn’t truly secular either but is a far more liberal and secular party than the BJP for sure.
                      As far as scams goes, India lost what?? $12 billion in scams? Do you know that India loses 31 billion a year because bigots like you ensure Section 377 still stands today and treats homosexuals like criminals? Or the gigantic economic costs of Gujarat or Muzzafarnagar riots? INC has many corrupt politicians True. So does BJP. When it comes to choosing between two evils, Narendra Modi is the greatest evil by far.

                      I have no political suggestions. Vote for AAP. Vote for INC. Vote for an independent. Vote for a regional party. Vote according to your conscience; vote to throw out the biggest danger to India – Narendra Modi.

                    • Krishna Baboor April 17, 2014 at 9:55 pm

                      You stand exposed with your sarcastic statement about Kashmiri pandits. Dont be judgmental. My close friend Mr. Kaul is one of those unfortunate souls who had to lose everything and flee from their homesteads in Kashmir. At the same time I do understand what the Kashmiri Muslims are facing as I have many Kashmiri Muslims as friends. However I do not have a myopic view. I do not want to score brownie points of secularism by siding with only a particular section of the society.

                    • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 17, 2014 at 10:24 pm

                      I said I have read a lot about the suffering of Kashmiri pundits. It is extremely sad and I hope they get justice.
                      I also said it is hypocritical of Modi bhakts to always bring up the suffering of Kashmiri Pandits but never Kashmiri Muslims.

                      These two statements have ‘exposed’ my callous ‘sarcasm’?
                      LOL. Good day to you Krishna. Take a crash course in Learning Basic Logic 101 and return. I’m done with your irrationality and penchant for nonsensical arguments. I wrote this blog to engage with the few rational supporters that Modi may have

                      Also, note that you have not addressed a SINGLE point I have made either in my article or in my comment replies. All you are fixated on is why I am fixated on Modi and I have answered that 10 times overall and 2-3 times specifically to you.

  13. Ravi April 3, 2014 at 4:10 pm

    Please don’t be ashamed of Uttar Pradesh yet. Congress ruled the State for the Majority of the duration Pre Independence to Post Independence.. from 1939 to 1989 ( barring the Periods of Emergency.. Thanks to your Grand Mom Indira G. and a couple of transitional Governments)

    8 out of the total 14 Prime Ministers of India have been from UP, 6 out of those 8 have been from Congress…

    I think your party had more than half a century and half a Dozen PM’s to build a State…

    The Reason Mulayam Singh, subsequently came to Power is because your party wasn’t exactly Gandhian in their dealings in the State.. So May be If you look at in totality the present chaos in UP is the outcome of the glorious leadership displayed by Congress in UP for about 50 years!

    So Please don’t feel ashamed as yet Dear Rahul.. For Mayawati is only using the Land Acquisition Bill which your party had itself used to LOOT the Farmers many times in the Past!


    Not that I Endorse what Mayawati is doing.. What Mayawati is doing is Unacceptable..

    But the past actions of your party and your recent comments, puts a question mark on your INTENT and CONSISTENCY.


    But don’t be disappointed, I would give you ample reasons to feel ashamed…

    You really want to feel Ashamed..?

    First Ask Pranav Mukherjee, Why isn’t he giving the details of the account holders in the Swiss Banks.

    Ask your Mother, Who is impeding the Investigation against Hasan Ali?

    Ask her, Who got 60% Kickbacks in the 2G Scam ?

    Kalamdi is accused of a Few hundred Crores, Who Pocketed the Rest in the Common Wealth Games?

    Ask Praful Patel what he did to the Indian Airlines? Why did Air India let go of the Profitable Routes ?

    Why should the Tax Payer pay for the Air India losses, when you intend to eventually DIVEST IT ANYWAY!!!

    Also, You People can’t run an Airline Properly. How can we expect you to run the Nation?

    Ask Manmohan Singh. Why/What kept him quiet for so long?

    Are Kalmadi and A Raja are Scapegoats to save Big Names like Harshad Mehta was in the 1992 Stock Market Scandal ?

    Who let the BHOPAL GAS TRAGEDY Accused go Scot Free? ( 20,000 People died in that Tragedy)

    Who ordered the State Sponsored Massacre of SIKHS in 84?

    Please read more about, How Indira Gandhi pushed the Nation Under Emergency in 76-77, after the HC declared her election to Lok Sabha Void!

    (I bet She had utmost respect for DEMOCRACY and JUDICIARY and FREE PRESS)

    I guess you know the answers already. So My question is, Why the Double Standards in Judging Mayawati and members of your Family and Party?

    I condemn Mayawati. But Is She the only one you feel Ashamed for?

    What about the ones close to you? For their contribution to the Nation’s Misery is beyond comparison.

    You talk about the Land being taken away from the Farmers. How many Suicides have happened under your Parties Rule in Vidarbha ? Does that Not Ashame You ?


    Your Party gave those Farmers a 72,000 Crore Loan Waiver. Which didn’t even reach the Farmers by the way.

    So, Why don’t you focus on implementing the policies which your govt. has undertaken, instead of earning brownie points by trying to manufacture consent by bombarding us with pictures of having food with Poor Villagers….

    You want to feel ashamed. You can feel ashamed for your Party taking CREDIT for DEBITING the Public Money (72,000 crores) from the Government Coffers and literally Wasting it…

    You want to feel ashamed.. Feel ashamed for that…


    Dear Rahul, to refresh your memory, you were arrested/detained by the FBI the BOSTON Airport in September 2001.

    You were carrying with you $ 1,60,000 in Cash. You couldn’t explain why you were carrying so much Cash.

    Incidentally He was with his Columbian girlfriend Veronique Cartelli, ALLEGEDLY, the Daughter of Drug Mafia.

    9 HOURS he was kept at the Airport.

    Later then freed on the intervention of the then Prime Minister Mr.Vajpayee.. FBI filed an equivalent of an FIR in US and released him.

    When FBI was asked to divulge the information, by Right/Freedom to Information Activists about the reasons Rahul was arrested … FBI asked for a NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE from Rahul Gandhi.

    So Subramaniyam Swami wrote a Letter to Rahul Gandhi, ” If you have NOTHING to HIDE, Give us the Permission”


    Why did that arrest not make Headlines Rahul? You could have gone to the Media and told, “I am ashamed to call myself an INDIAN?”.

    Or is it that, you only do like to highlight Symbolic Arrests (like in UP) and not Actual Arrests ( In BOSTON)

    Kindly Clarify…..

    In any case, you want to feel ashamed, Read Along…


    According to a Provision in the Citizenship Act.

    A Foreign National who becomes a Citizen of India, is bounded by the same restrictions, which an Indian would face, If he/she were to become a Citizen of Italy.

    (Condition based on principle of reciprocity)

    [READ ANNEXURE- 1&2]

    Now Since you can’t become a PM in Italy, Unless you are born there.

    Likewise an Italian Citizen can’t become Indian PM, unless He/She is not born here!

    Dr. SUBRAMANIYAM SWAMI (The Man who Exposed the 2G Scam) sent a letter to the PRESIDENT OF INDIA bringing the same to his Notice. [READ LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT IN ANNEXURE -3]

    PRESIDENT OF INDIA sent a letter to Sonia Gandhi to this effect, 3:30 PM, May 17th, 2004.

    Swearing Ceremony was scheduled for 5 PM the same Day.

    Manmohan Singh was brought in the Picture at the last moment to Save Face!!

    Rest of the SACRIFICE DRAMA which she choreographed was an EYE WASH!!!

    Infact Sonia Gandhi had sent, 340 letters, each signed by different MP to the PRESIDENT KALAM, supporting her candidacy for PM.

    One of those letters read, I Sonia Gandhi, elected Member from Rai Bareli, hereby propose Sonia Gandhi as Prime Minister.

    So SHE was Pretty INTERESTED! Until She came to know the Facts!

    So She didn’t make any Sacrifice, It so happens that SONIA GANDHI couldn’t have become the PM of INDIA that time.

    You could be Ashamed about that Dear Rahul!! One Credential Sonia G had, Even that was a HOAX!


    You go to Harvard on Donation Quota. ( Hindujas Gave HARVARD 11 million dollars the same year, when Rajiv Gandhi was in Power)

    Then you are expelled in 3 Months/ You Dropped out in 3 Months…. ( Sadly Manmohan Singh wasn’t the Dean of Harvard that time, else you might have had a chance… Too Bad, there is only one Manmohan Singh!)

    Some Accounts say, You had to Drop out because of Rajiv Gandhi’s Assassination.

    May be, But Then Why did you go about lying about being Masters in Economics from Harvard .. before finally taking it off your Resume upon questioning by Dr. SUBRAMANIYAM SWAMI (The Gentlemen who exposed the 2G Scam)

    At St. Stephens.. You Fail the Hindi Exam.

    Hindi Exam!!!

    And you are representing the Biggest Hindi Speaking State of the Country?


    Sonia G gave a sworn affidavit as a Candidate that She Studied English at University of Cambridge

    [SEE ANNEXURE-6, 7_37a]

    According to Cambridge University, there is no such Student EVER! [ SEE ANNEXURE -7_39]

    Upon a Case by Dr. Subramaniyam Swami filed against her,

    She subsequently dropped the CAMBRIDGE CREDENTIAL from her Affidavit.

    Sonia Gandhi didn’t even pass High School. She is just 5th class Pass!

    In this sense, She shares a common Educational Background with her 2G Partner in Crime, Karunanidhi.

    You Fake your Educational Degree, Your Mother Fakes her Educational Degree.

    And then you go out saying, ” We want Educated Youth into Politics!”

    Letters sent by Dr. Swami to EC and then Speaker of Lok Sabha are in ANNEXURE 7_36 &7_35 RESPECTIVELY

    Contrast that with Gandhi Ji , who went to South Africa, Became a Barrister, on Merit, Left all that to work for South Africa, then for the Country….


    Not that Education is a Prerequisite for being a great Leader, but then you shouldn’t have lied about your qualifications!

    You could feel a little ashamed about Lying about your Educational Qualifications. You had your reasons I know, Because in India, WE RESPECT EDUCATION!

    But who cares about Education, When you are a Youth Icon!!


    You traveled in the Local Train for the first time at the Age of 38.

    You went to some Villages as a part of Election Campaign.

    And You won a Youth Icon!! … That’s why You are my Youth Icon.

    For 25 Million People travel by Train Everyday. You are the First Person to win a Youth Icon for boarding a Train.

    Thousands of Postmen go to remotest of Villages. None of them have yet gotten a Youth Icon.

    You were neither YOUNG Nor ICONIC!

    Still You became a Youth Icon beating Iconic and Younger Contenders like RAHUL DRAVID.

    Shakespeare said, What’s in a Name?

    Little did he knew, It’s all in the Name, Especially the Surname!

    Speaking of Surname, Sir


    Because the Name on your Passport is RAUL VINCI.


    May be if you wrote your Surname as Gandhi, you would have experienced, what Gandhi feels like, LITERALLY ( Pun Intended)

    You People don’t seem to use Gandhi much, except when you are fighting Elections. ( There it makes complete sense).

    Imagine fighting elections by the Name Raul Vinci…

    It feels sadly Ironic, Gandhi Ji, who inspired Icons like Nelson Mandela ,Martin Luther King Jr. and John Lennon, across the world, Couldn’t inspire members of his party/ Nehru’s Family, who only seem to use his Surname for the purposes of FIGHTING ELECTIONS and conveniently use a different name on their PASSPORT.

    You use the name GANDHI at will and then say, ” Mujhe yeh YUVRAJ shabd Insulting lagta hai! Kyonki aaj Hindustan mein Democracy hai, aur is shabd ka koi matlab nahin hai!

    YUVRAJ, Itna hi Insulting lagta hai, to lad lo RAUL VINCI ke Naam se!!! Jin Kisano ke saath photo khinchate ho woh bhi isliye entertain karte hain ki GANDHI ho.. RAUL VINCI bol ke Jao… Ghar mein nahin ghusaenge!!!

    You could feel ashamed for your Double Standards.


    Now You want Youth to Join Politics.

    I say First you Join Politics.

    Because you haven’t Joined Politics. You have Joined a Family Business.

    First you Join Politics. Win an Election fighting as RAUL VINCI and Not Rahul Gandhi, then come and ask the youth and the Educated Brass for more involvement in Politics.

    Also till then, Please don’t give me examples of Sachin Pilot and Milind Deora and Naveen Jindal as youth who have joined Politics..

    They are not Politicians. They Just happen to be Politicians.

    Much Like Abhishek Bachchan and other Star Sons are not Actors. They just happen to be Actors (For Obvious Reasons)

    So, We would appreciate if you stop requesting the Youth to Join Politics till you establish your credentials…


    Rahul Baba, Please understand, Your Father had a lot of money in your Family account ( in Swiss Bank) when he died.

    Ordinary Youth has to WORK FOR A LIVING.


    If our Father had left thousands of Crores with us, We might consider doing the same..

    But we have to Work. Not just for ourselves. But also for you. So that we can pay 30% of our Income to the Govt. which can then be channelized to the Swiss Banks and your Personal Accounts under some Pseudo Names.

    So Rahul, Please don’t mind If the Youth doesn’t Join Politics. We are doing our best to fund your Election Campaigns and your Chopper Trips to the Villages.

    Somebody has to Earn the Money that Politicians Feed On.


    Air India, KG Gas Division, 2G, CWG, SWISS BANK Account Details… Hasan Ali, KGB., FBI Arrest..

    You want to feel ashamed..

    Feel Ashamed for what the First Family of Politics has been reduced to…

    A Money Laundering Enterprise.

    NO WONDER YOU ARE NOT GANDHI’S BY BLOOD. GANDHI is an adopted Name. For Indira didn’t marry Mahatma Gandhi’s Son.


    You really want to feel Ashamed.

    Feel Ashamed for what you ‘ SO CALLED GANDHI’S’ have done to MAHATMA’S Legacy..

    I so wish GANDHI JI had Copyrighted his Name!

    Meanwhile, I would request Sonia Gandhi to change her name to $ONIA GANDHI, and you could replace the ‘R’ in RAHUL/RAUL by the New Rupee Symbol!!!

    RAUL VINCI : I am ashamed to call myself an Indian.

    Even we are ashamed to call you so!

    P.S: Popular Media is either bought or blackmailed, controlled to Manufacture Consent!

    My Guess is Social Media is still a Democratic Platform. (Now they are trying to put legislations to censor that too!!)

    Meanwhile, Let’s ask these questions, for we deserve some Answers.

    For we are all Gandhi’s. For Bapu is the Father of the Nation!

    To know more, Try looking for Dr. SUBRAMANIYAM SWAMI. He is the reason today 2G SCAM is being Investigated!!!



    B.Tech, IIT Bombay

  14. Ashish Upadhyay (@_zapper320) April 3, 2014 at 5:46 pm

    Really & how to you get so much knowledge dude ? . & just 1 post ? nothing else .. what PR company are you from ?? ..

    • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 3, 2014 at 6:01 pm

      Remove your misogynist perceptions and don’t assume its just a ‘dude’
      Perhaps its cos we read a lot of different sources. You should try it sometime.
      And we work for the Feku PR Agency which exists only within the rotted grey matter in your head.

  15. Amit April 3, 2014 at 6:09 pm

    Thanks for the article. Being in my early twenties and a first time voter, I find it thoroughly fascinating to acquire more knowledge about this dysfunctional state of affairs. If I have my facts right, I believe some ten crore more people will be voting this year. I hope and pray that more election virgins such as myself make an attempt to make a truly informed decision. However, the deeper I dig , the more hopeless this all feels.
    I would like to express first that I am undecided in my political inclination, I don’t give half a shit (pardon my French)whether a person is Hindu or Muslim or even a Scientologist. I particularly advocate support for the LGBT community. Having said that and hopefully establishing that I am not an extremist nutjob, I find myself more and more attracted to the idea of a dictatorship. I say so because 1, we seem to be settling for what we believe is a lesser evil and 2, most people voting in this country have the common and civic sense of a neutered dog in heat. Once again, I apologize for the language and then don’t. Am I wrong in thinking that a benign dictatorship is the best hope we have? One that implements tighter laws like capital punishment for corruption and particularly for rape?
    I understand your concerns about a Modi Government and how they conform to the notions of a dictatorship and so I ask – realistically, if we’re all just settling, is it really that bad since we’re not exactly spoilt for choice?
    Also if I could get linked to more articles such as this, it would be appreciated. Just trying to learn and teach as I’m taught. Thanks.

    • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 3, 2014 at 6:33 pm

      Hi Amit.

      Thanks for your comment. We are also in our early twenties, similarly fascinated by learning new things and similarly disillusioned by a dysfunctional state of affairs in India.These are perfectly normal thoughts to have actually. We do not think you are an extremist nut-job, rest assured! I’m sure some people think we are extremist nut-jobs!

      The debate between the efficiency of a democracy vis a vis a dictatorship is an age-old one. You should study political science if you are interested in such debates. I would direct you to read about the views of Thomas Hobbes (whose thoughts mirror your questions to an extent) and then read about criticism of Hobbesian views. You can then continue to read the criticism of the criticism if you like 🙂

      The problem is that a benign dictatorship exists only on paper. Dictatorships are at the mercy of flawed human nature and always result in monumental human pain and suffering. Modern nation states give us just a few exceptions such as China/Taiwan, South Korea etc. There are SEVERAL negatives in those cases as well…and the positives on the economic front are exceptions to the rule.

      As far as the specific Modi govt is considered, Even if he did everything expected of the ideal benevolent dictator; does he still not deserve to go to jail for 2002? Can anything excuse that? Or is there such a thing as justice?

      The thing with Modi is that his authoritarianism is not the only point of opposition or even the main point of opposition right? Its probably a few steps down on the list of reasons to oppose him.
      I oppose the capital punishment (not on moral grounds but on grounds of inefficiency – also open to changing my mind) but I will admit that hypothetically if Godhra didnt happen, if he rejected Hindutva ideals, but he was authoritarian and cracked down on both Hindutvadi militants and Islamist terrorists, on rapists in Delhi as well as rapists in Naroda Patiya, I wouldn’t have THAT much of an issue with him!
      But who are we kidding? 🙂

      • Khushi Shah April 11, 2014 at 6:28 am

        Amit, IMHO the idea that most people in India don’t have common civic sense is extremely demeaning, and a little strange coming from someone who is promoting equality (at least in gender and sexuality issues). Most people aren’t, by and large, fully responsible for their lack of civic common sense- bigger culprits are poverty, a lack of unbiased textbooks (and teachers) of history and civics, etc. (again, this is just an opinion). A dictatorship would most likely not address these issues since dictators tend as Payoshi and Shoikat point out, to be self-serving or flawed in other ways and just create new biases (leaving the people just as un-neutered, canine, and in heat as they previously were, even if in new ways). A democracy with more invested public involvement, including people like us taking up the cause to discuss these issues, educate our friends, families, drivers, helpers- anyone we can in our lives on our own pockets and time (highlighting them as important civic issues) and mobilising ourselves effectively to advocate our values while being accepting and accommodating of those of others would probably be more of an answer. Don’t feel so bleak 🙂

  16. Abhishek April 4, 2014 at 12:07 am

    Debt burden of a state in terms of the debt-state GDP ratio as absolute numbers of debt would not be comparable across say small and large states.
    Debt/ GSDP ratio of Gujrat in 2001 was 35.5%.
    Debt/ GSDP ratio of Gujrat in 2013(march) was 23.5%.
    Source: STATE FINANCES A STUDY OF BUDGETS OF 2013-14.(rbi.org)
    Narendra Modi government has been continuously reducing its debt burden every year since 2004. If you put Gujarat in terms of percentage of debt reduced, it will be at 8th. Out of top 10 states 6 are led by BJP+ for most of the tenure.

    Had historical trends alone provided momentum, states like Karnataka, Kerela should’ve grown fast.
    Though Gujarat hasn’t done well in social sectors but there have been temporal improvements over time and remedial measures have been taken. Ex: There has been sharp decline in number of out of school children in Gujarat (Source: DISE).Also,the unemployment rate in rural areas is lowest in gujarat.

    100 percent of the villages in Gujarat have atleast 10 percent of the housholds electrified which wasn’t the case earlier. Electrification by definition means that the village should have atleast one electric point.

    It’s not just about growth, there is a governance story which goes with it.Modi has created an environment for private expenditure and not just relied on increasing public expenditure.The e-governance factor should be looked at, and also the decentralisation that has taken place down to talukas.Yes, there is a legacy factor in Gujarat but you can’t take away social sector push, empowerment of bureaucracy and insulation from political interference, clamping down on corruption, decentralisation, emphasis on private sector from Modi.This phenomenon is also true for other fast growing states.

    • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 4, 2014 at 12:13 am

      Everything you have said has actually been acknowledged in the article – both debt to GDP reduction and the governance impact.
      The worrying part is that this is all that matters to you and the rest of the Modi supporters. Fundamental questions of liberty and justice are meaningless to you. You choose to focus on the one thing that this is not the focus of this article. And ignore the rest.

  17. k April 5, 2014 at 5:40 pm

    The dronacharya-test tube baby stuff was truly ROFL. RBI governor Raghuram Rajan has written a book saving capitalism from the capitalists;Someday i hope a good scholar writes a book on saving hinduism from hindutva. 😉

  18. Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 5, 2014 at 10:06 pm

    My response to Mr Subhas Bose (his comments are reproduced below):

    I’m least bothered by what you write in your blog. Unlike you, I respect your liberty and freedom to opine. Your blog amuses me.

    If you haven’t figured out why I didn’t reply, you are dimmer than I thought. You needlessly dragged **(redacted – private)**

    I have no clue why you are on a rant on Christianity and Western ideas. I have lived 23 of my 25 years in India. I was born into a Hindu family. My father and grandfather from both sides are former defense officers. I have lost family members to wars with Pakistan and China. I currently live and work in India and am actively engaged in advocating for the progress of a nation that I love dearly. There has been an Indian flag on top of my house and in the corner of my room since I was 12. And even if all this wasn’t true, it still isn’t an indicator of mine or anyone’s nationalism. Try and wrap that around your head.

    As far as Western ideas go, I have read and researched more Western and Indian thinkers and scholars than you are likely to in nine lives put together. I am well versed with Gandhi, Ambedkar, Kautilya, Periyar and more. A blind faith in your cultural values is not nationalism, it is narcissism. Its time you tried to learn to distinguish between the two. There are several Indian values that the West needs to learn from. There are several Western ideas that India needs to learn from.

    Since you brought up questions about respecting my sister, I will add that I am a feminist who views the entrenched patriarchy of Indian society as a curse on Indian society. I stand for women’s emancipation and liberation all over the world and strongly oppose some of the retrograde stances of conservative elements and rabidly misogynistic outfits like the RSS. When Mohan Bhagwat says that Rape happens in India, not in Bharat, I find it difficult to understand how he is human. When the worst insult Modi can come up with for MMS is ‘dehati aurat’, I am reminded of the basest instincts in humanity.

    I do agree with many liberal principles elucidated by Mills. Mills was someone who inspired many if not all of our own Indian freedom fighters. If you had bothered to actually read literature by Indian stalwarts and scholars, you would know that.
    Incidentally, I didn’t suggest reading Hobbes because I agree with Hobbes. In fact, I oppose Hobbesian ideas. But that doesn’t mean I tell people not to read Hobbes. Hobbes advocated for a centralised dictatorial State. Hence anyone who wants to understand arguments between dictatorship and democracy should start with Hobbes and move forward from there.

    I wrote this blog not for people who already view Modi as a danger to the idea of India. I wrote this blog to engage with people who don’t (like you). So when you say that I don’t have the courage to reply to you… Haha. That sentence makes me laugh heartily. Which is good, because the given political climate leaves little room for laughter today. Your cultural chauvinism fills me with disdain.

    Warm regards.

    Earlier, Subhas Bose emailed me:

    Hey Shoikat,

    You don’t have a little courtesy to get back to me even with a few words?
    I thought of you better than this.

    Love you man …no matter who you are.

    I hope you will find courage to get back to me.

    Stay blesseed!

    PS….MY reply blog is not for your character assassination but to monitor your Honesty and Transparency. My be I wont write anything there. Why should I can about you? I do in a good way…as I do care for all human beings.

    PPS……Major difference between West and Me (every Indian who holds Indian values):
    I, as a True Indian, can and actually DO think of your sister as my own real sister. My Indians values have taught me that. I am proud of that.
    Your Western friends think of Women as an object (mostly). Watch SNL monologue by Louis CK from March 29th.http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video
    More you know, as you have lived in the West.

    Again, please don’t say that, their religion is bad so ours is BAD as well. As you did in your reply to my first post. To me, you are so confused by reading all this Western garbage/thinkers. You quote them so many times in your article and you suggest other people to read western thinkers . You suggested JS mill to me and Thomas Hobbes to somone else. Where is your own foundation?

    You map all religions and societies by Western template. Do Indian not have their now template ?

    Its unfortunate that many Indians get too fascinated and misled by the western ideas/thoughts/writers/thinkers/western books/media/think tanks/western models of development etc. which only and eventually serve the West and establish West as the Master.
    Its usually a trend among many Indians to prove that they know the best by reading the Western Writers. A slave mentality as I call it.
    I am not against reading them. But one has study their entire life, all works in totality to understand where their thoughts are coming from. Most of these thinkers, if not all- in the end prove Western/biblical ideas as superior and they portray any or all non-western ideas/thoughts/countries as inferior. Many Indians don’t see it because they get too fascinated by reading just one or two books of any thinker and they start parroting their lines as the “final words of wisdom”. Brain washed by western thoughts, these same Indians then start to think Indian thoughts and ideas as inferior and outdated. What a shame!

    These West lover and Western thought lover Indians ignore and overlook the wisdom India and Indian values,thoughts and ideas have. I feel sorry for these Indians. India loses because of these Indians and at the same time West Wins because of these same Indians – What a double shame on these Indians!

  19. Pingback: The Real SIT: Facts vs The Modi-fied Story | Glasnost

  20. SourabhJain April 9, 2014 at 9:15 am

    Dear Payoshi & Shoikat Roy,

    It is the only article so far critiquing Modi that I find relatively convincing. Unlike content of other blogs,you made at least some arguments that are backed up by facts and authentic sources.

    I agree that social development in Gujarat has been less impressive that other states. So, there is a hype in those indicators. You are absolutely right that he should provide more details about his economic plans. However, criticizing only him is biased, as I haven’t found any party including AAP and Congress that has provided any substantive policy ideas beyond empty rhetoric. I have been looking for concrete vision, reform agendas, and policy actions in campaign manifesto of many parties. So far, no luck.

    I wouldn’t compare Modi’s campaign promisees with Mitt Romney’s, I rather see parallels between him and Obama. Both are good orators with excellent vision for the country. However, both tend to overstate their achievements. Even Obama has not been able to fulfill most of his campaign promises either not only because of republican opposition, but lack of decision making abilities.

    However, I would agree with your arguments only up to here, as I feel the rest of the content is rather your perspective to analyze facts. You can fit multiple theories that are consistent with facts, without even twisting any fact.

    “Riots do not happen without the complicity or absolutely incompetence of political parties and the state administration. Anyone who portrays them as spontaneous and uncontrollable outbursts of violence is either lying or blindingly ignorant.” I would refrain my being so judgmental. One can also replace “Riots” with rape, murder, starvation, corruption, so many health related deaths, and the list goes on. How are riots different from deaths due to other human related causes? Millions of people (social victims if I may use it) die in India due to lack of clean air, water, health care etc. For me, a social victim deserve as much justice as a victim of riots. I would blame all CMs, PM, MPs, MLAs, for that who have failed to take any actions in past sixty years. We should send everyone of them to jail then. If you are blaming Modi for allowing riots, I can blame our PM for allowing all rapes and murders to occur. I know this logic sounds preposterous, but this is my opinion, just as you have your opinion. Therefore, voting for Modi is seems less evil then voting for anyone else. For me, every corrupt or uncorrupted public official is somehow responsible for death of some people, as because of their incompetent, so many die every year.

    So, where is justice for those who in the past ten years, have been raped, died of cancer, pollution, starvation etc. So, to quote you ” It is evident that the political and judicial system in India has failed to deliver justice to victims of [every issue] in India. Is the electoral system going to fail them as well?” What do you say? Also, if you are so confident that you have all the analyses and sources as how justice system failed, you are welcome to file a case in Supreme court. You will always be given a fair chance to present your side. If you think our justice system has failed, it has failed in about every case including cases that have been going on for years. It is very unfair to single out Modi as the only beneficiary of inefficient justice system. However, we have been given a fair chance to vote. Then why do we end up electing same politicians?

    I totally agree on your views about Media. It has become a profit making entity and has surrendered all journalistic ethics and morality. Until few years ago, all of them were against Modi. Now, due to incompetence of Congress, they are supporting Modi. Everyone salutes rising star. It is media which is corrupt. Please do not pretend that Modi is the only one who has benefited from partial and biased media coverage. He has also been a victim of same media. You should rather critique media not Modi.

    What are you choosing Mahatma Gandhi and Buddha only? Bhagat Singh, Rani Lakshmibai, Bhagat Singh were also Indian, who chose a different strategy. Mahatma Gandhi and non-violence have been over hyped. In my opinion, without aggressive actions, we would not have won our independence. Without war or fight, no one would have won any fight. So, Indian heritage has been very diverse.

    Well, so many people say so many bad things about powerful people. All of them are alive. You do not have to sensationalize death of free speech. Btw, “Hinduism: Alternative Hisotry” was not banned, it was rather withdrawn by publisher. If the author is so confident about validity of her “scholarly” work, she could have sued the publisher. Would she have been able to defend her argument in court? I do not think so. The book was promoted as work of scholarly non-fiction. However, it was filled with hearsay, opinion, incorrect facts, misrepresentation of facts, rituals etc. So, for me, I could have sued her for false marketing and selling me poor quality product. If you are entitled to free speech, you must be held responsible for that free speech. You must be able to defend the content of your free speech. Otherwise, stop crying if someone sues for spreading misinformation.

    In conclusion, I suggest you to avoid being judgmental about people who support Modi based on how you see things and what you values, which I find less convincing.


    • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 9, 2014 at 11:24 am

      Thank you very much for your constructive reply, Mr Jain.
      1) I agree with you completely that other parties lack substance in their economic policy ideas as well. That is why I have not praised a single other party in this blog. The idea of Modi becoming the PM of my country is unbearable to me on a moral level. Hence the focus on him. It is all about choosing the lesser evil now.
      2) You are right that Modi isn’t the only beneficiary of a struggling justice system. You are right that he isn’t the only mass murderer. Haven’t I explicitly acknowledged that multiple times in my article? The difference is that he is the only mass murderer who is also a PM candidate. I am singling him out in this post because he has been singled out as PM candidate. If Bal Thackeray/Mulayum etc.. were to become a PM candidate for example, the scrutiny would be equal.
      3) You make a valid point about corruption in the media and corporate influence. But Modi cannot be absolved of blame. Modi has a history of crushing dissent. He is a semi- dictator and rules as a single man government in Gujarat along with Amit Shah. He will attempt the same in Delhi;; though of course there will be more limitations on him in Delhi. Modi is not exactly supportive of free speech. It isn’t coincidence… for example “journalists being fired for the scandalous suggestion that people should think before voting for Modi or tried for sedition for criticising Modi’s flood relief efforts in Gujarat”
      4) Bhagat Singh and Rani Lakshmibai did not murder 1500 innocents in the name of religion. They opposed a repressive, unrepresentative and foreign regime they were being exploited by. Such as many rebel and secessionist movements all over the world today. The comparison doesn’t hold.
      One is the State murdering innocents. The other is oppressed citizens fighting an exploitative and foreign State.
      5) You are right about being able to defend your book in court. However, we have an archaic British law Section 295A which allows ridiculous charges to be framed in court (fault of legislators of India only). Court battles become lengthy, protracted affairs and publishers are often faced with threats of violence and death. Many many publishers faced by opposition from similar groups have been murdered, property vandalised, been threatened to have their daughters raped etc.. It’s a fact that groups on the ground use these tactics to trample freedom of speech.
      And not just Hindu fundamentalist groups. But groups of all hues in India.
      If SBA etc. resorted to court battles and nothing else, I would not have blamed them, I would have blamed the law.
      But you and I both know that is not the case.

      There is one point that you make which I will address separately:
      You said: “If you are blaming Modi for allowing riots, I can blame our PM for allowing all rapes and murders to occur. where is justice for those who in the past ten years, have been raped, died of cancer, pollution, starvation etc. “
      Let me tell you that I don’t think that what you are saying is preposterous, my friend. In a way, I am glad that you think this way. It is commendable that the government’s apathy towards all of these other issues matters to you.
      But I do think the comparison isn’t valid at all.
      I don’t think the moral culpability is the same when you order the ghastly murders of innocents on the basis of religion; and when your administrative inefficiency fails to raise the standard of living that then indirectly leads to deaths and high mortality rates. There’s a BIG difference between actively assisting a murder and not being able to prevent all crime.
      Whatever complaints I have against MMS, I know he isn’t a mass murderer.
      And lastly, if you are blaming our PM for allowing rapes and murders to occur and comparing it to Modi’s riots, then you should know:
      Conviction rate for rape and abduction in Modi’s Gujarat is one of the lowest in India.
      Gujarat is one of the most heavily polluted states in the country.
      The number of farmer suicides in Gujarat (per capita) is one of the worst in India, though not the worst.
      Female foeticide is extremely high in Gujarat. Sex ratio has actually dropped between 2001-2011.
      (I’m only bringing up some of the issues that you mentioned and that I know off the top of my head)

      We can debate stats back and forth now. But the point is that its not like Modi has prevented all the rapes, murders, environmental pollution etc. that other PM/CMs haven’t.
      Here’s the thing. There is NO politician in India or in other parts of the world also that you can’t lay those charges against: that their administrative failure has led to deaths due to environmental pollution/cancer/rape etc. Every politician is guilty of that, including Modi.

      There is NO PM candidate in India, however, who you can accuse of sponsoring direct mass murder.

  21. Indian April 9, 2014 at 9:38 am

    We like to transfer our troubles on others’ shoulders and let them do the thinking and implementation. That is why when we see powerful looking leaders we surrender everything to them in the hope of getting our problems solved. We surrender even our individuality and freedom of thought.

  22. Sulabh April 9, 2014 at 12:36 pm

    Nice article. Unofrtunately, for us we have to choose between two evils. The country has been ruled for the most part of its freedom years by the Congress. for most part the development we see today are not a result of explicit policies executed but the fact that the winds of change (development) which could not be stopped. the evils of poverty, misuse of public funds and natural resources have not reduced but only increased exponentially. we don’t have a political alternative.

    As far as points of social welfare are concerned, productive alternates are much better and effective for a country with so many young people. Free food, education and unproductive job guarantees are not economical solutions or grand strategies-they only perpetuated the social evils. The young need opportunities not only hollow promises of rights.

    As for right to freedom of speech and opinion—Govts of every colour and country have come down on these freedoms as and when they find it convenient. These are easily guaranteed in the Constitution but difficult to provide in an absolute form. We can let this elitist debate of rights continue regardless of the party in power. The need of the hour is to educate and eradicate (poverty).

    Under these circumstances, dont you think a non-Congress Govt deserves a chance. Anyways we must be careful about whom we chose, because after this opportunity all we can do is criticise and comment while sitting in air-conditioned rooms.

    Hope my views are not construed as anti-left or anti poor. while i stand on the right I almost lean left.

    • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 9, 2014 at 2:31 pm

      My thoughts are quite similar Sulabh! I too am slightly right of center. I am also ‘pro-poor’ I think. This pro-poor pro-rich tag is bandied around too easily.
      I disagree with you on education and health. I think state funding is necessary, especially for low income families.
      I agree with you on FSB and MNREGA. I am very pro-FDI in retail as well, after having studied it pros and cons in detail.

      I don’t think you can attribute change in India just to the ‘winds of change’ and not to ‘conscious policy.’ It is impossible to prove causality. The Agent vs Structure debate is perennial; but there are almost always elements of both. For example, you can’t completely ignore MMS (and others) role in India opening up in 91. There was a conscious policy of liberalisation there that set India on an upwards trajectory.

      You talk of poverty eradication. But people don’t realise the economic consequences of Modi. Simple example. We are all outraged about 12 billion lost in corruption, as we should be. The World Bank estimates that India loses $31 billion a year because of Section 377 anti-LGBTQ laws. http://www.buzzfeed.com/lesterfeder/homophobia-costs-india-an-estimated-31-billion-annually-shou This may be a bit over the top (I haven’t looked at the methodology yet buts its an important point) I think I should have focused on quantifying some of these economic costs of ridiculous social policies in my article since everyone likes $numbers nowadays.

      I don’t think talk of liberty and justice is just elitist. I think transparency and openness is a prerequisite to progress; and more so in a liberal economy. Very very modern examples exist that have made strides in poverty eradication without transparency and civil rights. China, Taiwan etc are exceptions to the norm.

      I do agree that a non-Congress alternative deserves a chance. Absolutely, yes. But I also think Modi is worse than the all the rest of them put together (Congress included). Everything about the man, what he is, what he has done, and what he stands for, is reprehensible to me. Its bad enough that he is a CM. But Prime Minister of the largest democracy on Earth? Please.

      • Sulabh April 10, 2014 at 12:54 am

        The liberalisation of 91 was more of a desperate measure than a thought out policy, however MMS gets the credit because no one did it before him- to be fair to the others- they had to work in an environment of a nationalised banking system.

        I call the freedom talk elitist because in our country only a small percentage of the population can enjoy these freedoms, while the majority is struggling to survive-I don’t think I need to elaborate on the unthinkable conditions our countrymen live in. To most Indians freedom of speech and opinions will matter only after they secure 2 square meals a day comfortably and see their children attend schools so that they may actually benefit from the freedoms which are so important for progress. The poor will trade in these freedoms for creature comforts we enjoy. However I’m not implying that the state can take away these freedoms in return for providing food.

        No political party has a well defined policy. No one can have a sure shot plan. I doubt economists or politicians can plan the future a country as vast as ours, maybe they use the trial and error methods. No university teaches methods to manage 1.2 billion people. Surely not universities located a thousands of miles away. It’s not an easy task.

        • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 10, 2014 at 11:42 am

          It is easy to call it a desperate measure now; but I’l remind you of the times:
          a) Liberalisation had already begun tentatively under Rajiv Gandhi; 91 was only the Big Push.
          b) MMS and Chidambaram do deserve credit because the PVNR govt. was facing MASSIVE pressure to not liberalise. There was a hell of a lot of criticism from all quarters and the public was going mad too for having ‘sold the country’s gold to the IMF.’
          c) They took this decision despite being a minority govt. at the time
          d) Vajpayee’s support was crucial
          e) Many other countries have faced BOP crises. Not all have liberalised and benefited like India. Do not ignore agency.

          Yes, most poor people don’t enjoy civil rights. But you are not getting the point. There is a lot of literature on the relationship between civil liberties and poverty eradication. Openness, accountability, freedom and transparency helps the economy grow and helps the poor get richer.
          “The poor will trade in these freedoms for creature comforts we enjoy.” – In a country without civil liberties, the chances of them getting anything is very low. The poor benefit if there is proper implementation of projects, economic growth, less corruption etc. All this happens only in an atmosphere where civil rights are respected. There is a lot of literature and evidence that proves it.

          They don’t really use trial and error methods. Also, yes, Universities do teach you: thats what macroeconomics and international economics is.
          Planning hasn’t been very successful in India, which is why we have adopted a negative approach to the role of the State today and are giving market forces greater say, but the State and smart economists have a huge role to play in the formulation of evidence based policy.

          I’d love to continue this conversation further; but on a different forum; my focus here is on Modi.

          • Sulabh April 10, 2014 at 9:11 pm

            While we’re still on Modi, since that is your sole agenda what we should recognise is that- I talk of the academicians and economists of the Congress party (with the glittering resumes) who have failed to deliver in this form of the UPA-II. They have instead indulged in unprecedented corruption and socialist measures which have wasted 5 years or maybe more if you consider the work and time required to reverse the evils. Bear in mind India wont have the benefit of age on its side forever.

            My question then is – what is the alternative?
            we’ll know the answers very soon…..till then keep up the good work!

            • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 10, 2014 at 9:32 pm

              Sulabh, I realised only just now who this is. Haha. Why are why having this conversation over this medium? 🙂

              I agree that UPA II has messed up, has failed to push reform measures through (though that is not exclusively their fault – the BJP didn’t exactly play a supporting role) etc.
              I would love a liberal party to take power in Delhi. But there is no liberal party in India.

              There is no alternative. That is the honest truth. The alternative is the hope that the INC reforms itself or some sort of magical coalition comes together.

              If Modi is the alternative; you’re right he will bring change. Change that will not be good for India. Or at least the India that our founding fathers had in mind or the India that I believe in.

  23. Sagar April 9, 2014 at 1:08 pm

    What I have presented below, are some points that need clarification. I will apologise beforehand itself and say, that if I do happen to offend you, please do not take it seriously, but I do ask you to consider the crux of the points, and let me know, what are your opinions:-

    1. Gujarat’s development model,is subject to debate, depending on the perspective of the participants. I for one, support it for being practical and result oriented, which other models have failed on such a massive scale. Leaving the debate, what I find disturbing is the utter hypocrisy adopted by its critiques. “Sadak, Bijli, Paani” the three points of basic development seems to vanish, when it comes to Gujarat. Instead of these, Human development indices come into existence. While Haryana and Maharashtra are absolutely correct to bring forth their infrastructural gains into the picture, Gujarat’s infrastructural gains get trashed. Is this approach a correct one? It seems, that the critiques of the Gujarat model are hell bent on making an impression that Gujarat is a separate country. Since it is a part of India, the development will always be relative to the country. The HDI(Human development index) of India, is rated worse than some African countries as well. Then why do we expect Gujarat to have an exceptionally high HDI, and still Gujarat has an improving HDI.

    2. If you consider the criminality as a major impediment to clean governance, then can you clarify why the other MLAs, MPs and chief Ministers, who indulge in gang wars, underground criminal activites etc. etc., are not being vindicted. Why solely Narendra Modi? Why is it made out that Narendra Modi is the sole impostor of this country, and a threat to the democratic fabric of our nation? I have hardly read such fact and statistics based articles condemning Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Robert Vadra and the countless other people who have already ruined the democracy that this country claims to be a temple of. Can you explain why this selective bias? If you can show me articles written by you, in the same manner, about the countless other criminals sitting in the Parliament, on each and every one of them, irrespective of political bias, I will be more than happy to acknowledge your opinions.

    3. You compare the development models of Gujarat and Maharashtra. I have myself stayed in Gujarat for two years before Modi, and my father happened to visit two years ago. I remember when we passed through Saurashtra, there was absolutely no greenery, whereas now, it is a green paradise. Leaving the development part aside, which is phenomenal for your information, and mind you this is from an eye-witness, not reports, what about the suicide of farmers in Vidarbha (which apparently belongs to Maharashtra). If you talk about Maharashtra, you would be more correct in comparing the state of Gujarat to the “state” of “Mumbai-Pune” not “Maharashtra”. Plus Mumbai is the financial capital and incidentally happens to be in Maharashtra. Are you considering the contribution of one city as an index of development of the entire state?

    4. Regarding subsidies and doling out welfare measures, we should know that economically, it is not possible for a developing economy to be a welfare state. Shouldn’t we be more interested in developing a sustainable economy first, before we try to become a welfare state?

    5. I would like to know that since you are talking about Justice and Liberty right, it should bring equality as well then, to complete the democratic chant alongside Fraternity. Then what is all this bias against one community and favours to another. Have any people from other communities been discouraged, nowadays to go to school? Study or do a job? They are themselves responsible for it because of traditional mindsets. Why should that mean that we will start giving additional favours, inspite of which they refuse to budge, but are not ashamed to ask for more. If you must know, the African-Americans have faced some of the worst discriminatory policies, yet they did not ask for favours, they instead fought to be considered as equals, why should that mindset be not encouraged. I favour providing equal opportunity, not selective opportunity.

    6. What about Taslima Nasreen or Salman Rushdie?? Why have their books been quietly banned and not much of a fuss?? Salman Rushdie was not even allowed to speak at the Jaipur Literary Fest, while Taslima was expelled from the “intellectual” city of Kolkata… I should be expecting articles about them from you then… If you have please let me know.

    7. If you should know, the scriptures of a certain community have very strict fundamental rules, related to democracy, and patriotism. Their simple rule is their duty towards their community, irrespective of the country they are situated in, and unquestioned authority of the Ruler, who is the spiritual as well as the political head of their society. Their tenets also mention to extract Jiziya taxes from people not of their faith, and if any sort of non-compliance is found among the “heathens”, they are to be removed from the face of this earth. If you have the knowledge of this, you should not support a government which is lenient, has no strong standing and is clearly biased towards giving them the full right to practice their twisted views. So if they have the right to propagate their fundamental views, irrespective of the country they live in, then the Hindus too have the right, don’t you think, to think about themselves, and their ancestral motherland. Additionally, we do not happen to kill people in the name of righteous war, we do not even have such a tenet in our scriptures, if you have ever cared to read them. But they kill for their fundamental views and not just people from other religions, but among their own kind as well. And you believe we should sympathise them and let them be as they are. I would love to see this same kind of criticism coming from you, if you are dropped into a country, where their religious laws rule supreme. So “Hindu Nationalist” is not a misnomer. Besides you should know, that Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism are considered offshoots of Hinduism itself. And lastly if you happen to find any instances of Jains, Hindus or Buddhists killing people of other religions on such a mass scale or deriding them or their beliefs, do let me know. I think we have made enough compromises for the sake of others, and should have an identity of our own, Indian and nothing else. Doesn’t our own scriptures say, “the Mother and the Motherland are greater than heaven”? I think Modi would precisely bring this change. Uniform laws for everyone, and hence we will no longer be Hindus, Christians etc etc but Indians. Doesn’t that sound better?

    8. Where do I even begin about the contributions of Indians or rather “Hindus” to the world of Mathematics? Most of the Arabic scholars who made important contributions to the world of Mathematics, had done it because they got a wide variety of resources from the world of Indian Mathematics. You should know that most of the Indian Treatises on mathematics and other subjects were translated to Persian and then taken to Baghdad, where through the Silk Route they reached Europe, reinvented and introduced to the Mathematical world. Classical European scholars made a lot of contributions, and yes scholars of the Islamic world did their part as well. But we all know about all that, why not search for the contributions done by us, and make ourselves more proud of our own heritage, before learning about others’. I however do agree that some of the things mentioned might be preposterous, but that is only a part of it. What harm is it to study the ancient scriptures of this land and find out the hidden scientific connotations?? You can read the article about Indian Mathematics in Wikipedia.

    9. Our history of more than 2000 years is being reduced to only a few pages, while the tyrannical and destructive rule of the Mughals and the Delhi Sultanate is being glorified, may I ask why?? Other than Akbar, I think almost all the Mughals and Sultans have indulged in plundering the temples, killing thousands of Hindus/Buddhists/Jains or converting them forcibly. Why should I be happy about those years? Yes, the mughals and sultanates introduced new arts, architecture, poetry, music and everything, but at the cost of destroying an older richer civilisation? Nalanda’s destruction, the looting of Somnath Temple 17 times, the destruction of temples in Varanasi, what about them? If all of this is properly presented then it will be a truly unbiased knowledge.

    I expect that you will have your opinion on all the points, I would especially be delighted if you can provide points to the contrary!!

    • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 9, 2014 at 2:19 pm

      Thanks for your comments Sagar and thanks for engaging me 🙂

      1) We are not comparing Gujarat’s HDI to HDI of other countries. We are comparing Gujarat’s HDI to other states within India. As far as Sadak, Bijli, Pani goes:
      a. I made the point about how Gujarat was almost fully electrified before Modi.
      b. Gujarat has had some of the best roads in the country before Modi
      c. Gujarat has had some really half-decent CMs in the past and has always enjoyed relative modernity, progress and high growth rates.
      Of course, Modi kept it up. The point is not trash it. The point is to remind people that Gujarat is no Modi miracle (which has been peddled by propaganda you can’t deny). Modi has done averagely good work. Many CMs have done better work than Modi also.
      This is apart from the fact that the Modi model relies on huge corporate largesse and undue benefits which is why the debt figures rack up.
      2) Why Modi? I think I have answered that in the article and in each of the 25 odd comments I have posted as well 
      But I shall repeat. Modi is the PM candidate of the country.
      Find me evidence that Rahul Gandhi/ Arvind Kejriwal / etc have directly ordered and abetted a conscious policy of fake encounters and more importantly, aided in the deaths of 1500 innocent people on the grounds of religion and I shall write articles denouncing them and distribute it door to door personally.
      3) You’re point on Maharashtra being lucky to have Mumbai is valid. I’m not aware of the figures without Mumbai in the picture. But the point is not to say that Maharashtra is the best but to point out that Gujarat isn’t the best and Maharasthra/Mumbai isn’t the only example that proves that.
      4) Hey, I’m against subsidies. Especially some of the ones which make no economic sense like the huge diesel subsidies etc. My point is that the subsidies question is an important part of India’ economic policy. I find it difficult to take a PM candidate (whose claim to fame is his supposed economic management) credibly when he has announced no position on subsidies.
      5) I completely agree on your point about equality. I don’t know what makes you think I disagree.
      6) I completely agree. I condemn that as well. This is my first blog post so I’ve focused my post on the PM candidate but I have spoken in other forums and privately against censorship on Rushdie, Nasreen too. I have even attended Rushdie readings etc.
      7) Sir, I find your comments on Islam reprehensible. A tiny proportion of followers of Islam have a twisted view. Most of them are loyal citizens of this country, who have treated people from other communities (like me) with love, brotherhood and respect. Many Muslims have defended this country from attacks by Islamic countries like Pakistan for example and died for it too. Does Abdul Kalam not consider himself Indian? Does AR Rahman not love India? Or Aamir Khan? Or Abdul Hamid, recipient of Param Vir Chakra, who died in the 65 war against Pakistan.
      Your understanding of jihad is very sad. The meaning of Jihad has been twisted by a few (a tiny few) fundamentalist Islamists. Don’t blame Islam for terrorism just like I don’t blame Hinduism for the Hindu perpetrators of riots and murders and I don’t blame a celebrity for the stupid acts of his/her fans and followers.
      Incidentally, since you asked, you should read what the Buddhists are doing to the Rohingyas.
      People of all religions have done terrible things. It is immaterial who killed 5 and who killed 10. Don’t blame the religion for it. Blame the people who do it. And stop others from doing the same.
      As far as UCC goes, I am actually not opposed to it. But I am opposed to forcing it without consensus. With due process, if the legislature passes UCC, I’ll be very happy. It is enshrined in DPSP of our Constitution.
      8) I’m well aware of India’s contribution to Mathematics and Physics. I have studied it actually. What does that have to do with anything? Have I said we shouldn’t be proud of our contributions? Lol. Of course we should. And I am extremely proud of that.
      But being proud of our contributions to science doesn’t mean making it look like other communities are rubbish, which is what many of these textbooks do.
      Simple example, when the Higg’s boson was discovered, I was very disappointed that Bose’s contribution to it wasn’t acknowledged in reports and news. As an Indian, I was very proud of Bose. That doesn’t mean I have to actively denigrate other scholars or lessen their work. Its not a zero sum game.
      9) I honestly don’t care what happened 300 years ago. If I care what happened 300 years ago, I should care about what happened 3000 years ago too. Perhaps I should take revenge on you for the time your ancestor 3000 years ago killed my ancestor 3000 years ago?
      This logic is ridiculous to me. Some Mughal rulers like Aurangzeb may have destroyed temples etc. A lot of them didn’t do it for religious reasons. And some like Akbar were very tolerant which is exactly why he is glorified. A lot of it is also RSS propaganda which has become normalised…and that is why I’m sure of the authenticity of a lot of history I read. Much of the history we read today is one-sided and based on spurious documentation.
      For example, to take a controversial example, was the Babri Masjid destroyed by Babar? Who knows? There is no documentation that conclusively settles the matter. Everyone peddles their own version of it. Any history that old must be taken with a pinch of salt. Maybe Babar destroyed it, maybe he didn’t. I don’t know. But I do know that destroying a masjid today because Babar did something 500 years ago is wrong.
      The answer to our ancient destroyed temples is not to destroy ancient mosques today, so that 300 years later some more temples are destroyed to take revenge for the destroyed mosques and the cycle carries on; but to build trust, love and brotherhood so that no more temples and mosques are destroyed ever again and to punish those Hindus and Muslims who indulge in violence and break laws.
      My main point is: I don’t judge the people of today by what their ancestors did centuries ago. If your father is a murderer, I don’t think you are a murderer. I judge you by your actions, not by the actions of your forefathers. I think India can co-exist peacefully with people of all religions.

  24. Col JB Singh April 9, 2014 at 7:19 pm

    A senior citizen,09 Apr’14
    The need of the hour is a stable Govt, having sufficient numbers, headed by a strong nationalist leader, who is not a thief, The nation has to be kept together whatever it takes.Someone who can give us a population policy (the root cause of all the misery in our country) ONE nation,not so many independent states with different agendas, We do not have enough food for every body,yet we are giving free food to masses, We do not have enough drinking water for all, yet have not connected the rivers.We have too many people for too few jobs, yet we have not stopped the influx of foreigners into the country, (my own servant is a foreigner but I cant prove it),he got a ration card, which took me one year to get after requesting so many people, Hence we need someone who can promise to correct all this. Time is running short, we have the Taliban and other such agencies waiting to take us on in the near future. please advise your readers properly. Tell them another silver lining in the dark clouds is Gen VK Singh, bring him in for the general good of the nation, He is a capable man who can give us a Sound Defence Policy. Thank you, I hope I have not pressed a raw nerve somewhere. Carry on with you good job but in a rational manner.

    • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 9, 2014 at 7:44 pm

      Colonel JB Singh, I thank you for your comments. Please allow me to engage with you.

      I have a deep interest in foreign and security policy and I agree with you fully on the dangers that lurk; especially from Afghanistan post ISAF drawdown.
      In fact, my entire family is from the defence services. I fully share your concerns.

      I’l focus on one thing you said: “We need a leader who can keep the nation together, whatever it takes. ONE nation.”
      Sir, I can’t stress enough how much I identify with this statement. But Sir, do you really believe Narendra Modi is that man? If there is one thing that is beyond doubt, it is that he is the most divisive leader in the country today. So many Indians have not opposed a single leader so vehemently in a long time. How is this man supposed to keep the country together when half the country cannot even tolerate the idea of him as our PM?

      Narendra Modi is no nationalist Sir. If you think so, with due respect, perhaps you and I share different ideas of the nationalism we look for in our leaders, Sir.
      And he may not be a thief, but he is a mass murderer of fellow Indian citizens.

      Incidentally Sir, since you mentioned free food, inter linking of rivers, refugees etc; I’m not sure how Modi will solve these issues:
      a) I actually don’t like the FSA either – But Modi has not said he will repeal the FSA. It is difficult to be certain given his silence, but I think he plans to keep giving free food. In fact, BJP has been boasting about how Raman Singh has made the PDS so efficient in Chhatisgarh. Welfare schemes are continuing in other BJP states as well. For example, Vasundhara Raje is implementing all the welfare schemes she criticised Ashok Gehlot for in Rajasthan.
      b) You want to stop influx of foreigners, but Modi has said that he is going to allow refugees from Bangladesh after sorting them according to religion.
      c) Inter linking of rivers has been a project for a long while, but the environmental sustainability is yet to be understood. The catastrophic damage caused by River Kosi in Bihar is an easy example to give of the dangers of such a project.

      I cannot comment on General VK Singh. Perhaps he is indeed a man to give us a sound defence policy. I shall defer to your better judgment. I have worked in the Indian Mission to the UN under Ambassador Hardeep Puri. Perhaps he too is a man who might be a good NSA as well. But I do not believe they are reason enough to saddle the country with the evil that is Narendra Modi. I do fervently hope that we get a capable Def Min, ExtAff Min and a capable NSA who can resolve the mess that is our current politico-military-bureaucratic establishment and help frame sound policy, but I hope that it is not under Modi’s administration.

      Thank you for your comment Colonel.

  25. Simi April 9, 2014 at 10:06 pm

    The article was definitely enlightening. But I am afraid Modi would win the elections.
    Congress has failed us and AAP is inexperienced so BJP would win not cause they are deserving but because India doesn’t have a choice right now. Despite of us being aware of the kind of person Modi is, he’s going to get what he wants!! That’s really scary..

    • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 9, 2014 at 11:24 pm

      I hope you are wrong Simi. I am perhaps being too optimistic but I don’t think its a done deal yet.

      India does have a choice. And India is making that choice. It is choosing experienced evil over the inexperienced but better intentioned AAP. Even the Congress, with all its scams, is a better option for me personally than Modi. It is definitely a more secular and liberal option in comparison to Modi.

      You’re right. It is very scary. Hopefully, it will keep us on our toes and strengthen our resolve to confront whatever dangers the future may bring.

  26. Col JB Singh April 10, 2014 at 9:58 am

    Ok Roy,Let me put it this way
    a) Some body has to bell the cat as far as Population policy is concerned, how long can we keep sinning by silence.Once implemented , it may take time, but fruits are certain.

    b) Cant we see the mass leader in this man, who identifies with the commoners.To grasp the baton he has to tread the usual way, free food, this and that till such time things are under control.Making PDS efficient by Raman singh is part of implementation of policies(good governance) which otherwise do get diluted, when corruption kreeps in.

    c) It may not be out of place to admit that we are a nation of indisciplined and illeterate masses , we behave and work only with fear of danda,( remember the famous emergency)The corrupt will be the biggest sufferers when Danda is in place, thus the descent and all sorts of comments that he is authoritarian,Lets ask ourselves ,are we satisfied withe Police and other law enforcement agencies ? Has any one used the Danda in past 10 years, the fear of establishment has to be in place, for which a morally strong leader is required.

    d)Rivers, We did make an attempt in the form of SYL, which collapsed before taking off, because of week kneed policy implementation.Enough homework has gone into the various environmental effects of inter linking, it is a very old project, could not be implemented again due to descent within, in fact that would the biggest project for job creations. Instead we are saddled with MNREGA . I am sure you must be aware what happens in that much hyped scheme, people get paid sitting at home and no audits of those funds.

    e) Do we agree that whosoever has talked of population control has suffered losses in elections,so how do you expect Modi to announce the roll back of FSA before the election.
    f) Not a Thief but a mass murderer
    Havnt there been mass murders in UP/Assam recently, and hello, have you guys coolly forgotten,1984. Our law enforcement is in the pits.We only react when we get a written complaint
    No initiative , no commitment, look the other way when crime takes place , a nation of spineless people, still busy securing Roti,Kapda,makan.
    g)NSA,Hardeep Puri etc.
    I agree there are good brains available in the country, but who allows them to come up and contribute towards nation building, People contest elections while serving sentences in Jail and become ministers.What do you think of Kiran Bedi as the home min?
    We are considered one of the most intolerant people in the world and clubbed with mid east and Islamic world.These are finer virtues which are no where on the agenda, only educated, well nourished peolple can talk of such things, Do we deserve democracy in this form ?

    I hope I have given you enough ammunition to fire , So play on, Regards , JB

    • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 10, 2014 at 11:26 am


      When you refer to Modi as a ‘morally strong leader’, you preclude any rational conversation.
      Modi is a Hindutva bigot and a mass murderer. As for being a mass leader, there are more people who reject him than who love him. Even if he wins, with a 35% vote share and 60% avg turnout, it amounts to 20% of India voting for him. There is an equal, if not larger number, who is disgusted and repulsed by him and ashamed of their country if they bring the perpetrator of genocide to the PM’s chair. The only things Narendra Modi is good at is murdering Muslims and dividing this country straight down the middle.

      And when you bring up: ‘so what about 1984’, with the utmost respect Sir, the argument is repulsive to me.
      It also indicates that there is a high probability that you have not read my blog piece in full because I devote considerable space to the 1984 argument. Many of the comments here are from people who haven’t even read my piece. It is impossible for me to engage seriously with such people.

      Please do read my piece. Every line of it. We shall continue this conversation post-that.

      Warm Regards.

  27. Amit April 11, 2014 at 3:44 am

    Good Job Payoshi & Shoikat. I wish more people share the same thoughts of supporting moral grounds.

    • Amit April 13, 2014 at 10:14 pm

      I want to re-iterate that am totally convinced with the facts particularly since after meeting with refugees affected by these riots. Totally accept that Indian judicial system has a huge flaw particularly Gujarat. After the SIT’s judgement I was not convinced so I continued to keep reading and reading more, I stumbled across this link: http://www.slideshare.net/venkatstunner/modi-and-gujarat – A very interesting read. I am not sure what to think of it. But would definitely appreciate your view. I really hope to contribute towards the betterment of the country.

      • Amit April 13, 2014 at 10:31 pm

        Fact is that that our fellow Indians do experience some unimaginable issues in 21st century under Modi’s rule in Gujarat, in Ahmedabad example a muslim kid was denied admission to school based on religion in Ahmedabad just about 6 months ago (after 14 years of Modi’s rule) http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/ahmedabad/School-accused-of-shunning-Muslim-kids/articleshow/24627223.cms?referral=PM. I’ve heard first hand that people will not rent an apartment to a person from minority religion in Ahmedabad. If whole of India would become like Gujarat, in the name of unity we will be signing up for a partitioned India, worse than what British rule did to us.

        Though am a little convinced after reading the above article that minority community is just scared to bring up their concerns to the Government. And probably because of certain bad / extremist people in the administration it has become difficult for them to take the risk of opening up to the government. I did see the link you posted in one of the comments the recent news about molesting a congress woman in public because she works with some muslim men in the name of Modi. I am not sure if Modi would tell anyone to do this, he probably do not even have such time to do it. This really needs to stop, my only question is can Manmohan Singh or Rahul Gandhi stop something like this? Again I am just trying to identify where should my vote really go. One thing that has become much better in last 12 years in Gujarat is security for sure. (though cops are not always logical and as a normal citizen I always feel scared of cops in Gujarat vs. any other place in India or the World)

        • Amit April 14, 2014 at 4:21 am

          Nevermind, ignore my comments, I re-read your article and went through the references all the way. Really appreciate what you have put together here.

        • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 14, 2014 at 3:20 pm

          Amit, you might be interested in reading this since you were talking about the minority community’s conception of the govt.

          And no, incidents like that are obviously not sanctioned by senior politicians. But they happen because of the atmosphere that senior politicians like Modi willfully create and encourage.

          Can Rahul Gandhi or MMS stop it? Difficult to say. Probably not. Rahul Gandhi has not shown any signs of being a real leader. His campaign has been a disaster. He has a good heart I think and should stick to social work or lower level politics. He doesn’t feel like PM material AT ALL.

  28. anuptalwar April 11, 2014 at 4:04 pm

    Hi Payoshi and Shoikat,

    Firstly i really appreciate your efforts in not only collecting all this data but taking the effort to reply to all the people who have engaged you.

    1) I would like to refer to the point: “Riots are perpetuated for electoral gains via polarization”.

    This is based on the basic premise that there are sufficient under educated voters in India who buy into this argument that my fellow Indian brother is a threat to me.
    The correction can only be brought about by education and economic opportunity to all.
    For implementation of this policy i see BJP/NDA as best suited.

    On the contrary if any other govt. were to be elected i do not see the number of riots reducing because the right wing hindutva establishments will continue to exist and as and when suited to them they will rally jobless youth for staying relevant.

    Also the BJP to shed its communal tag is more likely to work harder to prevent riots while they are in power. (Therefore the riots were in Muzzafarnagar where they have not been able to win over the electorate due to lack of opportunity to bring development).

    I want to say here that riots are only a means to an end and if they did not have the desired effect (bringing votes) they will cease to exist. Only to reappear when the bad times return like in Maharashtra the MNS is rallying jobless local youth to undertake attacks on the North Indians taking up ‘their share’ of jobs.

    The Indian voter has voted for Vajpayee the vikas purush in 1999, discarded Advani the divider in 2009 and is likely to vote for Modi the vikas purush. If the intention of the voter was only to settle scores for hundreds of years old atrocities then Advani would be the PM candidate as the man who salvaged Ram Mandir.

    2) Modi is the showpiece PM candidate because he can champion the Hindutva cause (he has not apologized for the riots) and the development of the nation (which is core to the RSS ideology as well as they want to see India as a world power).
    By voting for the BJP alternative we will also be negating the hard work of other BJP leaders who have done good work (for eg., Shivraj Singh Chauhan in MP).
    Please note that they have converted the debate to development wherever BJP state governments are in power.
    Also we will be accepting that we are okay with the dismal performance of the Congress economically and socially (They have not been of any use to prevent any riots and failed to bring social upliftment)
    To improve Indian living conditions and bring social inclusion i think the BJP/NDA has better track record.

    3) To equip Indian defense forces and have a strong Foriegn policy i think BJP/NDA is better placed.

    4) Saffronization of education:
    I would like say that none of your arguments are based on facts mentioned in the school textbooks of India. You have used the internet and personal & professional contacts to gain access to data to base your arguments.
    This access to data will be brought about by the spread of internet to the remotest village of India as one of the key points promoted by the Modi led BJP/NDA (at least they have promised it and based on track record i trust them).
    If biasing of textbooks were a cause of concern then the Congressization of Indian history is equally guilty. Also the school textbooks don’t talk of Indian history after independence. True education is the responsibility of self and we must take action to educate ourselves.

    As regarding banning of books and plays and movies: I am concerned about it as this gundagiri (which will be led by Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi) prevents me from educating myself. The denial to educate oneself will create a very suffocating environment and i am sure if it gets out of hand then we will vote them out next time. I believe this to be a problem of small proportion although i am strongly against it. I am willing to risk this trade-off and vote for the BJP/NDA. But internet will remain to be the champion of free speech and always deny the likes who want to control free speech.

    5) I agree with @SourabhJain (one of the debators above) that an ineffective government will cause many more indirect deaths and not take any steps to come out of this cycle of riots due to massive joblessness and lack of empowerment.

    To summarize my take on things:
    The price of human life in India is very less (which should not be so, but, it is).

    That is why rioting for political benefits is not considered a crime (in their heads). They don’t feel bad for killing because they get rewarded for it by getting elected.

    We need to elect a government which takes away the policy from divisiveness and leads India into growth and development.

    Modi is not the ideal candidate but we only have a choice amongst options. We can’t personalize and fine tune our selection of prime minister or ruling party.
    As for the personal guilt of Mr. Modi (i personally accept the SIT verdict) i believe he has taken the path of development and does not seem will return to the path of rioting. Most of India disapproves of rioters but a section of us still don’t (read Muzzafarnagar). That is why Modi is being kept clean while Amit Shah and others are doing the dirty work.
    I think we must give him the benefit of doubt and allow him one chance (which i think he has earned through his work in Gujarat) to redeem himself like Angulimal/ Ashoka.
    The Congress has left us in such state of affairs where: The man who can change things for the better must divide and conquer the power.

    • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 13, 2014 at 4:06 pm

      I thank you for your comments Anup.

      I find it a bit amusing that you agree that Modi and his ilk sponsor riots but feel that they are the only ones who will put an end to riots. Education has nothing to do with all this. I know far too many supposedly educated people who sound like RSS ideologues because that is what they have been brought up on. Don’t confuse literacy with education. Liberal education, liberal leaders to show us the path and lead us, conciliation and brotherhood, that is what is required. Modi will not give us that. He will give freedom to Hindutva forces on the ground and in the villages, the goons and bigots of the VHP, Bajrang Dal etc. He will rule with increasing authoritarianism, he will stifle free speech and dissent, he will further the Hindutva agenda over time, be it on Babri or be it through the encouragement of anti-Muslim sentiment and the spread of ‘Indianised’ education.
      This is the sort of ‘development and growth’ that Modi is already bringing even BEFORE he comes to power.

      Yes, some BJP leaders have done good work in some states. Voting against Modi isn’t negating them. It is negating Modi. We know very well that people wouldn’t have so much opposition to BJP if Shivraj Chouhan were PM candidate for example. This is about Modi. Not about Shivraj Chauhan and Raman Singh etc. And this is ONLY about Modi because the BJP and Modi have made it only about Modi. Its not me who has framed the question that way.
      There are plenty of people on the Internet who spout the same Hindutva rubbish. The Internet is as good as the people who use it. Modi has access to the internet too. Does that change his views? Confirmation bias blinds all. The BJP always has and always will pursue an agenda of historical revisionism when in power. Enough people have grown up believing that Islam is full of murderous people and Hinduism is a beautiful faith that only has tolerant people who have been butchered and are continuing to be butchered. More people will grow up that way and be brainwashed with Modi in charge.

      You’re buying into the myth of Modi the Vikas Purush a bit too much. Look beyond the PR campaign at the facts and evidence. Modi is an average administrator and will have the same successes and failures as other average administrators. No sudden boost in education and internet connectivity that suddenly educates all of India will happen in a few years under Modi.
      I have responded to Saurabh Jain’s comments.

      Do you realize that you are contradicting yourself? At one point you say Modi is the ‘champion of Hindutva’ and later you say that he ‘has taken the path of development.’
      There is no evidence that Modi has quit his Hindutva politics. None. He gives free reign to the bigoted forces he commands and has had a brilliant PR campaign whitewash his external image. I devote a few paragraphs to this in my article as well.
      His development achievements are average. Better than many. Not better than many also. Modi is not clean. Modi is a murderer. A mass murderer. Nothing he does atones for what he has done. I have no agenda in opposing him. I oppose him because the evidence is crystal clear with no room for any doubt when you go through it. And I have sat and gone through it page by page myself so that I can form an informed opinion on it.
      Will India vote for Ajmal Kasab if he does average work for 10 years as an administrator? Why the double standards for Kasab and Modi? They are both murderers who butchered Indian citizens. They both deserve to rot in jail.

      Ashoka and Ungulimal? Modi doesn’t live in medieval or ancient India. He lives in the modern 21st century world. The rules of the world years ago when a king was divine and above reproach and where killing and carnage was passe does not apply today. What sort of argument is that? By that logic lets forgive every murderer and thief on the face of the earth. Why put anyone in jail at all? Lets remove the word justice from our Constitution for good measure.

      You are the first person I have met who agrees that Hindutva bigots sponsored the riots, that Hindutva tries to force a chauvinistic ideology of hate and fake history down India’s throat…..and yet you believe that the ‘champion of Hindutva’ will save us from all of this? Do you see a little inconsistency?

      I’m a little tired. So I apologise if my answer isn’t comprehensive.
      I thank you for taking the time out to engage me however and in a manner that has no hate, violence, anger or abuse in it. There’s very little of that usually.

  29. G Shah April 12, 2014 at 5:41 pm

    Thank you for such an excellent and comprehensive read. I dont think today there are people who don’t know about the culpability of that government in riots. You really would have to be living under a rock to not know. Its about the moral compass or as you said the banality of evil.

    The point is that this development nonsense is being pitched to mask the naked hate which has continuously been sowed by the Sangh Parivar and reaped by our generation. If you notice some of the expert economist commentators here ridicule your development analysis but are painfully silent on the central issue – his culpability in mass murders through riots encounters etc. It is about the moral compass – us vs them, they have to be taught a lesson, good that our superman did what he did, taught them a lesson and still sends shivers down their spine, with him as our protector we will do it again, directly or indirectly, on a larger scale.

    While I commend you for your effort, yours my dears, is a lost cause. This hate sells, wins elections etc while you are anti development, anti national, traitors.

    • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 13, 2014 at 3:25 pm

      Couldn’t agree more with what you say.

      It MAY be a lost cause w.r.t to this General Election. True.

      But that is the immediate consequence. In the longer run, the fight for justice and for real progress continues. We don’t plan on being mute spectators in any future scenario; Modi or no Modi.

      • G Shah April 15, 2014 at 1:32 pm

        Godspeed, I commend you for your tenacity. You give me hope.

        To be honest, the sheer scale of dehumanisation of Muslims that I have seen for a while in Gujarat and increasingly notice in rest of the country sends shivers down my spine. In drawing rooms fascism has become fashionable; educated people tell me without embarrassment that it is about time the Muslims are disciplined—that they are dirty and fanatical, that they breed like rabbits. I vaguely remember a saying – when the chattering classes chatter, others take action.

        • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 15, 2014 at 4:59 pm

          Couldn’t agree with you more. I have heard many supposedly educated people making similar disgusting comments.
          Don’t worry; the resolve to fight injustice and inhumanity will only get stronger…and more so if Modi ever comes to power.

  30. Bhaskar Kalale April 13, 2014 at 2:40 pm

    Your arguments against can very well be applied to Congress as well. You talk about people responsible for 1984 are running for the PM post and hence need not be scrutinized. That is a very lame argument. There are many people in Congress who are equally guilty by association or for not doing much to prevent the mass killings in New Delhi and for your information Rajiv Gandhi did become the PM of India post that. You also accuse BJP of being communal and I would like to first understand your definition of communal. To me communalism is when you support one religion over the other. By that definition, if BJP is pro-Hindu then Congress is pro-Moslems. I don’t know where you live but what I find is a very strong current of pro-Hindu sentiments not borne by sudden love for Hinduism but because of the appeasement of the other religion – I see it, I feel it, I hear it. You also talk about only 20% Indians voting for Modi – well that is how everybody is elected in India. What is new in that? The debate ends there. You also talk about AAP. I am sorry they are a party of thugs and I will feel sorry for India if and when AAP gets the power. They have no respect for whatever law that exists. It may be bad law but there is still law. Let me guarantee you if they come to power, there will be more lawlessness in the name of going against the system.

    You have given the so called non-communal party a chance for 10 years. Try some one else out for a change. Because he has so much to prove and disprove – he might end up being the best PM India has ever had. If not, he will just be like any other, including Dr Maun Singh.

    • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 13, 2014 at 3:20 pm

      I never said that they don’t need be scrutinised. I said the scrutiny needs to be much greater for the PM candidate. Incidentally, people like Jagdish Tytler have been denied tickets also by Congress in 2 consecutive elections now. In contrast, Muzaffarnagar accused are felicitated and feted by BJP and Modi is made PM candidate.
      This election is by BJP’s own decision all about Modi -about the PM. The PM candidate of BJP is a mass murderer, not the PM candidate of INC or AAP.

      Yes, of course that is the way the electoral system in India is. My point is merely that all of India isn’t voting for Modi. Its just pointing out that there is a LOT of opposition to Modi. If he becomes PM, he will do so on a legitimate electoral basis. I do not contest that aspect of it.

      Its hilarious that you call AAP a party of thugs when you support Modi. AAP has lesser thugs and more qualified candidates than any serious party in India. BJP has 40% criminal candidates and has an army of thugs, murderers and goons below it – VHP, Bajrang Dal, RSS, Durga Vahini types, not to mention a large majority of Modi bhakts themselves. When you make comments like that, you’re spouting crap and are not here for reasoned debate. So I’m done arguing with you.

      I’m all for trying something different. I’m definitely not gonna ‘try out’ a mass murderer as PM. I’l vote for Ajmal Kasab for PM the day I vote for Modi. There’s no difference between the two for me.

  31. Harmaan April 13, 2014 at 6:58 pm

    After having read this blog and the comments which follow, the polarisation between people who believe Modi to be potentially a “good leader” and those who abhor his alleged role in the Gujarat riots of 2002 is clear. However, I would like to take the argument in a slightly different direction altogether, because I feel it is relevant.

    1. In India, the multi-party democratic system is bound to create too much noise and confusion.
    2. Political parties declaring their manifesto a day or so before the polls reeks of a high-handedness which is an insult to India’s voting public.
    3. As mentioned earlier, the IAS and IPS (the Executive) has a substantial role to play, and can contribute positively but DOES NOT. We see too much of a nexus between the Legislature, Executive and Judiciary which precludes any effective administration.
    4. Opposition, be it in the Lok Sabha or within the state legislatures, needs to be more constructive. The simple logic is that if Opposition demands accountability from the incumbent, that in itself will go some way towards ensuring that the elected parties do good work.
    5. JP Singh has a point when he says that many Indians only understand “danda”. That is incontestable fact, albeit based on anecdotal evidence.

    However, if there is a positive takeaway, it is simply the fact that today India has a young and aspirational demographic, with common goals and ideals, who are apparently more multi-plural than their parents’ generation, have greater access to wider sources of information, are more demanding and less forgiving. Does that hold hope for India? It does.

    Meanwhile, it is entirely possible that we will have a fractured or hung house this time around. The very electoral system of “first past the post” will deny any elected party the right to claim it has the mandate of the majority of India’s people.

    We are yet to see any constructive debate, moderated reasonably, between the candidates in any constituency, let alone for the top job. If that isn’t a mockery of India’s people, I don’t know what is.

    Lastly, and most importantly, a government’s role is to act as an enabler of social development, by providing nutrition and healthcare, education and infrastructure. India needs a political and cultural tilt towards empowerment.

    Since i am yet to see any candidate satisfy these requirements, i think that some of us have the right to exercise the “None of the Above” option when we vote.

    I’ve also taken the liberty off appending a link to an article published earlier.

    • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 14, 2014 at 3:45 pm

      Thanks so much for your comments. Agree with most of what you say with a few small caveats.

      There is an institutional malaise almost everywhere. We are a Parliamentary Democracy without a Parliament. You’re very right. For example, If our Parliament could function without looking as if it is filled with rabid animals and if our Opposition was constructive, yes, that would go a long long way towards mitigating many problems.

      The point is not whether many Indians understand danda. The point is whether anyone is capable of wielding the danda without restriction and still remaining judicious with the exercise of power. (Short step from wielding danda to wielding a talwar)The answer is No. Definitely none of the leaders on offer.

      Does the more plural, ‘more demanding and less forgiving’ young India hold hope? Maybe. I hope so. It seems pretty ready to forgive Narendra Modi for the murder of 1500 Indian citizens though.

      Yes, a fractured mandate is likely. Lets see what happens. We could be wrong. I am no psephologist plus few psephologists are any good at what they do.

      “We are yet to see any constructive debate, moderated reasonably, between the candidates in any constituency, let alone for the top job. If that isn’t a mockery of India’s people, I don’t know what is.”
      Truer words have never been spoken. We have Rahul Gandhi, who blunders through 1 interview and puts up an average performance the next. And we have Narendra Modi, self-crowned PM of India who doesn’t have the balls to face 1 real interview and has consented to only stage managed monologues with giggling fan boys and fan girls. Forget about real debate, we don’t even have real debators yet.
      Let me add, that the media is to blame as well. I am yet to see one TV host who has the brains to ask relevant counter questions. I doubt they spend more than 30 min to do even half-decent prior research or study the subject at hand. A college kid who has researched the topic for 1 hour can ask more meaningful questions and catch stupid answers. Moreover, the media is more concerned about what politicians think of them than the quality of service they provide the public and the republic.

      You definitely have the option of NOTA. But NOTA will not result in any re-election or a real rejection of the candidates. So while it is a morally valid option, it is a practically useless one.

      There was no link attached in your comment!

  32. Bhaskar Kalale April 13, 2014 at 10:33 pm

    I am not comparing AAP vs other parties since AAP by their own admission is the only clean party out there. Therefore, by your own definition, they also must be held at a higher standard than others. isn’t it? When a party breaks the law of the land (however bad it might be) or creates a constitution crisis, flip-flops on their own principles, calls people names, throws allegations without any substance, what else would you call them? Saints? Give me a break and wake up. Power corrupts people and just wait till AAP comes to power in any state. There approach is to eradicate of corruption through fear. This is neither scalable nor sustainable. And they will be the biggest socialistic govt anyone would have seen and the country will go Russia’s way – bankrupt.

    You call him a murderer but the state where the riots occurred have chosen him their CM three times in a row. I want Modi to be a PM because people like you have over blown his role in the riots. You all have spoken so much against him that people have really started to question your accusations. Indians voters are not fools. They have people taught a lesson in the past. Sitting in Delhi, you have no idea what people in rural India feel about all the appeasement that is going on. Please step out and see. I have. I have seen and heard in hushed voices how people feel.

    • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 14, 2014 at 3:57 pm

      Yes they should be held to a higher standard. But everyone else should also be held to that same higher standard. Otherwise, what the hell is the point?

      “When a party breaks the law of the land (however bad it might be) or creates a constitution crisis, flip-flops on their own principles, calls people names, throws allegations without any substance, what else would you call them? Saints? ”
      You do realise that BJP and Modi are no different? And when it comes to calling people names and abusing, the Modi bhakts are far and away ahead of anyone else.
      A CM resigning isn’t a constitutional crisis. I’d advise you to go learn what a constitutional crisis is. Dare I remind you of Modi dissolving the Gujarat Assembly a year early to take advantage of riots? 🙂 Kejriwal did the same thing (except he didn’t do it to take advantage of riots). He dissolved the Assembly and called for re-elections. Except the Congress didn’t want to let re-elections happen because they were scared of Kejriwal winning it. He’s been asking for re-elections every day since.

      Being a murderer has nothing to do with being elected 3 times in a row. The list of murderers who get re-elected time and again in India is a very very long one.
      Incidentally, the only reason he got re-elected in 2002 is because of the riots. In other words, people reelected him because he is a mass murderer.
      I have spoken about and attached the evidence of the electoral calculations of the riots in my article.

      As for it being overblown: who’s gone through the evidence: You or me? Me.
      I’ve gone through every page and document before I come to the conclusion. And the conclusion is inescapable. Its crystal clear. He is a mass murderer. The only thing he deserves is a prison sentence.

      • Azhar April 15, 2014 at 4:13 pm

        This is one of the best articles I have had read so far. Thanks Payoshi and Shoikat for putting in the efforts. I really liked the way you have articulated your responses and your vision of a united India which is not based on caste or religion however placing humanity above everything. Most of the stuff was logical and made sense. The rationale used was good enuf to grade it a good piece of journalism. Keep up the good work and all the best for your future endevours

      • Vikas MIhsra May 1, 2014 at 2:26 am

        Stop fucking calling him murderer you IDIOT, you have no right to say that

  33. Sneha April 16, 2014 at 3:52 am

    Modi followers just can’t take criticism, I can’t believe how aggressive they get. Yes, Congress screwed up big time, but i would prefer a corrupt govt over a communal govt.Remember India is not a Hindu State, its a Secular State and , Modi’s ideology defeats the very fabric of secularism.
    Very well written article.Thank you

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  36. Uzair April 17, 2014 at 11:04 pm

    A similar article I’ve written on the topic of his holiness Modi-ji, inspired by your article Shoikat and Payoshi. Thank you for such an articulate and well-researched piece, it helped me in structuring and adding relevant facts. Much credit to you sir and madame.

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  38. joyvc April 27, 2014 at 4:26 am

    Yawn… Just another article spewing jnu type venom. No point in debating..for the sake of the country and it’s future generations to come my vote goes to Modi.

  39. Tejas April 30, 2014 at 1:26 pm

    Well, it’s really comfortable for you to abuse a man, who has worked so hard since 13 years. He sleeps for just three and a half hours.

    I am not a Narendra Modi fanboy, but this isn’t justified.

    He wasn’t behind the riots! Yes, they shouldn’t have taken place. But to say, that he organised them; is downright preposterous. Well, everyone’s a brainwashed douchebag here; though.

    Gujarat might not be the most developed state in the country. Well, most developed is a vague term in itself. But, how can one blindly deny his efforts and hardwork? I have friends from Gujarat, my dad has been to Gujarat. They have great things to say about the place. And, they are non-biased people. He has taken Gujarat from being nowhere, to a point; where people consider it to be among the best of states.

    I don’t agree with BJP’s ideologies. I really don’t. But, does that really matter? Even though he won’t try, it is almost impossible to destroy democracy in our country.

    People get so ridiculous at times! If Madhu Kishwar, MJ Akbar, Smriti Irani start supporting him, they become paid? Every person is paid? Indian Media and International Media? Arnab Goswami is paid! Ridiculous! I haven’t heard anyone criticise the BJP, as much as him.

    Smriti Irani has talked about the incident, a lot of times. But no one bothers to know that.

    People have been made to fear Modi, and they are not getting over. And, that isn’t a good sign for the country.

    I am sick of reading baseless propaganda, and you’ve done the same. No offence intended.

    PS – Gujarat’s HDI has improved, since Modi took over.


    • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy April 30, 2014 at 2:08 pm

      “He has taken Gujarat from being nowhere, to a point; where people consider it to be among the best of states.”
      I suggest you take a look at Gujarat statistics before Modi CM. Electrification and state of roads in Gujarat before Modi. Rate of growth before Modi etc. Educate yourself with the numbers and then make such comments.
      Gujarat was one of the fastest developing states in India even before Modi. He didn’t take it from being ‘nowhere’.

      As for him not being responsible for 2002, obviously you are commenting without reading the article in full.
      Spend just 5-6 hours going through the references that are linked in my article. The evidence is stone-cold. Any human with half a brain can see Modi’s guilt when he/she goes through the evidence. You obviously haven’t done so. Therefore, you speak from a position of ignorance. If Modi really were a development messiah who will make India great, why would SO MANY people hate him and oppose him? Do you realise that even if Modi becomes PM, there will be more people who will have voted against him than for him? You think all of us don’t want a developed and prosperous India? Isn’t that preposterous? We oppose him because we have gone through the evidence against him and it hits you in the face again and again: he is a mass murderer; that his achievements are grossly exaggerated and he subscribes to an ideology of hate and violence.

      MJ Akbar and Smriti Irani aren’t ‘paid.’ They are selfish and opportunistic; flaws that are unfortunately prevalent in many human. They are well aware of Modi’s role and have condemned it unreservedly in the past. However, now, when they see an avenue for personal gain, they are willing to sacrifice their moral ideals for their individual benefit.

    • Anti NaMo May 1, 2014 at 2:37 am

      Mr. Tejas & all modi lovers, we are so sorry for carrying out baseless propaganda against the great leader – modi. We were blinded. We did not want India to prosper. We did not want India to be best country in the world like the best state of Gujarat. We realise our great mistake. Thank you for opening our eyes. Such large number of people who are strongly opposing the great leader who will lead India and make it a paradise, may be having a antipathetic agenda for India. I think our only punishment will be to go Pakistan.

  40. Vikas MIhsra May 1, 2014 at 2:02 am

    No matter what NAMO is becoming PM because is deserves it, The kind of fabric that MAN is made you cant even imagine he has worked on a ground level a LOT and thats what make him so great and no matter what he did in GUJARAT, People love him and he is getting better day by day

  41. Vikas MIhsra May 1, 2014 at 2:05 am

    So even ABDUL kalam ajad is paid, he praised Gujarat, all you are trying to IMPOSE your idiotic thoughts.

  42. Vikas MIhsra May 1, 2014 at 2:07 am

    A girl sitting in front of me on a long train journey remarked to her father as soon as she saw a Modi poster outside the window
    ‘Ugh…I hate him! He is such a dictator? I have heard he is a Hitler in waiting!’
    I imagine that is how people who are averse to Modi view him, and those who have never been to Gujarat would imagine it to be a Police state.
    I for one have lived for 7 years in Gujarat and would like to state
    1) It doesn’t seem to me that Modi dictates any diktats in the state, his Governance has been like what regular Governance should be like
    2) Gujarat is not a Police state, there is no SS patrolling the streets (not even an Esh Esh patrolling the streets), Muslims are not rounded up and gas-chambered/put in concentration camps
    And most importantly
    3) Gujjus would not have tolerated a dictator for more than 10 years, they are too free spirited and open-minded for them to be controlled by a power-hungry maniac/frequent mass murderer/Sacrificer of young children at the alter of his ism (take your pick)
    So for anyone who believes that India shall fall into 1984-land if Modi takes over, I am telling you that you would be in for a very rude and liberal shock. There is no dictatorship, no Hitler in waiting.A leader is about to ARRIVE and wait let him deliver until than keep you idiotic thought process to yourself.

    • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy May 1, 2014 at 2:10 am

      Hahaha I love the way you assert that he isn’t a ‘frequent mass murderer’, implicitly acknowledging that you recognise him to be a one-time mass murderer.
      Oh my god. You people are amazing. Really. Words do not do you justice

  43. Roshan May 7, 2014 at 5:28 pm

    Modi had given a free run for the pogrom they say. But he is given a clean chit everywhere. Scores of scams under UPA rule, inflation at its peak. Read somewhere about Sukanya Devi being gang-raped by Rahul and men. The court quashed the case. What to believe and what not to believe? Media just wants to increase their TRPs. Remember the news about Indians being racially targeted in Australia. I have a lot of friends in Australia who say the Indian Media overreacted. Indian politics is nauseating; Indian media is equally repulsive.

    • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy May 12, 2014 at 1:35 pm

      Of course the media over reacts or under reacts and hardly reacts appropriately. The media’s supplication to Modi this election is nauseating.
      But Sukanya Devi being gang raped by Rahul? Really?
      Look at the evidence for yourself. Pull up the Supreme Court judgment absolving Rahul and compensating him for the malicious rumours. Read the evidence – there is none, zero, zilch. If you buy into such nonsense, don’t blame the media for it. The Supreme Court didn’t give Rahul a ‘clean chit’ for ‘lack of prosecutorial evidence.’ It said that the allegation against Rahul were totally baseless and made up.
      Please don’t even bring up these two things (Modi & Rahul’s crimes) together. This is what Sangh propaganda is all about. Planting seeds of doubt in people’s minds based on ridiculous lies. Rahul might not be any good as a politician/administrator, but he’s not a criminal/rapist/murderer.

      Pull up the Magistrate Court judgments and the CBI file on Modi – and go through the evidence yourself. Go through the evidence not just proving Modi encouraged and assisted the rioting but also the evidence proving Modi & BJP bribed/murdered/intimidated witnesses and destroyed evidence: Supreme Court’s words, not mine.
      I’ve linked a lot of the evidence against Modi in my article. Spend some time reading it please.

      • Roshan May 13, 2014 at 6:17 pm

        I am not doubting your research and quotations here, nor am I averse to your opinions. I was just trying to say that media can, and does mislead people. There is enough tripe around the web to mislead a layman. But I strongly believe that Modi’s chances flourised only because of UPA’s failures. Now I feel we are fighting a lost battle against the divisive forces. At the end of the day, people themselves have to blamed as they did not give a decisive mandate in 2004 and 2009.

        • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy May 13, 2014 at 6:23 pm

          Modi may or may not become PM.
          But even if he does, the battle for justice and the battle against fundamentalism and majoritarianism will continue. If people has given up every time a murderer or criminal came to power in a country, half the world’s revolutions, transformations, and social progress wouldn’t have happened!!

          • Roshan May 14, 2014 at 11:25 am

            I am no BJP supporter and can never support the tyrant of Gujarat, but was sad to see the state of affairs during UPA2 with regards to corruption and governance. I had high expectations from a man of Manmohan Singh’s caliber. I am sorry and sad that you misconstrued me as someone who supports sanghi ideals. As an atheist and a person with rational mind, I cannot never accept their divisive agenda. While being a nationalist, I believe nation should not go into the hands of fascists and majoritarians, as a working professional from the middle-class , I wish we had better options as inflation, price rise hurts us more.

            • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy May 14, 2014 at 11:31 am

              I fully agree with you Roshan. When did I allege that you support Sanghi ideals? I believe you have misunderstood me if you think that is what I said 🙂

              I said that if you believe the story about Rahul&Sukanya, then you are falling for Sangh propaganda, not that you are a Sanghi! Lot of well-meaning, intelligent, secular people fall for some of the lies that the Sangh spreads – both you and I included.

              • Roshan May 14, 2014 at 5:02 pm

                Why didn’t the UPA tenure in all ten years do anything to fast track justice? After all, truth was in front of them. Why didn’t the SIT consider the Haren Pandya’s deposition? Will his assassination remain buried underneath the graves of conspiracy forever?

  44. Roshan May 7, 2014 at 6:38 pm

    Is it too much to ask for or will it remain a utopia for Indians? A clean government under an able ruler who is devoid of fascism, casteism, communalism, or corruption who can transform the nation into an egalitarian society and an unbiased media that would complement and provide constructive criticism. I am an idealist and as Ozzy says ” I am a dreamer who dreams of better days”!

  45. Roshan May 9, 2014 at 11:00 am

    I appreciate your article for the exhaustive details. But I wonder why you did not mention about Kausari Bi’s death.

  46. V May 16, 2014 at 3:59 pm

    What’s a shame is that there are very few voters who are aware of, or would care about what you’ve written. Mindless anti incumbency has worked in Modi’s favour this time around, but I do hope that this fervour doesn’t translate into you guys facing further allegations of being pro congress or un Indian

  47. India has spoken May 16, 2014 at 9:24 pm


  48. Dheeraj Jain May 17, 2014 at 12:45 am

    firstly, you have written one of the most beautifully woven article i have read in recent times (longest as well :P)
    Its astoundingly well researched and amazingly well cited with facts and figures. (i wish i did half that hard work for my exams ) you deserve a standing ovation for the kind of efforts you seem to have put in into this masterpiece.
    coming down to my point ;while you seem to be putting a lot of stress on your objective of writing this piece as enlightening the readers about the character of mr modi and although you are as correct as venomous your words would seem to the senseless modi supporters
    what make you think that modi is the only criminal pm aspirant to have taken thousands of lives ???
    you know why …
    just because these people died in a massacre in media light !!!!
    i find manmohan singh and congress party guilty of killing 100 times more people in their 10 yr term than modi did in 2002
    Now, how did you miss that ??
    because these people died a rat`s death over the years struggling with the burden of poverty , inflation and corruption that you, i and nor the media was interested to see or care about because of our shameless apathy towards poverty ridden people who are forced to death everyday ( ohh these people die everyday! , who would write or read about them daily ?)
    i find manmohan responsible for their death
    but then thats not his fault ??
    he didn`t kill them intentionally like modi did ??
    ok lets say an insane modi supporters after reading your article decides to kill one of you
    bloody killer, does it like modi publicly !!
    but another smart chap; rich and powerful, decides to teach you a lesson
    he plans a robbery at your places
    makes the earning members of your family unable to earn somehow
    destroys all your assets and abuses his power in all possible way to stifle you like manmohan singh/
    (touch wood, it doesnt happen to you even in a nightmare, heartiest apologies for the unkind analogy )
    so whom would you be writing a scathing article on ?
    I also dont like modi but that doesnt make him the most hate worthy pm till date. Do think about it objectively (ahh you people surely do that better than me )
    looking forward to following your articles
    I think i really like you guys !

    • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy June 7, 2014 at 2:49 pm

      Thanks for the comment and sorry for the delayed reply Dheeraj.
      First of all, I cannot believe for a moment that I have the capacity to think more objectively than you can.

      You raise important and valid moral questions. There’s a branch of ethics called consequentialist ethics which basically says that it is the consequence of an action that matters, not the way the action was performed. So, according to consequentialist ethics, Modi killing 1000 people via riots is the same as Manmohan killing 1000 people via government inefficiency. The end result of both is the same – 1000 dead. Therefore, both actions are equally morally unowrthy.
      Personally, however, I do not subscribe to this logic. I think that it is not just the consequences, but the rightness or wrongness of the action itself that is important. There’s a big difference for example, between murder and negligent homicide – even though the consequences are the same. But I think a man who murders, rapes, burns, tortures another to is worse than a doctor who kills a person because of negligence. There is no doubt that UPA’s inefficiency, corruption etc. caused grave harm to India. But Lets make no mistake about it: Children are dying from malnutrition in Modi’s Gujarat also everyday. And secondly, the people that suffered because of UPA’s faults weren’t targeted because of their religion.

      As far as the personal example goes, my view is thus:
      If he murders me: Worst case
      If he robs me: Morally very wrong, but not as bad as murder.
      If he uses legal means to deprive me of money and earning capacity: Morally wrong but less morally wrong than using illegal means like murder/robbery

      This is just my own view. Debating the source of morality is extremely interesting and I don’t know if I have managed to answer your own question, but thanks for engaging!

      • Dheeraj Jain June 9, 2014 at 8:05 pm

        thanks a lot for replying , u really tested my dheeraj 😛
        firstly , the question that i am asking is about numbers to put it simply
        who has caused more deaths that`s what i wish to put forward before you declare mr modi the champ of the evil game of killing human; for his 1000 murders manmohan has atleast a million homicides to his credits
        Now, coming to the difference between murder and negligent homicide, i believe intention or the presence of a guilty mind is what matters isn`t it?
        Is the inefficiency and corruption of the congress government unintentional ? so how can the lives lost due to their actions be compared to negligent homicide ? were they not aware that the money that they are going to gobble up is intended to feed hungry people, create jobs for unemployed and save lives of the chronically sick ?
        were they kept in dark about the farmers committing suicide cause there land was being taken away to be gifted to corporates ?
        of course not!
        So apologies but i do not buy your analogy on this front
        furthermore comparing manmohan to a doctor who caused a death by negligence would make me wonder if you work for congress 😛
        Dont be so kind to him, he doesnt deserve that !
        if i had to compare manmohan to anyone, it will be to an abductor who takes a bus to hostage for money but ends up killing people to ensure his greed is quenched and his ass protected.

        and ya the people who call congress secular would also call a guy a frequently indulges in one night stands; romantic.

        and as for your judgement on my unkind personal example i suppose if you really want the correct answer to that, ask it from your maid,
        believe me she will tell you if its better to die one day in a riot than to die daily in poverty

        • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy June 26, 2014 at 3:56 pm

          Every government in the world is responsible for a certain amount of deaths because of corruption, inefficiency etc. That way, every farmer suicide, rape death etc. in the last 30 days is also equal to murders by the current govt. right?
          (I don’t think so)

          I am not comparing MMS’ actions to negligible homicide. I am saying that there is a difference between negligible homicide and murder for a reason. The reason being direct action.
          Similarly, there is a difference between direct murder and deaths due to indirect effects of other wrong actions.
          And no, I guarantee you that I don’t work for the Congress. As a political party, I prefer it relatively to the BJP under Modi….But have never supported the INC in my short lifetime so far.
          I’d also urge you to remember that MMS failed miserably as a leader, and didn’t check the corruption and rot around him, but according to the best of information available, maintained his personal integrity.

          I never called Congress secular. But yes, if the ‘secularism’ of a political outfit can be seen as a spectrum rather than a binary, then yes, I do think the Congress is more secular, relative to the BJP.
          Also, on an unrelated note, I don’t think you should prejudge the romanticness of a one night stand. It is a subjective issue, and what is romantic to someone else, might not be romantic to you.
          Secularism on the other hand, I hope, becomes a more objective quality rather than subjective.

          I’l disagree with you strongly on the last point. There is a simple way to prove you wrong.
          If all poor people in the world thought that a quick death was preferable to dying slowly in poverty, they would all commit suicide. But they don’t. Very few people do that. 99% of people prefer to live in poverty than die themselves; forget about be murdered brutally and see your kith and kin be murdered too.

  49. Akash May 21, 2014 at 10:24 pm

    Great article. But, to a question you guys have asked the readers : “…judicial system in India has failed to deliver justice to victims of riots in India. Is the electoral system going to fail them as well?”. The answer seems to be loud and clear. I’ve followed journalists like Mr. Hartosh Singh Bal, Siddharth Varadarajan, Aakar Patel, Vinod Jose et al with respect this topic and most paint a similar picture and the facts seem undeniable. But what has intrigued me is the image that Mr. Modi brings up, atleast these days, is that of benign leader who takes along anyone and everyone down the path of development with no animosity towards anyone and infinite love to the motherland. I sometimes find it hard to reconcile this image (the strong-celibate-crocodile-saving man doing God’s work) and the cold, calculating and seemingly dictatorial man (Ashis Nandy’s description) that yours and other journalists (who are in such a minority) imply him to be, or at least not the benign image his PR team put forth. So my question is, despite these damning evidence, why have the courts not yet indicted our now P.M ? Do we have to wait for some time (or till infinity since its much harder now seeing his position)? Or are we all simply buying too much into this paranoia (sorry, for the lack of good word). Not many left out there I guess who would share this concern. It feels like we are all part of some “Area 51” alien conspiracy group; precisely because of such good evidence and no conviction!. Any comments guys?

    • Payoshi & Shoikat Roy June 7, 2014 at 2:57 pm

      Thanks for the comment Akash and apologies for the delayed response.

      Despite the damning evidence, why have the courts not indicted him?
      Frankly, because it takes a hell of a lot of guts. As a judge, you are taking on the all powerful CM of Gujarat, and now the super powerful PM of India.
      Look up the infamous ADM Jabalpur case during Indira Gandhi’s Emergency rule. All the great judges of the Supreme Court sacrificed their honour and their integrity rather than take on the PM. Only one stalwart: Justice Verma had the courage to do the right thing. ONE. Four of the give seniormost judges of the Supreme Court crawled before Indira Gandhi.
      And that was a case of taking on the PM of India over Habeas Corpus – a case where the PM wasn’t being personally tried on grave criminal charges. Today, we are taking on the PM of India over MASS MURDER. It will take infinitely more guts for a sitting judge to make such a pronouncement.
      So far, an SIT consisting of Gujarat cops and a Chairman who owes his career to Vajpayee has given him a clean chit. And a Gujarat small time judge, who as I noted in my article, says that Gujaratis cant commit genocide because genocide is a foreign word! Lol.

      Do we have judges in the high court and Supreme Court who will have the guts and integrity to put their career on the line to do the right thing? Maybe. I hope so.

      • Swarna June 30, 2014 at 1:12 pm

        I applaud your courage for writing this article. I have never been more disgusted with humanity as I am now. Your efforts in pointing out all the facts are admirable. But what’s the use? We can’t wake up people who are pretending to be asleep! It is not that people don’t know that Modi is a murderer, but they think it is okay that he is one! Most Hindus think he did a great job of cleansing the state of “musalmans” and can he repeat this in other states? And while he is at it why not wipe our other minorities, Dalits and other unworthy peoples? It is blatant and out and out fascism being practiced by the Hindu majority lead by their leader Modi. Not much sane and secular people can do about it. Disgusting.

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